Julia Westlin - Live and Let Live (FULL ALBUM )

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154 days – 15 2221:32
O Canada - Julia Westlin
26.08.16 – 327 9254:48
Coldplay - Yellow (Acoustic Cover)
Published on 19 Jan 2022, 17:17
youtube.com/watch?v=PawyyBXt2K... --~--
0:00:00 Someone Like Me
0:05:10 Stripes
0:09:40 Won't Let You Down
0:15:23 Live And Let Live
0:20:00 Signs
0:25:15 Heroes
0:30:18 Daydream
0:34:36 On Your Own
0:40:56 Luna
0:46:40 Rising Star
0:52:03 Heart Of The Ocean
0:56:25 Walk Away
1:00:25 Your Place
1:05:22 Mother's Child

Hii my sweets!
We put together my album in a full visual version for you!
Live And Let Live is about to live your life to the fullest, with respect for the nature and all living. Some things in life are out of our control, the importance is to find what you love, and let it consume you. We all have our unique gifts to give in this world.
What you want to have done by tomorrow needs to be started Today.
The one who can give, will never be poor.
Love, Julia

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