James Righton | “Jim, I’m Still Here” Film

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Published on 12 Jul 2022, 14:00
A short film directed by Julian Klincewicz and Jackson Sjogren.

James Righton shares the film to accompany his new album ‘Jim, I’m Still Here’. On this third post-Klaxons release, Righton downs his family man tools to embody a lavish, rockstar alter ego; Jim…

“The alter ego of Jim came to me whilst promoting my previous album ‘The Performer’ during the first week of lockdown. Life shut down and became centered around family and domestic life. At the same time I had to promote The Performer. I was asked more and more to live stream concerts through various social media platforms. So. I’d put the kids to sleep, head downstairs to my garage studio, put on my Gucci suit and became someone else. The juxtaposition of these 2 lives felt extreme but also interesting to me. I created Jim. Jim would be the deluded rockstar, living out his fantasies from the confines of his garage. James was Dad", Righton told Noisey.

"To be clear, Jim and James are both me. Jim is an exaggerated semi fictional version of me. James makes dinner and reads bedtime stories to his kids. Jim craves external validation, likes, followers and adds to playlists. But in truth you can never fully detach Jim from James. The balance and constantly shifting nature of this duality I find endlessly fascinating".

Order the new album JIM, I’M STILL HERE, made in collaboration with Soulwax.
Out now on DEEWEE ► jamesrighton.lnk.to/jim

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