2 days 2:10
Amid Race To Develop A Coronavirus Vaccine, Growing Concerns Of Who Gets It First | NBC Nightly News
An international alliance of more than 160 countries and the WHO hopes to equitably distribute vaccines and prevent wealthy nations from hoarding the supply, though talks are ongoing to get the U.S.
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2 days 1:59
U.S. Marshals Speak Out On Portland Clashes Between Protesters And Federal Agents | NBC Nightly News
Donald Washington and Russel Burger, both U.S. Marshals charged with protecting federal courthouses, tell NBC News’ Erin McLaughlin that protesters targeted their deputies.
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2 days 2:01
New Details In Ghislaine Maxwell Case, Jeffrey Epstein’s Alleged Accomplice | NBC Nightly News
In newly released court documents, Virginia Roberts Giuffre alleges who she saw on Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean.
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2 days 1:43
3 Suspects Charged In Twitter Hacking Attack | NBC Nightly News
Twitter says the suspects - including a 17-year-old Floridian - targeted a "small number of employees” by phone.
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2 days 1:58
Trump Renews Attacks On Mail-In Voting Despite No Evidence It Leads To Fraud | NBC Nightly News
After suggesting the November election potentially be postponed, President Trump is once more questioning the legitimacy of mail-in voting, but would not say what he is doing to help protect the
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2 days 37:18
Live: Trump Holds Roundtable on Storm Preparedness, COVID-19 Response | NBC News
Watch coverage as President Trump travels to Florida to meet with sheriffs and attend a meeting on the coronavirus response and hurricane preparedness.
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2 days 7:39
Saving Our Planet: What’s Happening In The Amazon? | NBC News
The Amazon rainforest – often called the “lungs of the planet” – is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Earlier this year, Brazil came under global pressure to do something.
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2 days 31:34
Live: President Donald Trump Meets with Florida Sheriffs | NBC News
Watch coverage as President Trump travels to Florida to meet with sheriffs and attend a meeting on the coronavirus response and hurricane preparedness.
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2 days 29:11
Into a New Voting Rights Act | Into America Podcast – Ep. 49 | NBC News and MSNBC
John Lewis fought and nearly died for voting rights for Black Americans. His recent passing is bringing renewed energy to the fight for voting rights.
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2 days 1:58
Trump Claims Mail-In Voting 'Will Be Catastrophic' For The Presidential Election | NBC News NOW
President Trump continued to criticize calls for mail-in voting during a roundtable for law enforcement, claiming it would be "catastrophic" for the election.
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2 days 4:00
Live: Trump Speaks To Reporters Before Departing For Florida | NBC News
Watch coverage as President Trump travels to Florida to meet with sheriffs and attend a meeting on the coronavirus response and hurricane preparedness.
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2 days 49:15
Live: Trump Meets With Law Enforcement Leaders At White House | NBC News
President Trump meets with the National Association of Police Organizations leadership at the White House. » Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC » Watch more NBC video: bit.
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2 days 3:36:20
Live: Fauci, Redfield, Giroir Testify At House Coronavirus Hearing | NBC News
Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC's Dr. Robert Redfield and HHS Admiral Brett Giroir testify at the Select Subcommittee on Coronavirus Crisis hearing on the need for a national coronavirus strategy.
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2 days 4:30
Meadows: Democrats ‘Going In The Wrong Direction’ On Coronavirus Aid Negotiations | NBC News NOW
Chief of Staff Mark Meadows provided an update on meetings between Congress and the White House on a coronavirus aid package, calling on Democrats to “get serious about negotiations.” » Subscribe to
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2 days 28:36
Live: White House Holds Press Briefing | NBC News
Watch live coverage as White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a press briefing.
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2 days 4:51
New York District Results Delayed More Than A Month After Mail-In Voting | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Ellison Barber takes an in-depth look at a New York district’s results from the Democratic primary after they have been delayed more than a month due to an overwhelming number of mail-in
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2 days 4:03
Muslims Begin Scaled-Down Pilgrimage To Mecca Amid Pandemic | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Matt Bradley details how the Hajj, the ancient Islamic pilgrimage in Mecca, has been dramatically changed by the coronavirus pandemic.
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2 days 8:14
New Technology Can Detect Traces Of The Coronavirus On Surfaces | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Vicky Nguyen looks at a new COVID-19 test that can detect traces of the virus on common surfaces and deliver results within 48 hours.
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3 days 19:27
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 30th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News
John Lewis honored by former presidents in powerful final farewell, President Trump suggests election be postponed while Congress disagrees, and a new study finds children under 5 may spread
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3 days 14:27
Live Music Industry Struggles To survive Amid Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC News NOW
NBC News speaks to workers in the live music industry who are struggling to survive amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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3 days 14:00
Debunking Rep. Gohmert’s Claim He Contracted COVID-19 While Wearing A Mask | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Dr. John Torres helps debunk misconceptions about the coronavirus, including Rep. Louie Gohmert’s claim that he may have gotten the virus from wearing a mask.
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3 days 1:36
Remembering John Lewis: In His Own Words | NBC Nightly News
Congressman John Lewis was just 23 years old when he spoke at the 1963 March on Washington. His call for change then was clear, and he never wavered in his message throughout his life.
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3 days 2:07
COVID-19 Survivors Speak Out After Double-Lung Transplants: ‘This Is Not A Joke’ | NBC Nightly News
28-year-old Mayra Ramirez was the first coronavirus patient to receive a double-lung transplant.
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3 days 2:03
Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories Undermine Work Of Doctors On Front Lines | NBC Nightly News
Doctors say social media posts spreading misinformation about the coronavirus, including a video shared by President Trump, are making their jobs on the pandemic’s front lines more difficult.
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3 days 2:12
Trump Suggests Election Be Postponed, Congress Disagrees | NBC Nightly News
As the pandemic surges on, President Trump suggested that the November election be postponed, citing concerns about fraudulent mail-in voting despite a lack of supporting evidence.
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3 days 16:56
Into Facing the Pandemic with a Disability | Into America Podcast – Ep. 48 | NBC News and MSNBC
61 million Americans are living with a disability. They face greater risks and fears in the coronavirus pandemic.
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3 days 33:17
Live: Trump Holds News Conference At White House | NBC News
Watch live coverage as President Trump holds a news conference at the White House.
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3 days 39:52
Obama Eulogizes John Lewis, ’Founding Father Of That Fuller, Fairer, Better America’ | NBC News
President Barack Obama delivered the eulogy at the funeral service for Rep. John Lewis.
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