Postcards - Mother Tongue (Official video)

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Published on 15 Oct 2021, 6:48
From our album After the Fire, Before the End, out 15/10/21 on t3 records (Berlin).

Directed by Selim Mourad
Cast: Dana Mikhail, Tamara Saade, Ryan Estephan, Bassem Morra, Khodr Zebib, Ali El Khaled
Director of Photography: Karim Ghorayeb
Camera assistant: Shazdeh Hachem
Costume designer: Dala Eido
Assistant director: Sharon Hakim
Editor: Sandra Fatte
Sound effects: Lama Sawaya
Grading: Chrystel Elias - Lucid
Song title design: Zeina Bassil
Special thanks to Yasmina Hilal and Imad Refat.

Music composed and performed by Postcards.
Words by Julia Sabra.
Recorded, mixed, and co-produced by Fadi Tabbal at Tunefork Studios, Beirut.
Mastered by Heba Kadry, NYC.

In my city
shifting sands lie under stone
Holy waters
orange waves on private shores
Look out or be swallowed whole
Living’s not for everyone
hold on to your mother tongue

And resurrection is the only way to cope
Rubber bullets broken bones
over and over keep the score
And if you find yourself all strung
choking on your half a lung
hold on to your mother tongue

In my city
when it rains it floods
when it’s hot it boils
We were born in hidden corridors
Keep the kids away from doors and windows
Lucky blue eye hanging on the walls

Living’s not for everyone
hold on to your mother tongue