Ramon Morris - Sweet Sister Funk

1 643
57 days – 7546:24
Ramon Morris - Sweat
120 days – 1 2317:28
Rod - We Want More
Published on 31 Jul 2021, 16:00
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Ramon Morris' lone Groove Merchant date remains one of the most potent fusion records of its time. An uncommonly soulful and nimble tenorman, Morris proves ideally matched to the jazz-funk idiom, and Sweet Sister Funk achieves a near-perfect balance between its mainstream and experimental leanings, forging a series of fierce grooves as imaginative as they are accessible. Recorded with a crack supporting unit including trumpeter Cecil Bridgewater and percussionist Tony Waters, the album radiates with positive energy -- it's a genuine shame Morris never again recorded as a leader because the mind reels at the possibilities his muse might have pursued.
12 hours – 83:31
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