Carola - Luchadora (Official Music Video)

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Published on 24 Jun 2022, 15:00
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Already Carola’s third offering on Armada Music, ‘Luchadora’ effortlessly combines her groovy production aesthetic with the innate sensuality of Spanish vocals. Colorful, elegant and undeniably alluring, this track is meant to bring the heat in any dance music environment.

Director: Heloísa Oliveira
Screenplay: Heloísa Oliveira
Cinematography: Mauricio Jardim
OP: Ian Porce
AC: João Arthur Santos
Edition: Tomás Pasten
Colour: Guilherme Fuchs
Mixing: Kohen
Executive production: Sarah Souza e Sabrina Souza
Costume: Kate Ferry
Make-up: Jeny Lucena

Actor (father/Carola's coach): Aaron
Actress (Carola as a child): Chikaodinaka
Actress (Boxer): Carolina Alcântara

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