Ed Sheeran would do Eurovision if England “is loved by Europe again” πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§| #Shorts

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Published on 26 Jun 2021, 12:38
Ed Sheeran is a huge Eurovision fan.

Speaking to Dutch broadcaster Humberto Tan on Friday, the “Shape of You” hitmaker said: “Eurovision is my favourite thing to watch every year. I love it.”

So would he ever compete for the UK?

“I get pissed when I watch it every year and I text my manager being like, ‘I’m gonna do this one day’ and he was just like, Not on my watch.'”

“I think if I’m gonna do it, it would have to be…England has to be loved by Europe again and I don’t know if that’s gonna happen.”

You can see our reaction above, summarised by Jendrik.

Yes, Ed Sheeran has made his contribution to the irritating and patently false notion that the UK’s failures at Eurovision reflect a European dislike of the United Kingdom. This, of course, flies in the face of the fact that British artists — from Dua Lipa to Little Mix to Ed himself — have made a packet topping the charts across, um, Europe.

Humberto rightly challenges him on this point, saying, “We do love England. But we love Ed Sheeran more.”

Ed then dives deeper into the “they hate us” theory”: “Mate, every year England comes last. Every year. Without fail.”

This is, of course, not true either. First of all, England doesn’t compete — the UK does. And second, in the past 20 editions of Eurovision, the UK has finished last five times. It also notched up a third place (2002) and fifth place (2009) finish along the way.