Chrissy, Wake Up But It's Metal - Songify Stranger Things 2, In Which An Unhinged 18-Act Musical Unf

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Published on 21 Jul 2022, 15:37
The 100-Act Stranger Things musical continues as Eddie wakes up all Chrissys of the world with a metal reprise. Tag us with more songify requests & get the tracks here-

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Produced with Aaron Beaumont -
Thanks to the chat for co-writing the Flashback to Pain hook, esp. kinneff for suggesting progression

0:00 Chrissy, Wake Up But It's Metal And Wakes Up All Chrissys and Krissys Of The World
1:22 DnD and Nintendo
1:48 Vecna vs. 011 (Unsongify This)
2:05 My Life Started That Day We Found You (Flashbacks to Pain)
2:28 Friends Don't Lie
3:26 Friends Always Put The Accent on the Yo (Never the Ho [Except Christmas])

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