Jerome Sparx - Low

Published on 18 Jul 2022, 22:48
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Low, why are you so?
Can’t you see the steps are down below
Follow them up to your station by the sea

Low, why is it so?
Oh, don’t you see how happy you make me?
When I am just low you come slow -make me feel so high!
Down the river you go
There’s a boat there to row,
birds will sing as you find that there’s so much more
Low why are you so?
Don’t you know the reason for it all?
Brake down the wall, it’s not tall as it seems to be
Low, would you like to know? – oh!
How to glow and grow inside of you?
Fly yourself out from steep blue to the next blue skies!
Low Low Low Low Low
Low up the mountain you go
Under blankets of snow
there’s a key that can open What ones was closed.
And There’s a room there to grow
With Loving people who’ll show you - That the sunshine is there, as a day ago
(Just Imagine so…)
Low Low Low Low Low

LOW credits:
music & Lyrics Jerome Sparx | Lyrics Consultant Maayan Blevis
Lead Vocals Jerome Sparx | Backing Vocals Jerome Sparx, Vered Moshkovski, Nir Yatzkan
Music Production, Arrangement & Programing Nir Yatzkan
Piano & keyboards Nir Yatzkan | Bass Guy Dan
Mixing Engineer Tal Yogev
Mastering Engineer Aran Lavi
Recorded At Nir Yatzkan's Studio.
Vocals recorded at Shalev's Studios Rishon LeZion by Gal Shalev, 2020
Styling Maoz Dahan (NOUVEAURICHDOG)
Cover Photographer Zohar Shitrit
Graphic Design Elad Elharar
Distributor THE ORCHARD | Digital Lemur Creatives

Music Video Credits:
Concept, Filming, Editing, Color Grading, Director, Video production & Makeup Neta Lee (Monster Filmmakers)
Styling Jerome Sparx & Neta Lee (Monster Filmmakers)
Main Role: Jerome Sparx
In associate with "Desert Circus": Adam De Lange, Yael Raber, Eshed Superstein, Gil Henkin, Omer Shaar.
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