22 hours 6:42
Dave Rubin: The woke mob won't stop
Longtime talk host and political commentator Dave Rubin and Newsmax TV's John Bachman discuss the latest examples of 'cancel culture' as not only Newsmax has been targeted, but their fans, and
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22 hours 10:00
Rand Paul tears apart Dems' spending bill and relief plan
WASHINGTON: Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky pulls apart the 'pork' being pushed by Democrats in the latest proposed spending bill and how it will affect the nation going forward: "I don't think this
27 312
23 hours 10:53
Texas Rep. calls Biden's behavior 'unexceptable'
Texas Representative Jodey Arrington President Joe Biden's handling of the Texas energy crisis, the potential of Biden 'not being in control,' the divide within D.C.
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1 day 12:40
Dems are now the 'Ministry of Truth' | Rob Schmitt
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1 day 11:00
Democrats want to see Newsmax CANCELED | Grant Stinchfield
Democrats attack free speech as they call to cancel conservative outlets - yet these 'sanctimonious Liberals' ignore their own behavior - via Newsmax TV's 'STINCHFIELD.' Watch Newsmax TV on
17 948
1 day 8:28
CHINA - Greatest threat to the U.S. | Chris Salcedo
For DECADES Democrats have backed the CCP - Chris Salcedo examines China's the scheme to 'takedown democracy' - it's time to stop 'sleeping with the enemy' - via Newsmax TV's 'The Chris Salcedo
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1 day 8:35
Rep. Cawthorn reacts to Democrats heartless policies
Representative Madison Cawthorn on the Biden Administration's practices at the U.S-Mexico border, the Democrats push for pork in their 'relief' bill and a reflection of his accident - via Newsmax
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1 day 8:51
Sen. Graham speaks out about McConnell, GOP's future
Senator Lindsey Graham joins Newsmax TV's Greg Kelly to discuss the desired 'takedown' of conservative opinion by certain lawmakers, the future of the GOP and the influence Donald Trump will
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1 day 19:34
An awful, DANGEROUS joke... | Greg Kelly
'McCarthy 2021': Greg tears apart the "disinformation" mission being pushed by certain politicians over speech they disagree with.
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1 day 18:17
Democrats waging war on Newsmax took cash from cable providers: Newsmax TV's Spicer & Co.
FIRST AMENDMENT: Newsmax TV's Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith are joined by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Rep.
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1 day 9:51
Dershowitz: This is literally McCarthyism
WASHINGTON: As the well-reported 'misinformation' hearing goes on, spurred by two California Democratic Representatives aimed at challenging cable operators who carry Newsmax and Fox News
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1 day 8:06
Navarro: You don't know how severe the China problem is
NAVARRO: The former White House Trade Advisor speaks to Newsmax about the severity of intellectual property, technological, chemical, and financial threats that China and the CCP may pose to the
37 433
1 day 3:47
Ex-police Commissioner reacts to new Jan. 6th intel | Bernard Kerik on Newsmax TV
WASHINGTON: Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, a noted supporter of former President Donald J.
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1 day 42:34
Congress targets Newsmax in 'disinformation' hearing
Congress examines the role cable providers and news outlets have on potential 'misinformation' - targeting conservative news outlets and the Constitutional rights provided through the 1st Amendment
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1 day 7:33
What does Trump have in store for CPAC? | Top advisor reacts
ORLANDO: As its been announced that former President Donald J.
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2 days 8:10
Democrats continue to milk the events of January | REACTION
Democrats continue to dramatize the events from January - instilling a sense fear from 'far-right' groups - but are their actions hypocritical?
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2 days 2:36
Disney slaps 'offensive' warning label on Muppets episode
After it was noted that Disney had placed 'offensive content' warning labels on its streamed 'Muppets' properties, Grant reacts to the latest example of 'cancel culture' at work and puts his own
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2 days 17:13
REACTION to Biden's 'radical agenda' | Grant Stinchfield
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2 days 6:29
Dershowitz on Dominion VS Lindell, Newsmax VS cancel culture
Constitutional scholar and noted former member of President Trump's first impeachment defense team Alan Dershowitz weighs in on MyPillow man Mike Lindell's legal battle, plus the calls from
135 422
2 days 19:10
Why is NO ONE talking about this? | Greg Kelly
Greg Kelly reacts to the hearings tied to the Capitol calamity seen in Washington in early January 6th, and why lawmakers are 'dancing around' the tough questions, and is joined by legal scholar
125 154
2 days 6:09
'It's patriotic to oppose Democrat-Socialists' | Chris Salcedo
Chris Salcedo on the Left 'infringing' on conservative values, their push to silence the right, John Kerry's 'dealings' with a foreign government as a private citizen and more - via Newsmax TV's
11 657
2 days 3:58
Sean Spicer responds to Democrats who want to cancel Newsmax
After a letter was sent to cable operators by two House Democrats, and a hearing looms about their intentions to continue carrying certain news networks, Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith react to the
20 158
2 days 13:55
Taking on Biden and the 'lying' media | Newsmax TV's Spicer & Co.
Newsmax TV's Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith are joined by Ohio Senatorial candidate Jane Timken, and longtime national talk host Sebastian Gorka to discuss lack of bipartisanship in Washington, the
33 374
2 days 5:01
Meet the anti-crime activist who's gunning for NYC Mayor
NEW YORK: Longtime anti-crime activist Curtis Sliwa, leader of the decades-old street justice crew 'Guardian Angels,' talks to Newsmax about his quest to become NYC's next Mayor, as well as the
23 480
2 days 3:29
BREAKING: Tiger hurt, Trump releases statement of support
LOS ANGELES: Reports indicate that golf star Tiger Woods was injured in a one-vehicle accident, and was taken to a local medical facility for further care. Former President Donald J.
91 592
2 days 6:45
Biden's package: A LOT not to like | Marsha Blackburn
Senator Marsha Blackburn speaks to Newsmax TV about the proposed pandemic relief bill making its way through rounds of lawmakers' approval, and how it is "disrespectful" to tax-paying citizens.
51 222
2 days 4:29
Coca-Cola tells employees to be "less white," per report
PER REPORT: After some noise was made on social media about possible techniques deployed by the Coca-Cola company in regards to their sensitivity training for employees, Jessie Jane Duff, Paris
52 951
3 days 4:53
Iranian Resistance member on John Kerry's international 'dealings' | REPORT
Amir Fakhravar on the 'Climate Czar's' reported dealings with the Iranian government, the potential ramifications of a private citizen working on behalf of the American government, Iran's push for
23 948
3 days 7:24
Richard Grenell reacts to Merrick Garland's comments
Richard Grenell on the confirmation hearing for Merrick Garland, the future of the Durham Investigation, Garland's position as a judge and whether he'll be an effective Attorney General - via
16 944
3 days 7:13
FCC Commissioner reacts to Dems' 'cancel Newsmax' mission
WASHINGTON: As a couple of Democratic lawmakers have called on major cable providers to explain their continued carrying of Newsmax among other networks, accusing Newsmax of spreading "lies," FCC
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