11 hours 3:48
HUGE Chunks of glacier fall off in front of crowds watching | Glacier Calving
Filmer captures some massive calvings of the Perito Moreno Glacier in the afternoon in front of a crowd of people watching the action. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
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14 hours 3:58
Be active they said..it would be fun they said! Funny Fails Caught On Camera
Sports and staying active fails at their finest. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
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1 day 2:02
7-year-old has the best reaction to seeing colour for the first time
Footage captures an Ohio boy’s hilarious reaction to finally seeing colour, including the adorable moment he realizes his dog is white and not brown.
5 620
2 days 5:37
When Winter Hits...The Struggle Is Real! (Funny Ice Fails)
We all love the snow when winter hits however it does create some tricky situations with the ice underneath. Here are some hilarious winter fail moments from the newsflare archive.
16 216
3 days 2:55
Lucky eel escapes death after snake tries to eat it.
A brave eel fought against a giant snake and escaped from its mouth successfully in Nam Dinh, Vietnam.
6 384
4 days 3:13
This Is Why I LOVE Dogs 🀣 - Funny Dog Videos 2021
Here are some funny dog videos from the Newsflare archive! These hilarious dog moments will remind you why you love these little furry things. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
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5 days 2:36
Mom has priceless reaction when son surprises her for the holidays
Gone to New York over a year, William surprises his mother in San Bernandino, California, when he visited her for the holidays on December 13, 2020.
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5 days 3:53
What Could Go Wrong?! Best Fail Moments Caught On Camera
Here is another round up from the Newsflare archive of what could go wrong moments. Some of these fail moments will get you laughing. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
9 286
6 days 3:17
Extreme fishing! Locals dive into a raging river to catch their supper. | Dangerous fishing
Brave locals plunged into raging torrents on a deadly river to catch their supper after a dam was opened during floods in Thailand.
13 111
6 days 3:52
Cars sliding and crashing on snow and ice. This cross section is lethal!
Compilation of cars sliding through stop signs and crashing into each other and an police officer falling on his rear end as the road was too slippery to walk on.
5 401
7 days 5:30
Kids Crying Over Reasons We'll Never Understand πŸ˜… πŸ˜‚
There's always going to be moments when your child cries and for them it's the biggest deal ever and sometimes you're left confused thinking this is not something to get upset over...well here are
3 114
8 days 1:06
Filmer Captures The EXACT Moment Stromboli Volcano Erupts!
As a man on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea captures on July 3, the exact moment of the Stromboli volcano erupting is capturing in this incredible moment.
20 476
8 days 6:39
Scary Avalanche Strikes Just Before Musician Starts Playing His Guitar
This is the spectacular moment a traveller accidentally caught on camera a huge avalanche in Nepal.
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9 days 8:09
Heartwarming Surprises That Will Instantly Lift Your Mood | Amazing Moments
Here is a feel good compilation of heart warming surprises that will instantly lift your mood! These videos will make you smile :) This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
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10 days 3:23
The STRANGEST Moments Caught On Camera. What Did I Just Watch πŸ˜‚
Here are some of the most bizarre moments caught on camera from the Newsflare Archive...these moments will leave you thinking WTF did I just watch.
6 950
11 days 1:34
Teenager becomes stuck after licking pole during -16C temperatures
A curious teenager got his tongue stuck on a steel pole after licking it at the temperatures of -16 degrees Celsius struck eastern China.
6 017
11 days 2:49
Curious Fox Steals GoPro Camera
A remarkable video has emerged from Russia of a fox stealing a Go Pro camera.
4 684
12 days 2:15
Smart dog wipes up his own pee after making a mess
This is the amazing moment a clever pet dog used a rag to clean up his own pee after making a mess on the kitchen floor.
4 900
13 days 10:46
Mother nature is scary! 😱 HUGE tornadoes caught on camera 😱
Here are some insane tornadoes that were captured on camera, some of these tornadoes are monsters!! This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
17 708
14 days 1:03
Cat gives a helping hand when doing PAW-ttery | Funny Cat Moments
This is the hilarious moment a cat named Mike gave a helping paw when at the helm of a pottery wheel on November 29.
6 018
14 days 1:18
Meet the real-life Elastigirl who can bend her spine in half
Meet the real-life Elastigirl - the ‘bendiest girl in the world’ - who can bend her spine in half BACKWARDS and contort her body into all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes.
7 094
15 days 11:08
Never a dull moment when you're a parent. πŸ˜‚ These kids are hilarious!
These kids are so funny! There's always some funny moments when you become a parent. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
5 118
16 days 2:34
Mitt Romney confronted at Utah airport by Trump supporters
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who ran for president in 2012, criticized Republican senators who have announced their plans to oppose certification of the 2020 presidential election
43 379
16 days 1:44
Dad transforms food container into interactive toy for his son | Home Toy DIY 2021
This dad from Zug, Switzerland, transformed an IKEA food container into an interactive toy for his son.
2 744
17 days 4:25
Incredible 6 Hour Rescue Effort To Save A Trapped Elephant
A lost elephant fell into the main canal of a village in eastern Sri Lanka on December 8, necessitating an ingenious rescue by using special rope ladders.
911 762
18 days 3:03
Baby elephant WALKS AWAY after being saved with CPR
This is the dramatic moment paramedics performed CPR on a baby elephant after it was hit by a motorbike in Thailand.
234 071
20 days 1:57
CCTV proves dog really did eat boy's homework
This is the hilarious moment two naughty dogs destroyed a boy's homework while he slept.
17 233
24 days 6:15
Prepare to be floored by this UPSIDE-DOWN cafΓ©
A cafe in Vietnam has a very strange motif, as it has a complete set of upside-down furniture pinned to the ceiling.
5 907
25 days 7:45
Heroic moment people rescue stray dog stuck in molten rubber | Stray dog rescued
This is the heroic moment a stray dog was rescued after getting stuck in molten RUBBER.
5 935 703
26 days 12:17
Top 10 Unexpected Moments of 2020
2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year with many ups and downs. Here are some unexpected moments of 2020 from the newsflare archive. Share your video and make cash.
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