Joe Biden Is Obsessed With Halloween - Spooky Time

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Published on 22 Oct 2021, 16:15
Is it good for the economy? Or the Big Skeleton Lobby? Thanks to Speaking of AI!!
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It's spooky time
My favorite time
When we can act a fool without a reason why
Spending my whole paycheck at the Spirit Halloween, [you have?]
Dressing as a Fortnite default only half-ironically!

Spooky time [*spooky time*],
A magic time [*a magic time*]
When 12-foot skeletons light up our yards at night
Wearing my MineCraft armor without need to clarify
So divine
It's spooky time

October is a darn tootin good time Jack,
Except when that 1 neighbor totally refuses to hand out Milky Ways because they think it's some kind of devil night
That's cringey
I'm not asking anybody, to abandon their principles
But I do think it's cringe—come on, man!

(key change)

It's spooky time
My favorite time
When humans go to war with all of pumpkinkind!
Posting cosplay tiktoks, even though I'm pushing 80
Put on my purple suit and say, "I'm the Jokah baby!"

Spooky time [spooky time],
A ghastly time [*a ghastly time*]
Don't kill my vibe with your low effort football guy!
I hereby order handing out granola is a crime!
So sublime
It's time
It's spooky time!