16 min 6:31
From 2003: Colin Powell Addresses United Nations Security Council On Iraq
In 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell addressed the United Nations Security Council on information and intelligence that he believed showed the possibility of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
53 min 2:46
Hooters Adjusts Uniform Policy In Response To Viral TikToks
Some Hooters employees took to TikTok to show their frustrations over a recent uniform change, saying the new shorts are more like "underwear." The uniform policy was soon changed in response to the
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1 hour 1:13
Mandatory Covid Health Pass Sparks Protests In Italy
Italy’s newly implemented Green Pass, a mandatory Covid-19 health certificate for workers, is sparking protests across the country.
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2 hours 3:14
Trump To Be Deposed In Protesters' Lawsuit Claiming Assault By His Security
Former President Trump is set to be deposed under oath in a civil lawsuit after a judge ordered him to give a sworn video testimony in a case brought by six protesters who say his security detail
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3 hours 2:21
General Colin Powell Dies Of Covid Complications At Age 84
General Colin Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has died of Covid-19 complications at age 84.
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3 hours 23:00
This Morning’s Top Headlines – October 18 | Morning News NOW
17 missionaries from a Ohio-based Christian organization were kidnapped in Haiti, a report says September had the most Covid cases and deaths among children and former President Clinton was released
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13 hours 2:35
Homecoming Queen Gift Shared Between Friends
Nyla Covington removed her homecoming queen crown and placed it on her best friend Brittany Walters just when she needed it most.
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13 hours 2:33
China Pushes Three Child Policy
China relaxed its one child policy five years ago after a decline in the birthrate. Now, the government is urging parents to have three children to counter an aging population and shrinking workforce.
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14 hours 2:58
Widow of D.C. Metropolitan Police Officer Speaks Out
The widow of a D.C. Metropolitan police officer, who took his life after the January 6th riots, is speaking out.
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14 hours 2:31
Hundreds Gather In Brunswick, Georgia Ahead Of Ahmaud Arbery Murder Trial
In Brunswick, Georgia hundreds of people are gathering to raise their voices for justice ahead of the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial starting tomorrow.
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15 hours 21:33
Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 17th)
16 Americans kidnapped in Haiti, former President Bill Clinton discharged from hospital, and Covid vaccine mandates get pushback as deadline looms.
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15 hours 2:21
Covid Vaccine Mandates Get Pushback As Deadline Looms
All city employees in Seattle must be fully vaccinated by Monday, but some police officers who oppose the mandate are pushing back.
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15 hours 1:50
Former President Bill Clinton Discharged From Hospital
Former President Clinton was discharged from a hospital on Sunday after a five-night stay.
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16 hours 2:04
16 Americans Kidnapped In Haiti
16 Americans and 1 Canadian citizen on a missionary visit were kidnapped near Port Au Prince while visiting an orphanage.
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19 hours 1:31
Russian Film Stars Land Back On Earth After 12 Days In Space
A Russian film director and actor landed back on earth Sunday after filming for 12 days onboard the International Space Station.
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22 hours 47:52
Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - October 17th, 2021
Chuck talks with Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on the supply chain crisis and Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-Ar.) on vaccine mandates.
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22 hours 1:50
Pete Buttigieg: Paid Family Leave Is ‘Not A Vacation’
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg tells Meet the Press that paid family leave remains a priority for the White House, despite reports that it may be dropped from the Democrats' domestic
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22 hours 4:24
Evangelicals: 'The Bible Belt Is Unbuckling'
Meet the Press Reports: Evangelical voters are reconsidering their political activism after Trump, with some activists taking a harder line than ever. Anne Thompson reports from Knoxville, Tennessee.
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22 hours 2:25
Tracking The Supply Chain Crisis Through A Single Product: iPhones
As the pandemic pushes Americans toward online shopping websites, consumption has increased dramatically — and supply chains can’t keep up.
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23 hours 2:48
Supply Chain Disruptions, Labor Unrest Take A Toll On Biden Approval Numbers
The president is pitching his social spending plans as a solution, but Republicans, seeing an opening, are stepping up criticism.
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23 hours 8:44
Full Panel: Congressional Democrats Stuck With 'Messaging Nightmare'
Garrett Haake, Amy Walter, Kimberly Atkins Stohr and John Podhoretz join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss the White House's challenges as Democratic spending bills remain stalled in Congress.
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23 hours 8:07
Full Hutchinson Interview: 'Mandate Debate Takes Away From Efficacy Of Vaccines'
In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.) explains his resistance to government vaccine mandates.
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23 hours 10:07
Full Buttigieg Interview: 'There Are Some X-factors' On Supply Chain Slowdown
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg talks to Meet the Press about the supply chain slowdowns and the White House's attempts to relieve a traffic jam at the nations' ports.
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1 day 21:55
Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 16th)
Police departments battle Covid vaccine mandates, Covid booster shot confusion after FDA panel recommendation, and former President Bill Clinton still hospitalized.
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1 day 2:20
Stores Fear Staffing Shortages Ahead Of Holidays
Nationwide, stores are struggling to find workers this holiday season, but experts say you can beat the chaos now.
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1 day 2:21
Landmark Hollywood agreement reached to avert strike
Thousands of behind-the-scenes film and television workers are on the brink of an unprecedented strike.
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1 day 2:37
Covid Booster Shot Confusion After FDA Panel Recommendation
An FDA panel is backing a Covid booster shot for all adults 18 and over, who got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
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1 day 2:21
Police Departments Battle Covid Vaccine Mandates
Chicago’s roughly 13,000 police officers had until midnight Friday to declare their vaccine status or risk unpaid leave.
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1 day 45:41
Live: Biden delivers remarks at 40th Annual National Peace Officers' Memorial Service | NBC News
Watch live coverage of President Biden as he delivers remarks at the 40th Annual National Peace Officers' Memorial Service to honor fallen heroes.
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2 days 4:30
Power Of Idol: How ‘BTS’ Changes The World From The Global Stage
Following their stellar performance and speech at the 2021 United Nations General Assembly, NBC News Now Anchor Aaron Gilchrist takes a closer look at why K-pop group ‘BTS’ is getting involved in
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