Halima | "Talk" (Official Music Video)

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Published on 12 Aug 2022, 15:00
Halima’s honesty comes through in her music with subtle but unmistakable force, in soulful vocals that take their time, sprawling out and making themselves comfortable on her songs.

Today, Halima released a striking visualizer for the single “Talk” from her upcoming album.

The “Talk” visualizer—directed, shot, and edited by Bellamy Brewster—came together as intuitively as the song itself, with styling and creative direction by Zainab Babikir. Halima remembers the shoot being a product of collaborative and focused minimalism. “We knew it would be black and white because it’s not a vibrant song, necessarily, but it’s energetic, and the contrast of black and white shows that juxtaposition. We decided my skin was going to be an element we focused on, to represent vulnerability and nakedness,” she said. Halima’s fist and sharp black acrylic nails bang on the drum in the video, symbolizing the natural urgency of moments of lucidity and choice, which Halima explained have a place in the lyrics: “Everything was said in that one motion.”

“‘Talk’ is concise, minimal, with very few words, so the visuals needed to mirror that,” Halima explained. “It doesn’t need any additional distractions from the simplicity of the message. It is bare for a reason, it’s naked, and it is the opening to more conversations I want to have in this project.”

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Music produced by Halima & Mikey Freedom Hart
Written by Halima & Mikey Freedom Hart
Additional percussion by Oludaré
Mixed by Mikey Freedom Hart
Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis

Visualizer directed, shot & edited by Bellamy Brewster
Styling & Creative Direction by Zainab Babikir
Lighting Assistance by Freako Vasquez

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Instagram @halimabot
Tiktok @halimasayshi

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