French Cassettes | "On/Off" (Official Music Video)

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Published on 28 Apr 2022, 19:00
Johnny Knoxville immediately understood the assignment for the intricately chaotic “On/Off” music video, in which he plays the role of a mob boss helping San Francisco band, French Cassettes, execute a heist.

French Cassettes’ music drifts skillfully between indie pop and rock n roll with sticky, mischievous and exhilarating turns. The “On/Off" music video was shot on 16mm film by Jared Clark Gay and Scotty Vance. The video is nostalgic and dusty, much like the song itself, written by Scott Huerta and jolted through a tape machine by Mackenzie Bunch.

Knoxville likes French Cassettes, too. He told Noisey, "They write some damn catchy tunes.”

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Director: Jared Gay
DP: Scotty Vance
Editors: Jared Gay & Jack Mergist
Producer: Madison Clapp
Cast: Johnny Knoxville, Scott Huerta, Rob Mills, and Mackenzie Bunch
@French Cassettes

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