2 days 2:17
Schools Struggle With High Costs Of Reopening: Masks, Sanitizer And More | NBC Nightly News
An average sized school district of 3,700 kids now needs to budget for an estimated $1.8 million in extra safety costs for hand sanitizer, disposable masks, additional custodial staff and more.
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2 days 2:27
Inside A South Carolina Hospital, Coronavirus Surge Overwhelms Staff | NBC Nightly News
ICU beds are quickly running out inside this South Carolina hospital as healthcare workers struggle to keep up with skyrocketing coronavirus cases.
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2 days 2:53
Coronavirus Testing Lines Stretch For Blocks As Cases Surge Across The U.S | NBC Nightly News
Coronavirus surges in states like Florida, Arizona and Texas have created long lines of people anxious to be tested as the hospital system strains to keep up with rising death tolls and record
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2 days 4:41
Houston Patients Wait In ER For Hours, Days Before Being moved To Hospital Beds | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Mike Hixenbaugh reports on the overcrowding in Houston, Texas, hospitals as a growing number of COVID-19 patients are waiting in emergency rooms for hours, in some cases days, before they
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2 days 1:50
Fauci Stresses Global Obligation In COVID-19 Battle | NBC News NOW
Speaking at an online event organized by the International AIDS Society, Dr.
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2 days 1:48
Trump Claims Biden Will Try To Impose 'Socialism Plus' If Elected | NBC News NOW
President Trump criticized former Vice President Joe Biden and other Democrats during a roundtable discussion on supporting the people of Venezuela.
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2 days 1:03:48
Trump Holds Roundtable On Supporting The People Of Venezuela | NBC News
Watch live coverage as President Trump holds a roundtable on supporting the people of Venezuela during his visit to Florida.
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2 days 26:19
Trump Receives Briefing From U.S. Southern Command | NBC News
Watch live coverage as President Trump participates in a briefing on operations with U.S. Southern Command in Florida.
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2 days 3:25
Sweden's 'Stay Open' Strategy Fails To Support Its Service Economy | NBC News NOW
Five months ago the Swedish government decided not to enforce the kind of lockdown seen elsewhere in Europe.
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2 days 1:21
''I Apologize To Everyone': Seoul Mayor's Apparent Suicide Note Released | NBC News NOW
Before being found dead in the hills of Seoul early Friday, the city’s mayor, Park Won-soon, left a note saying sorry. Security cameras captured the mayor just hours before he was reported missing.
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2 days 10:36
Army Nurse Lit On Fire Now Faces A New Battle: Suing The U.S. Army For Negligence | NBC News NOW
Capt. Katie Blanchard (Ret.) was attacked by her civilian colleague and is still living with the scars.
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2 days 2:14
Goya Foods CEO: We Are 'Truly Blessed' To Have A Leader Like Trump | NBC News NOW
Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue praised President Trump and said the country is "truly blessed" to have his leadership during a White House event.
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2 days 2:09
Watch: Trump Speaks to Reporters Before Departing for Florida | NBC News
Watch coverage as President Trump speaks to reporters as he departs the White House for Florida.
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2 days 7:19
George Floyd Told Police He Couldn't Breathe 20 Times, According To New Transcript | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Shaq Brewster breaks down a new body camera transcript that reveals new information about George Floyd’s final moments including how he told officers he couldn’t breathe 20 times before he
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2 days 6:31
Family Member Of Arizona Patient Speaks As Hospitals Pass 2,000 Deaths | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard spoke to the family member of a recently passed COVID-19 patient in Arizona as the state’s death toll passed 2,000.
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2 days 1:25
Biden: 'I Can Hardly Wait' To Debate Trump | NBC News NOW
While touring a metal fabricating facility in Pennsylvania, former Vice President Joe Biden said he 'can hardly wait' to debate President Trump and criticized his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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2 days 11:55:01
Watch NBC News NOW Live - July 9
NBC News NOW is live, reporting breaking news and developing stories in real time. We are on the scene, covering the most important stories of the day and taking deep dives on issues you care about.
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 9th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News
Test lines grow as coronavirus cases surge nationwide, Supreme Court sends Trump financial record cases back to lower courts, and Colin Powell discusses racism in America.
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3 days 17:37
Gov. Ducey Needs To Do His Job’: AZ Resident Speaks As Hospitals Pass 2,000 Deaths | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Vaughn Hillyard spoke to the family member of a recently passed COVID-19 patient in Arizona as the state’s death toll passed 2,000.
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3 days 13:40
Texas Nursing Home Evacuated As Dozens Test Positive For Coronavirus | NBC News NOW
NBC News’ Garrett Haake details the evacuation of 60 people from a Lake Worth, Texas, nursing home after 24 of them tested positive for COVID-19.
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3 days 2:15
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3 days 1:45
Future Of Summer Camps Uncertain Amid Pandemic | NBC Nightly News
How summer camps fare could be key in determining whether schools will reopen this fall as the debate continues within states.
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3 days 2:08
Parents And Teachers Conflicted Over Mixed Messages On Schools Reopening | NBC Nightly News
As coronavirus cases surge across the country, teachers and parents are worried about sending kids back to school this fall even as months of virtual learning have taken their toll.
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3 days 2:08
Health Care Workers Facing Shortage Of Lifesaving PPE | NBC Nightly News
Hospitals across the country are struggling to obtain masks, gowns and gloves, forcing health care workers to reuse PPE, in a resurgence of the shortage faced at the beginning of the pandemic.
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3 days 1:43
Trump Reacts To Supreme Court Rulings On Financial Records | NBC Nightly News
The Supreme Court’s rulings will force President Trump to continue his legal battle in hopes of keeping his tax returns private.
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3 days 2:13
Gen. Mark Milley: U.S. 'Perhaps Not' Doing Enough Against Russia In Afghanistan | NBC News NOW
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley testified at a House hearing and said that the U.S. is "perhaps" not doing enough to stop Russia's actions in Afghanistan.
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3 days 19:25
Into the WNBA Bubble | Into America Podcast – Ep. 39 | NBC News and MSNBC
Professional sports teams are getting back into the game against the backdrop of two national crises: the relentless spread of coronavirus, and the national demands for racial justice.
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3 days 1:21:34
Live: California Gov. Newsom Holds Briefing | NBC News
Watch live coverage as California Governor Gavin Newsom holds a press briefing.
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3 days 48:10
Trump Signs Executive Order On Hispanic Prosperity Initiative | NBC News
President Trump signs an executive order on the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative.
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