2 min 6:55
US gymnast after her testimony on Capitol Hill: The FBI lied, then covered it up
Former gymnast and abuse survivor Jessica Howard talks to Newsmax after testifying on Capitol Hill about Larry Nassar's abuse and the failures of the FBI.
27 min 5:22
Emerald Robinson reacts to her spat with Jen Psaki over Biden's move against DeSantis
Newsmax correspondent Emerald Robinson talks about her questioning of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki over the Biden Administration's monoclonal antibodies plan.
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1 hour 6:29
Gabby Petito's mother speaks on the ongoing search for her missing daughter
Nichole Schmidt, the mother of the missing 22-year-old Gabby Petito, speaks on her daughter's disappearance after her boyfriend returned to North Port, FL from the couple's cross-country trip
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2 hours 5:32
EXCUSIVE: Texas releases shocking footage after Biden video drone ban
Retired Texas Department of Public Safety official Jaeson Jones discusses newly released footage revealing Texas-Mexico border bridge being overrun after the FAA implemented Temporary Flight
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3 hours 3:05
French Foreign Minister: Biden action a "stab in the back"
Former CIA analyst and Trump national security aid Fred Fleitz discusses the Biden administration angering France with a new Australia deal, and comments on reports of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs
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10 hours 1:38
Would you give California's Governor a passing grade? | James Klug to the streets
What do Californians think of Gov. Newsom's handling of his countless crises in the Golden State? James Klug asks the public on Newsmax.
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11 hours 7:59
Schmitt: Biden will weaponize the IRS, just like his boss Obama did
With an administration obsessed with "equity," Biden will weaponize the IRS and raise the tax rate on the top 1% of Americans - via 'Rob Schmitt Tonight' on Newsmax.
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12 hours 7:46
Cortes: Hispanics are flocking to Donald Trump's America First movement
Hispanics are flocking to the America First movement.
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13 hours 2:35
Biden won't stop coughing into his hand | STINCHFIELD on Newsmax
During an address on Thursday President Biden was seen coughing into his hand many times, and Grant Stinchfield breaks down the president's hygienic habits.
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14 hours 6:10
Hillary '16 lawyer indicted on lying to FBI: Rep. Devin Nunes reacts
'LYING TO THE FBI': On the heels of Thursday’s indictment of a Clinton 2016 campaign attorney, Rep. Devin Nunes and Greg Kelly discuss.
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14 hours 10:23
College professor apologizes for being a straight white woman
Greg Kelly on the latest push to make white people feel ashamed of themselves, the media ignores Afghanistan and more - via 'Greg Kelly Reports.' Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115, Dish
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14 hours 10:05
EXCLUSIVE: Former White House Counsel won't release documents pertaining to the 'Russian hoax'
A former White House counsel will not release Russia documents on the heels of Thursday’s indictment of a Clinton 2016 campaign attorney.
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14 hours 10:13
Greg Kelly: Milley's complete timeline of dishonesty
Greg Kelly: 'Virtue-signaling weirdo' General Mark Milley's timeline of dishonesty stretches much farther back than just the past few months.
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15 hours 10:43
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15 hours 12:21
The new Axis of evil: the left-wing press, Permanent Washington & the Socialist-Democrat Party
These girls deserve to be heard, "not only were these girls victimized by a serial pedophile; they were victimized again by Obama's FBI and Joe Biden's un-Justice Department." - via 'The Chris
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18 hours 4:42
Nicki Minaj speaks out against 'the mob': "Don't y'all see what's f---ing happening?"
Nicki Minaj spoke out about the 'mob' mentality she's faced since coming out publicly with different reasons for her own vaccine hesitancy. Newsmax's American Agenda panel reacts.
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19 hours 3:37
Newsmax correspondent presses Psaki on 'Red' state antibody treatment supply
Newsmax White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson asks Press Secretary Jen Psaki why the Biden administration is reportedly cutting monoclonal antibody treatment supply to 'red' states.
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20 hours 18:06
President Biden blasts Republican Governors and calls on the wealthy to pay their fair share
President Joe Biden outlines his new tax plan aimed at helping middle-class Americans and targets to rich to 'pay their fair share,' goes after Red State Governors over 'undermining' his
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21 hour 5:43
Lawmakers' letter to Dr. Fauci
Rep. Chip Roy gives insight into the numerous letters that GOP lawmakers sent to Dr. Fauci demanding more information on the origin of COVID-19.
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22 hours 6:00
Rep. Malliotakis: Did Secretary Blinken lie to me?
Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis would love to know whether or not she was lied to by Secretary Antony Blinken, the crisis in Afghanistan and more - via 'Wake Up America' on Newsmax.
18 586
22 hours 1:06
Former Trump Campaign Aide says Gen. Milley broke military code
Former Trump Campaign Aide Rick Gates said Gen. Mark Milley should have resigned yesterday.
14 475
1 day 5:10
The Catholic Community reacts to recent comments made by Pope Francis | Spicer & Co.
"When a Catholic politician, who is 100% not only supportive of abortion but also seems to celebrate it, it causes scandal to the faithful and confusion to everyone else surrounding the situation,"
47 900
1 day 12:00
Stinchfield: Olympians unravel the corrupt FBI
Grant Stinchfield requests a "complete overhaul" of the FBI, citing the weaponization of the Bureau from the Left aimed at "inflicting pain on conservatives." Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity
33 195
1 day 5:49
Shocking 2015 clip reveals Milley's thoughts on China: Rep. Michael Waltz reacts
Representative Michael Waltz joins Cortes & Pellegrino to discuss General Mark Milley's thoughts on China today, as well as what he thought of the Chinese Communist Party in 2015.
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1 day 3:14
Apparently 'bad at your job' is really sexy: Grant Stinchfield
Grant Stinchfield reacts to a news organization crowning Anthony Fauci a title he feels the doctor doesn't quite deserve.
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1 day 8:40
Even Vindman calls out General Milley | Greg Kelly Reports
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a noted antagonist to former president Donald Trump, commented on reports of a conversation between General mark Milley and his Chinese counterpart.
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1 day 11:20
Greg Kelly: All the reasons to not like General Mark Milley
Greg Kelly: A 'woke,' anti-Trump General Mark Milley has now cemented his status as 'swamp star.' - via Greg Kelly Reports, weekdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax Watch Newsmax on Directv 349, Xfinity 1115
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1 day 5:40
AOC could face investigation after Met Gala stunt | Liz Wheeler and Dave Rubin
Liz Wheeler and Dave Rubin join Newsmax's Eric Bolling to discuss political fallout from the many waves created by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the Met Gala earlier this week.
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1 day 6:03
Sebastian Gorka: Gen. Mark Milley must be arrested
Former Deputy Assistant to the President, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, discusses reports the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen.
37 752
1 day 5:56
General Milley must be removed immediately, then court-martialed | Eric Bolling The Balance
Eric Bolling says General Mark Milley should be removed from his position as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and be court martialed for his reported contact with Chinese counterparts - Via
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