Yung Bae | "Touch The Sky" (Official Music Video)

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Published on 2 May 2022, 15:00
Yung Bae’s new album Groove Continental: Side A is full of exotic and euphoric songs. “Touch The Sky” is a bubbly funk tune featuring The Ready Set, that came together by chance through a fluke Kidz Bop session and became one of Yung Bae’s favorite songs on the album. “Jordan [The Ready Set] is insanely talented and quick with it,” Yung Bae told Noisey.

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they cant tame the lion
i know that they all be trying
but no way they’re gonna get at me
cuz i just keep on shining
and 24/7 grinding
no i aint here to make enemies

dont let them get you down
you got that higher ground
just take a look around
and when they’re talking loud
let music drown them out
love your electric self

ooo give it a try
know that you dont gotta run
you are ready to fly
dont be scared to touch the sun
you know you can touch the sun

they stay in a hurry
but me i aint getting worried
about anything but you and me
they say we aint nothing
so lets turn into something thats bigger than they ever seen

#yungbae #thereadyset #touchthesky


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