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Published on 22 Feb 2022, 18:00
Lauren Spencer-Smith draws on her own experiences to write all of her songs, and the making of her heartbreak anthem “Fingers Crossed” was no different. “Every lyric in this song is an exact representation of what I went through with this person,” the Canadian singer-songwriter tells Genius. “The lyrics honestly came naturally. I just started explaining the story to my co-writers.”

After penning the lyrics with co-writers Francisca Hall and producer Jakke Erixson, Spencer-Smith uploaded a clip of “Fingers Crossed” to TikTok, where it immediately went viral. “Within 24 hours, I think it had like 5 millions views,” she recalls. “It was super nerve-wracking because I was like, ‘Are they going to like the [final] track?’” Of course, fans wound up more than liking the official version of “Fingers Crossed.” Since its release, the song has racked up over 80 million Spotify streams.

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