Joy // Gardenview came out today! // Nataly Dawn of POMPLAMOOSE

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Published on 3 Jun 2022, 15:01
Gardenview out now, listen on Spotify ( or wherever you listen to music.

So today is the day! Gardenview is officially out everywhere! You can listen in all the places!!! You can even buy a CD for your Buick or a vinyl for your Aunt Jo who is very hip and will enjoy some good ol’ fashioned folk singer-songwriting. to do that. Thank you all for listening. I mean it. From the bottom of my heart.

Directed by Sammy Paul
Starring: Joey Richter, Nataly Dawn
Produced by Ryan Blewett, Dom Fera
Director of Photography: Auden Bui
Executive Producers: Nazim Isma Benjamin, Gianluca Suppa, Hiran Patel
Production Design: Bethany Struble
Assistant Director: Michael Kiaunis
Editor: Athena Wheaton
Colourist: Michael Schatz
Wardrobe: Alexandria Allen
Makeup: Z'Dra Jaye
Assistant Camera: Paulina Zamorano
Gaffer: Gabe Sandoval
G&E Swing: Matthew Halla
Special Thanks: Ashley Horne, Edith Windle, Timothy Hautekiet, Chris Smith, Louis Grant, Elle Mills, Cayleigh Jo Goodson, Shanon Barry, Yasmine Paul, Chris Modl, Echobend Pictures

Oh you don’t need to worry
About life going too easy on you
That’s the truth
So when Joy comes knocking
Maybe stop talking to yourself
Invite her in for a drink or two
Oh you’ll know
When you found Joy

She won’t try to confuse you
She won’t sell you a toaster
She won’t tell you how much better
Your toast could be
She might show you a rose
Teach you how to dip your toes
Into the bright blue endless sea
Oh you’ll know
When you found Joy

And like all good things
She’ll wander off
But you’ll be glad
For what you got

If you’re looking for answers
She’ll just leave you her number
You can call her when you’re
Done with that
But she won’t always answer
Yeah she’s kinda tough to get ahold of
But she’ll always call you back
Oh you’ll know
Yes you’ll know
Oh yeah you’ll know
When you found Joy