Новая Песня Leos Hellscream | Fiend - The Story (2022)

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Published on 16 Jun 2022, 17:00
Сегодня я хочу представить вам мою новую песню, которая войдет на наш новый альбом с моей группой FIEND - в нем будет 16 песен, общей длительностью около 80 минут, 4 части, но все они это одна большая история.

FIEND - The Story (официальный клип-мультфильм 2022)
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Текст песни:
My hands will play these notes of morn
The voice tells the story how the legend was born
Mystery words were carved on stones
And this is the song about one man of ones...

Mist covered mountains and caverns of dreams
Tangled in a chains of dark roads
And Here, under the ground silence is an overlord
But I walk to the North
Bright light embraced me with it's magical mystery
Cold wind freezes my hands
Blizzard sweeps again ever stronger and stronger
And Silent Horizon covered with snow
Nightlight shadows of dead moon
Were Hidden in a mountain river
They paralyze under the waves
Like a pattern on the golden sand
That've seen my soul from the inside
Rushing to the skies after the waterfall
with the secrecy of names unsaid
Where The Ancient Tree of Centuries
Saves our story...On its old and gray crust
This song of sirens like a voice of angels
Firesoul angels
that write their circle in a bright light
behind the time, fills my mind with dreams

I feel the wind of storms
The snow erase my steps
I should pass through this desert of sun
Beyond the sharp paints of stars

La' vsin u son
Mu te li maar
Ti lish ma ne

I see those eyes in flames
I feel that fever inside
I hear your voice through mine
And the story behind

Sumarum torum, Ash Tu!
Vei! U satur ma!

Winds came from the North
Carrying your sins
Chaos around, killing colds and disease
Fighting to death
Burned to dust
Buried cruel souls come alive from the past

They will chase after you...

Take me from this nightmare inside my mind
How you can be so void, so scared, so blind?

How you can be so blind?

Our King has gone mad! He gave an order to open the Gates!
The Gates of Gahhala! But we cant! We cant do that!
This is insanity...
He wants to return his son!
He is mortal and he does not have the power to control the souls of dead!
We all gonna die!

Step By Step
I run through fire and flames
Side by Side
My brothers write their names
With blood of heroes
Of majestic Stonehold

I write these lines
Like I've been there and lived through that life
I feel the pain, warmth of fire and cold,
I hear the rustling and siren that cries
But how can I remember that?

Take me from this nightmare inside my mind
How you can be so void, so scared, so blind?