Listen to Looch: Jennifer Hudson shines in Aretha Franklin biopic, 'Respect'

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Published on 8 Sep 2021, 18:45
Mary Lucia talks about the Aretha Franklin biopic, "Respect," starring Jennifer Hudson.

"Jennifer Hudson ... is an amazing singer," Mary says. "We know that. Hudson was handpicked by Aretha, which I think makes it more special to portray her.

"She's also an amazing actress," Mary continues. "Jennifer Hudson's performance is so nuanced. You have to have somebody who is an amazing singer like Hudson, and she doesn't always necessarily sound like Aretha — I don't think it was something she was going for, to emulate Aretha's exact sound — but there's certain camera angles and certain scenes where you know Hudson really did her homework and really studied."

Watch more of what Mary has to say in the video above. "Respect" is directed by Liesl Tommy. The film is screening in theaters, and it can also be found on Amazon Prime Video, where it is available to stream for $19.99, as well as on Vudu, Google Play, YouTube and other rental services.

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