Vivienne Cure - Paranoia

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Published on 24 May 2022, 10:00
Vivienne Cure is a British born musician and visual artist, her work has blended elements of experimental sound scape doom metal and alternative gothic rock. Her collection of musical works lay at the centre of a vortex swirling fragments of deeply personal memories driven by her inner conflict and her reaction to societies collective sadness. Delivering tasteful dark aesthetics with an eccentric horror appeal. Her previous projects have being featured with Kerrang NME and Clash .

"Paranoia" is her second amazing single out via Epictronic worldwide!

Thematically, the artist draws influence from the darker aspects of life alongside personal memories, making her works profoundly esoteric endeavors. – Destroy Exist.
Vivienne Cure sounds like she’s singing from within a tunnel to a parallel universe – Queen City Sound and Art New York.
The video to the new single Paranoia embodies the theme of the very human and egoic tendency to identify one's self with perpetual negative thoughts which spiral into insanity.

Video credits
Art Direction Vivienne Cure
Video Director - Jacob Tellinghusen
Make Up @carolynska
coat Designer - robinsimon_


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