Spoon - Rent I Pay (live performance for The Current)

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Published on 14 Feb 2022, 22:00
Austin's Spoon perform "Rent I Pay" from their 2014 album "They Want My Soul" live at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY for The Current.

Catch up with frontman Britt Daniel about how the band decides to sequence their records, their new album "Lucifer on the Sofa," and how he's grown to love touring over the years in a conversation with The Current's Mary Lucia: youtu.be/sYoiJCmxT34

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Recorded at The Bunker Studio on October 20, 2021 in Brooklyn, NY
Director: Marisa Gesualdi
DP: Jake Denicola (www.animaworks.nyc/)
Cameras: Hil Steadman, Caleb Weiss, Jake Denicola, Marisa Gesualdi
Editor: Marisa Gesualdi (Sessions 1-4 ), Michael Speed (Session 5)
Lighting Engineer: Christian Lincoln
Gaffer: Caleb Weiss
Engineer: Todd Carder
Assistant Engineer: Neal Shaw
Studio Manager: Andy Plovnick
Producers, The Current: Jesse Wiza, Derrick Stevens
Technical Director - Eric Romani