3 hours 5:29
Full fledged investigation on Big Tech | Dinesh D'Souza
Filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza on Big Tech's refusal to 'reinstate' NY Post, their continued 'shady actions' and the need for the federal government to launch a full investigation into these organizations
8 251
4 hours 6:40
The Rise of Socialism in America | Grant Stinchfield
Grant Stinchfield on the Socialist 'agenda' in America, the 'consequential' November election and more - via Newsmax TV's 'STINCHFIELD.' For breaking news & expert analysis, watch Newsmax TV on
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5 hours 12:31
Lazy Joe just called you a CHUMP! | Greg Kelly
'HE CALLED YOU A CHUMP': When 'Lazy Joe' gets out on the campaign trail, weird stuff happens, says Greg Kelly.
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5 hours 9:50
Giuliani calls out 'BIG GUY' Biden and his crime family
Former NYC Mayor, current attorney to President Donald Trump, and evident leader in the investigations into past actions by Joe Biden and son Hunter, Rudy Giuliani, comments exclusively on new
30 906
6 hours 6:22
Democrats are 'feeling the pressure' | Chris Salcedo
Chris Salcedo on the 'Hollywood elite' telling everyday Americans how to vote, Joe Biden's 'deep' involvement with the Chinese and other foreign powers and more - via Newsmax TV's 'The Chris Salcedo
8 867
6 hours 4:52
As the son of a President... | Mike Reagan on Hunter Biden
Son of the late president Ronald Reagan, Mike Reagan joins Newsmax TV's Chris Salcedo with former Trump advisor George Papadopoulos to discuss the latest allegations against Democratic nominee Joe
15 517
9 hours 1:25:49
Trump rallies the Amish community at crucial campaign stop in Lititz, PA
FULL-LENGTH: President Donald Trump slams Democratic nominee Joe Biden over alleged family business dealings, attacks 'radical left' lawmakers, and attempts to connect with Pennsylvania's Amish
108 746
11 hours 8:35
Democrats, you knew this was coming | Doug Collins
Congressman Doug Collins reacts to Joe Biden's comments about not underestimating President Trump, the political divide over the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett, his own Senate race against Kelly
55 747
12 hours 13:38
They attack Amy & protect Hunter | Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz comments exclusively on the latest allegations made against Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his son Hunter, alleged social platform bias, the politically-charged Amy Coney Barrett
35 873
1 day 8:09
They really hate us | Michelle Malkin
'BIG TECH BULLIES': Michelle Malkin says social platforms have "voiced their contempt and mockery for years" towards Conservatives.
40 153
2 days 8:11
Diamond and Silk react to being played on SNL
Political activist duo and hosts of Newsmax TV's 'Crystal Clear' Diamond and Silk comment on Saturday Night Live's comedy skit which included likenesses of them, plus share their thoughts on the
51 681
3 days 15:43
Trump won that RIGGED debate | Greg Kelly
It was terrible, abysmal, and rigged, but Trump still pulled out the final debate WIN, says Greg Kelly.
59 677
3 days 7:07
The history of "October Surprises"
Newsmax TV's Greg Kelly chats with presidential historians Craig Shirley and Doug Wead about the history and origins of the 'october surprise' in political campaigns and election years, and the past
27 141
3 days 6:41
Give me a break, Joe | Grant Stinchfield
Grant Stinchfield investigates the latest surrounding the Biden family fiasco and the bombshell information from Hunter's 'buddy' Tony Bobulinski - via Newsmax TV's 'STINCHFIELD' For breaking news
44 728
3 days 7:37
Body language expert reacts to the Final Debate
Behavior & Body Language Expert and former US Army Interrogator Gregory Hartley comments on the physical signs displayed by both candidates in the final Presidential Debate between President Donald
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3 days 8:07
Why I ditched Dems and feminism | Joy Villa
Artist Joy Villa is an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, but wasn't always a fan of The Donald.
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3 days 6:35
No one has denied the emails, texts | Lara Trump
Lara Trump reacts to the President's performance, pressing Joe Biden to come clean regarding 'international dealings, and more - via Newsmax TV's 'Spicer & Co.' For breaking news & expert analysis
13 551
3 days 3:49
Reacting to the best final debate tweets | Newsmax TV
Adam Guillette, President of Accuracy in Media, joins Newsmax TV's Bob Sellers to react to the most popular social media takeaways from the final Presidential Debate between President Donald Trump
18 937
3 days 4:47
This is where Biden showed his hand | RNC Director reacts
Cassie Smedile, Deputy Communications Director for the RNC, comments exclusively on the final Presidential Debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, how voters have
88 006
3 days 3:45
The abortion divide | Danielle D'Souza Gill
Political commentator and author Danielle D'Souza Gill comments exclusively on the divisiveness over the confirmation hearings of Amy Coney Barrett, Barrett's links to a possible future dispute over
5 283
3 days 5:53
Rick Gates grades Joe Biden's debate performance
Former Trump campaign aide, Rick Gates, former political consultant and lobbyist who pleaded guilty to conspiracy against the United States and making false statements in the investigation into
20 698
4 days 9:13
Trump compares himself to Abraham Lincoln | Presidential Debate
During the final Presidential Debate, President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden discuss tense race relations in the country today, and after a reference to Abraham Lincoln is made by
17 969
4 days 1:32:26
Trump & Biden get vicious over laptops, Lincoln, and race in the final Presidential Debate
FULL-LENGTH: From Tennessee, with moderator Kristen Welker, President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden go head to head in the final Presidential Debate before Election Day, tackling
12 384
4 days 1:57
President Trump was 'decisive' | Kimberly Guilfoyle
Senior Advisor Kimberly Guilfoyle on the Final Presidential Debate, Trump's accomplishments with minorities and more - via Newsmax TV.
25 496
4 days 2:45
Trump pushes Biden 10 times on 'kids in cages' | Presidential Debate
President Donald Trump asks Democratic nominee Joe Biden and debate moderator Kristen Welker ten times about the 'kids in cages' argument regarding how the cages in question were reportedly built
15 693
4 days 7:39
No offense to clowns, but Chris Cuomo... | Dave Rubin
Political commentator and talk host Dave Rubin comments on CNN anchor Chris Cuomo's reported actions or in-actions regarding proper mask wearing and face coverings, plus the fallout from President
51 089
4 days 9:19
Scott Baio is tired of the anti-Trump bias
Longtime famed actor Scott Baio comments on the current political climate, how he feels about being a conservative-leaning performer and public figure, and more.
36 140
4 days 13:52
Clock's ticking, Joe! | Greg Kelly
RUNNING OUT THE CLOCK ⌚: Greg Kelly studies Joe Biden's 'week off,' his latest assist from Barack Obama, and more.
34 736
4 days 5:11
Town Hall 'nodding lady' reacts to her viral moment
Mayra Joli became well-known after notably nodding her head to President Trump's words at an NBC News Presidential Town Hall event.
26 256
4 days 10:55
Hunter, Iran & the FBI: this is heating up | Sidney Powell
Noted high-profile attorney with connections to the Justice Department Sidney Powell explains the situation with Iran reportedly interfering with US vote registration and executing false email
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