Angel Olsen - three songs at The Current (2019)

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Published on 31 Jul 2021, 2:00
Two years ago — on July 30, 2019 — Angel Olsen announced the release of her album from that year, "All Mirrors." About four months later, Olsen visited The Current studio to perform three songs from the album.

"It was a hard record to make," Angel Olsen said about the work she poured into "All Mirrors." But the hard work paid off in an album filled with soaring vocals and lush instrumental arrangements.

As to the lyrics of her songs, Olsen said, "I always keep things pretty vague; nothing's too specific. It also protects me to know that people will just take what they want from music, they'll just take what they from the writing of my music, so I don't feel as exposed in a way."

0:00 "All Mirrors"
4:02 "Spring"
7:19 "Summer"

Angel Olsen - vocals, keys, guitar
Nona Marie Invie - backing vocals, synths
Emily Elkin - cello
Alex Guy - violin
Emily Elhaj - bass
Rhys Hastings - drums
Paul Sukeena – guitar

Video & Photo: Mary Mathis; Nate Ryan
Audio: Corey Schreppel; Anna Haverman
Production: Derrick Stevens

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2019 studio session:

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