27 min 5:15
Obamacare on steroids is bad medicine | Rep. Ronny Jackson
Ronny Jackson on President Biden's expansion of 'Obamacare,' his pick for HHS, the executive orders that will reverse Trump's legacy and more - via Newsmax TV's 'The Chris Salcedo Show.' Watch
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1 hour 7:44
Censorship is undertaken by those who know they’re doing wrong | Chris Salcedo
Chris Salcedo on the Left's push to censor conservative thought, Biden's history of silencing his opponents, the Left's openness to redact facts and more - via Newsmax TV's 'The Chris Salcedo
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4 hours 5:56
Body language expert reacts to Biden's inaugural speech
After reviewing his inaugural address, body language expert Gregory Hartley was able to determine a few things about President Joe Biden...
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5 hours 1:15
A sleepy speech from Joe | Reaction to Biden's inaugural address
WASHINGTON: After Joe Biden's first address as 46th President, political analyst Mark Halperin reacts on Newsmax TV's panel with John Bachman.
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6 hours 25:44
Joe and Kamala are sworn in, Biden preaches unity at 2021 Inauguration
WASHINGTON: Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are sworn in as Vice President and President of the United States, and Biden delivers his first address as POTUS, hitting on points of calls for unity, a
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8 hours 12:37
Pompeo is worried about Middle East peace under Biden | EXCLUSIVE
INAUGURATION DAY: Shortly before the inauguration of Joe Biden as 46th President, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo comments on the foreign policy legacy of the Trump administration, his thoughts on
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8 hours 14:21
President Trump's ceremonial farewell | Inauguration Day 2021
JOINT BASE ANDREWS: President Donald Trump gives his final ceremonial remarks as 45th President of The United States, thanking his family and allies, and deliberating on the future of the nation's
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22 hours 3:00
Beware of Biden's first 100 days | Lauren Boebert
Representative Lauren Boebert reacts to reports of different policies and plans the Joe Biden administrations is said to have planned for their first hundred days in office.
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23 hours 7:18
My last talk with President Trump | Rudy Giuliani
GIULIANI: The former NYC Mayor and noted ally of President Trump in his fight for re-election comments to Newsmax TV's Greg Kelly about his last conversation with the sitting president, and what's
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1 day 6:06
President Trump remains #1 after Inauguration | Chris Salcedo
Chris Salcedo on the 'Socialist takeover' of the government, President Trump's lasting legacy on American politics, the RINOs that fill the halls of Congress and more - via Newsmax TV's 'The Chris
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1 day 6:48
A clown car of hypocrisy | Sebastian Gorka
Longtime talk host and political commentator and former Trump cabinet member Sebastian Gorka joins Sean and Lyndsay to discuss the 'hypocrisy' he sees being expressed by prominent political figures
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1 day 19:52
President Trump's farewell address
THE WHITE HOUSE: President Donald Trump, in his final full day in office, releases a farewell address where he touches on the accomplishments of his administration, calls for national unity, the
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1 day 6:08
Pastor gets FBI visit after speaking at Trump event
He spoke at a pro-Trump event in Washington DC and shortly after before he knew it he had the FBI knocking on his door.
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1 day 8:19
Shameless CNN, not surprising | Rob Schmitt
Shameless in their pursuit of censorship, CNN wants Newsmax off the air - Rob Schmitt goes off.
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2 days 21:18
Who the hell do they think they are? | Greg Kelly
'Who the hell are they to tell you what you can't watch on TV?,' Greg asks, when they have a pretty spotty track record of covering the news themselves...
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2 days 8:12
Ironic, ridiculous, and biased | Sean Spicer goes off on CNN, MSNBC
"I don't know why they're going to need a Press Secretary in the Biden admin. - they have Brian Stelter." - Sean and Lyndsay post up some examples of 'hypocrisy' they see in the media today.
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2 days 9:07
Imagine a world without Newsmax TV | Chris Salcedo
'Imagine this frightening reality': Chris Salcedo goes off on those who think a political opinion is criminal and want to shut down networks they don't like.
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2 days 5:28
If MLK saw today's America | Darrell Scott
Pastor Darrell Scott speaks with Newsmax TV's Rob Finnerty and Rachel Rollar about the past peaceful demonstrations organized and led by Dr.
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2 days 9:00
We just do it better | Benny Johnson
Benny Johnson says "as a Conservative, you are part of a noble and honorable movement, you have nothing to be ashamed of," and backs it up with some data.
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2 days 6:13
Because of my politics? | Curt Schilling
Former MLB All Star and World Series Champion Curt Schilling speaks to Newsmax TV about an evident "miscommunication" with his insurance company, and about how his social media posts and personal
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2 days 2:47
Capitol raid video evidence piles up | REPORT
As Federal officials comb through a mass of Capitol raid video, security measures continue to tighten ahead of Wednesday's Inauguration. Newsmax TV's Logan Ratick reports from Washington.
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2 days 4:06
MLK's significance in today's United States | Angela Stanton-King
Angela Stanton-King, a relative of the revered influential Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., speaks to Newsmax TV about Dr.
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2 days 5:02
CNN calls to censor, cancel Newsmax | REACTION
After a CNN segment labelled this 'the Newsmax problem' and called for the network to be de-platformed through both cable providers and online, Newsmax TV's panel reacts.
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2 days 6:28
Big tech gassed up the car | Joe Pinion
Joe Pinion says in recent weeks, "big tech gassed up the car with all of us inside it and started speeding towards humanity's lesser angels," regarding a lot of the alleged 'censorship' the country
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4 days 4:38
The Left excels at suppressing speech | Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin says "the Left excels at weaponizing isolated acts of violence to demonize and suppress the peaceful political speech of millions." - via Michelle Malkin Sovereign Nation, Saturdays
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4 days 7:54
Democrats can do whatever they want | Diamond and Silk
Diamond and Silk say "Democrats can encourage violence, threaten a President, incite the violence and raise bail money for the rioters and the looters and nobody says anything." - via Diamond and
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4 days 9:18
Be careful what you wish for… | Chris Salcedo
Chris Salcedo slams the Liberal media's unfair treatment of President Trump, the Socialist Liberals for ignoring the language their side uses, and the RINOs that refused to back their party, and
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4 days 9:06
The exploitation phase | Greg Kelly
After a whole summer of ignoring and normalizing violence, now they're deep in the 'exploitation phase' of last week's events, says Greg Kelly.
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5 days 3:01
EXCLUSIVE: Giuliani sounds off on McConnell, the Bidens & anti-Trump media
In an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV's Emerald Robinson, Rudy Giuliani comments on the blame-game being played after the chaotic scene involving Trump supporters at the Capitol, his thoughts on
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5 days 4:00
Economist: Hold onto your wallets under a Biden administration
Longtime economist Stephen Moore comments to Newsmax TV about the monetary policies that we could see under the Biden-Harris administration, beginning with talks of a large pandemic-related spending
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