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Published on 30 Mar 2022, 17:30
TRANCE CLASSICS are an important part of the Peaktime-concept. WE LOVE THEM and
we’re glad to provide you rare smasher of the golden trance days and dip with you into another “GALAXY” ;-) Little appetizers between the *LIVE EPISODES*

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the journey into a chapter of magnificent sound.

ℹ️ DJ Shog (* November 8th 1976 in Hamburg , real name S curves Ho Lger G pure ) is a German trance - DJ and producer. Since the early 1990s, DJ Shog developed a keen interest in electronic music. His beginnings as a DJ he made ​​at school and private parties and after he had participated in several DJ contests, he became resident DJ in several northern German clubs. He finally achieved the breakthrough with his compilation series "Technics DJ Set". The first CD was mixed by him and each of the second CD from guest DJs such as Cosmic Gate , DuMonde , Talla 2XLC , Green Court or Nic Chagall.

In 2001, DJ Shog released his first single, This Is My Sound, which reached number 54 in the German charts and number 40 in the UK singles chart.
The follow-up single The 2nd Dimension reached number 62. Five other singles reached chart positions in Germany. The most successful was the single Another World, which was in the German charts for 14 weeks and reached number 35.

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