8 hours 21:21
Nightly News Full Broadcast (June 12th)
President Biden meets with allies on G-7 Summit day two, 14 people wounded in Austin, Texas mass shooting, and unruly passenger on Delta flight in custody.
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11 hours 2:34
Minnesota’s First Critically Ill Covid Patient Completes Ironman
Ben O’Donnell is a former college fullback and Ironman athlete. At just 38-year-old, Ben nearly lost his life to Covid last year. Now fully recovered, he competed in an Ironman in Tulsa last month.
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11 hours 2:08
Common Colds Are Back As People Start To Gather
As more Americans get vaccinated and gather in groups, cases of the common cold are on the rise.
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11 hours 2:13
14 People Wounded in Austin, Texas Mass Shooting
Austin police confirm they made one arrest and are searching for the other gunman who injured 14 people when they opened fire on a crowd early this morning in Austin, Texas.
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11 hours 2:25
President Biden Meets With Allies On G-7 Summit Day Two
President Joe Biden met with French President Emmanuel Macron and will also visit the queen at Windsor Castle on Sunday.
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14 hours 1:30
Queen Insists On Using A Sword To Cut Cake At Meeting Of G-7 Leaders
Queen Elizabeth II drew giggles when she insisted on using a large ceremonial sword to carve up a cake ahead of meeting with G-7 leaders in Cornwall, England.
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17 hours 1:55
'Happy To Report No One Has Died': Police Discuss Austin Shooting
Authorities are searching for a suspect after a mass shooting in Austin, Texas, that wounded at least 13 people.
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21 hour 2:38
Proposed Peacock Bill Ruffling Feathers In Los Angeles
Peacocks are wreaking havoc in some Los Angeles neighborhoods. Some people love them, others just want some peace and quiet. That’s why a new bill banning feeding the birds is so controversial.
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22 hours 2:22
'Joints For Jabs' Vaccine Program Growing In Popularity
Washington's "Joints for jabs" vaccine program experiences a slow start as the program grows in popularity with similar takes happening in states across the nation. NBC News' Simone Boyce reports.
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1 day 4:59
Inside New York City's Least Vaccinated Neighborhood
NBC News' Isa Gutierrez takes an inside look at a zip code in New York City with a lower Covid-19 vaccination rate than Mississippi.
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1 day 21:07
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - June 11th, 2021
An NBC News exclusive interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Biden meets with G7 leaders, and Johnson & Johnson told to destroy 60 million vaccine doses.
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1 day 49:06
NBC News NOW Full Broadcast - June 11th, 2021
Select states will roll back federal unemployment benefits introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic, inflation rates rise at the fastest pace in 13 years, wild peacocks roam the street of Los
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1 day 4:43
In NBC News Exclusive, Putin Responds To Biden Calling Him A ‘Killer’
In an exclusive interview, NBC News’ Keir Simmons presses Russian President Vladimir Putin on accusations that he has ordered assassinations of his adversaries.
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1 day 1:44
Behind The Scenes: Westminster Dog Show Held Outside For The 1st Time
For the first time in 145 years, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will be held outside at Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown, New York.
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1 day 2:47
Prince Charles Urges Action On Climate Change At G-7 Dinner
World leaders attended a dinner hosted by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II during the G-7 summit.
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1 day 1:52
J&J to Destroy 60 Million Doses Of Vaccine
The FDA told Johnson & Johnson that they must destroy 60 million vaccine doses from a plant in Baltimore citing contamination problems. This will not impact the U.S.
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1 day 1:47
During Trump Administration DOJ Subpoenaed Phone Records of Lawmakers
During the Trump administration, The Department of Justice subpoenaed Apple for phone records concerning potential leaks between senior officials and the Russians.
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1 day 1:06
Biden Meets With G7 Leaders Ahead of Putin Summit
In his meeting with G7 leaders, President Biden aims to demonstrate that democracies can address today’s biggest challenges together, NBC News’ Peter Alexander reports.» Subscribe to NBC
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1 day 1:18
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Teenager in West Bank Clash
Israeli troops shot and killed a 15-year-old Palestinian during violent clashes near Nablus in the West Bank.
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1 day 10:02
Edible Arrangements Founder Tariq Farid Reflects On His American Dream
Tariq Farid, founder of Edible Arrangements, tells José Díaz-Balart how his business bloomed beyond his imagination, and how his family’s search for the American Dream was the leading force in
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1 day 47:34
Morning News NOW Full Broadcast - June 11 | NBC News NOW
President Biden meets with global allies at the G-7 Summit in the U.K., the CDC says evidence shows Covid-19 vaccines may be linked to heart problems, and Chicago is set to lift all Covid-19
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1 day 1:12
Duchess of Cambridge Meets Jill Biden, Discuss Sussex's Baby
During a visit to a school in Hayle, England, with First Lady Jill Biden, the Duchess of Cambridge said she “can’t wait to meet” the Sussex’s baby Lilibet.» Subscribe to NBC News
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1 day 4:38
Chicago Set To Lift All Remaining COVID-19 Restrictions
As Covid-19 cases drop in Chicago, Illinois, city officials are set to lift all remaining Covid-19 restrictions, although some mask rules will stay in effect.
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1 day 11:28
No Longer A Death Sentence: How Living With HIV Has Changed
In June 1981, the CDC published its first medical report on what would become known as AIDS.
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1 day 3:43
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘In The Heights’ Aims To Break Latino Stereotypes
Lin-Manuel Miranda's film “In the Heights” aims to celebrate the culture and contributions of Latinos in New York City and challenge Hollywood stereotypes of the Latino community.
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1 day 3:52
Trump’s DOJ Seized Apple's Data On Democratic Lawmakers
The Department of Justice under former President Donald Trump seized Apple account information of Democratic lawmakers to find out who was leaking information to the media, according to the New York
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1 day 1:00
Activists Sketch G7 Leaders In Sand To Waive Rights On Vaccines
Activist group "Avaaz" sketched the G7 leaders in the sand in Newquay, England, to show support for growing calls to get leaders to waive intellectual property rights on Covid-19 vaccines.
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1 day 2:39
Houston Hospital Suspends Many Employees For Refusing Covid Vaccine
Houston Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, mandated employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine in order to work and suspended over 170 workers who opted not to receive the vaccination for up to two
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1 day 5:52
How A 2013 SCOTUS Ruling Cleared A Path For Restrictive Voting Laws
Congress will begin hearing arguments on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act this week.
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1 day 4:29
Covid Unemployment Benefits Ending In Some U.S. States This Week
Alaska, Iowa, Missouri and Mississippi will soon cut off federal Covid-19 unemployment benefits to those out-of-work.
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