I’m going on tour!

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Published on 26 Jul 2022, 16:07
HELLO PERSON WHO LIKES MY MUSIC. I AM GOING ON TOUR! Tickets at NatalyDawnMusic.com LA, SF, Seattle, Portland, NY, Boston, Philly, DC! We’ll be playing songs from “Gardenview” and a few French tunes. Can’t even express how much I’m looking forward to seeing you all at these shows. Real music with real people. It’s gonna be a great time. A truly great, fun-filled, heart-warming time. Like watching “Homeward Bound.” That’s probably the closest movie equivalent to seeing our live show. Sassy, Chance and Shadow on guitar, baritone ukulele and vibraphone. Need I say more? Probably. But this feels like enough for now. Again that’s NatalyDawnMusic.com for tickets, merch and all the things! SEE YOU SOOOOOON ❤️