Jay Antonio - Do You Care?

71 day – 3745:27
Maple Mars - Silver Craft
Published on 24 Jul 2022, 10:00
The official video fighting against Climate Change and the self destruction of our beautiful Planet Earth by Human's.
With dedication to David Attenborough & Greta Thunberg and the billions of other people fighting with all their might to save the planet for our future generations.
Be sure, all the time money and wealth is valued more than Human life we will be in this struggle to improve the world.
Jay Antonio has put his heart and soul into this song in the wish only to help future generations and make less people starve while wasting millions of tons of food in richer countries.
Across the world we are brainwashed to hate others and care for me myself and I only.
The actual fact is if we as the human race had worked together to better the world we would be so much more advanced and the wealth distribution and happiness would be equally balanced.
Support this movement. #DoYouCare?