1 day 3:19
Two Swans Fight Off A Raven That Keeps Trying To Attack Their Babies.
These courageous black swans fought a raven after it attempted to attack their cygnets in Australia.
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2 days 4:53
Try Not To Laugh Watching Funny Animal Fails Compilation | Best Animal Videos
Even animals have their clumsy moments, here are some hilarious pet/animal fails. Sit back and enjoy :) This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
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3 days 4:29
The Internet Never Fails To Disappoint - Best Of YouTube 2020
Here is a selection of funny clips from the Newsflare archive to get you through this terrible 2020! From fails to funnies we have it all. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
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4 days 4:29
Hilarious moments people totally freaked out over ๐Ÿ˜‚ | Funniest Freakouts Compilation
Here are some hilarious moments people lost it over...I don't blame them on some of these!! This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
4 752
5 days 2:43
Uber Driver Raps For Car Full Of Ladies | Amazing Reaction
An awesome video has emerged of an Uber driver rapping for three ladies in his car.
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6 days 10:25
Think you have skills? These Ping Pong Trick Shots Are Unbelievable!
Incredible ping pong table tennis trick shots from the newsflare archive. This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
4 433
7 days 3:09
15 Best Viral Moments You NEED To Watch ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ | Try Not To Laugh
Whether you're feeling down or just having a bad day...don't worry we got you covered. Here are some videos that will put a smile on your face.
7 852
8 days 3:03
Inedible recovery as Animal-lover nurses abandoned malnourished pup back to health
A heartwarming video tells the story of how an animal activist from southern India rescued a severely malnourished puppy, nursed it back to health and ultimately gave it a new home.
3 464
9 days 8:17
This guy is about to try out a 'labour pain' simulator...lets see how he handles it.
Dave Roper now has a new level of respect for mums everywhere after his fifteen minute labour preview on August 28th, 2020.
4 184
10 days 5:40
Woman Can't Stop Laughing Reading This Book
Jessica Canale, 36, an art teacher from Belleville, IL, thought she would lighten up the COVID-19 lockdown with a few funny stories on the 26th March 2020!
4 239
11 days 5:59
These Peoples INCREDIBLE Quick Reflexes Saved The Day!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Here are some moments that required incredible quick reflexes to save the day, this is why its always good to stay alert!
46 976
12 days 4:26
Brutal Battle Between A Tarantula Hawk And A Tarantula
A man while on a run in Tuscon, Arizona managed to capture close up footage of a brutal battle between a large tarantula and a tarantula hawk.
5 588
13 days 3:49
Six Rubik's Cubes Solved Underwater In One Breath | Guinness World Record
Illayaram Sekar, a 25-year-old from Chennai, eastern India, has set a new Guinness World Record by solving SIX Rubik's Cubes underwater in one breath.
2 454
14 days 4:33
Baby Elephant Rescued After Getting Stuck In A Muddy Swamp | Animal Rescue
Upload your own videos and make money! bit.ly/3jgp42M Interested in licensing this and other videos? Check out the link below!
6 419
15 days 6:47
If you're having a bad day, these videos will cheer you up | Best Clips Of YouTube
Upload your own videos and make money! bit.ly/3jgp42M Interested in licensing this and other videos? Check out the link below!
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16 days 3:27
Mars-like atmosphere invades Bay Area due to California Fires
Residents in the Bay Area woke up to hazy orange skies on Wednesday, September 9. The Mars-like atmosphere was caused by the wildfires raging in northern California.
4 318
16 days 3:11
Alpaca chases off dog for getting near her bestie | Funny Animal Friends
A dog named Maggie is hilariously chased away by an alpaca named Annie for daring to get too close to Annie's bestie, a pig named Peggy in Texas on June 18.
14 048
17 days 5:09
๐Ÿคฃ Funniest ๐Ÿถ Dogs And ๐Ÿ˜ปCats - Try Not To Laugh - Best Of The 2020 Funny Animal Videos
Here are the funniest pet videos from cats to dogs, we have it all. Sit back and relax and watch these funny pets get up to all their silly antics!
9 019
18 days 1:30
Python Swallows Entire BEACH TOWEL, Vets Step In To Extract It.
A python was taken to the vets after swallowing an entire BEACH TOWEL.
22 766
19 days 8:03
Neglected Garden Gets An Incredible Transformation With A Pool
These owners wanted to re-do their back yard, they decided to film the process too. Here is a time-lapse of the incredible transformation! Upload your own videos and make money!
4 641
20 days 4:12
This Is Why I HATE Driving, 20 Idiot Driving Moments Caught On Camera
Its easy to get too relaxed when driving as ANYTHING could happen. Well here are some moments that will keep you on your toes! This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
18 322
21 day 1:14
Intense Moment As Male lion jumps into open safari truck full of students.
A lion gave students a fright after it jumped into their safari truck in South Africa.
24 495
22 days 3:53
Top 15 Craziest Storm Moments Caught On Camera | Crazy Weather 2020
We have put together some extreme weather moments that were caught on camera. You certainly wouldn't want to get caught up in any of these! Upload your own videos and make money!
18 492
23 days 3:21
Insanely Loud Lion Roaring Compilation
Here is some incredible footage of lions roaring. The sounds they can make are incredible loud and deep, they can be heard up to 5 miles away and can reach a level of 114dBs.
10 251
23 days 5:14
Top 13 Scary Moments Caught On Camera (Part 7)
Here are some incredibly scary moments caught on camera! From Insane near misses, HUGE tornadoes to driving through intense wildfires. These are situations you really don't want to find yourself in.
337 615
24 days 3:35
Man goes viral after posting his oddly satisfying hand painting clips
A Maryland-based man (@oliversigns2) has gone viral on TikTok after posting incredibly satisfying clips hand painting lettering on windshields.
5 548
25 days 3:47
Armed police interrogate man at ATM for having too many cards.
This is the moment three armed policemen interrogate a black man at an ATM - because he has "too many" credit cards.
5 663
28 days 11:38
Top 30 BEST Viral Videos Of The Month - August 2020
Here is the second instalment for Augusts top viral videos from the Newsflare archive. Enjoy! Upload your own videos and make money!
132 784
29 days 5:32
Videographer goes FACE TO FACE With 9-Foot Crocodiles
Bartolomeo Bove is a professional shark diver and underwater videographer. At the end of July 2020 I traveled to Banco Chinchorro in Mexico to dive with the American crocodiles.
8 714
30 days 3:06
20 Heart Stopping & Scary Road Moments Caught On Camera
Prepare yourself for some incredibly tense, nail biting moments. These videos will certainly leave you on the edge of your seat! This footage is being managed exclusively by Newsflare.
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