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RL: $NOT Tells Us What His Alternate Stage Name Would Be | Questionnaire of Life
RL $NOT sits down with Trey Smith (@SlimiHendrix) to answer lives tough questions, including wet willies, go with the flow mentality, and his nose-blowing technique.
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8 days 4:58
Duke Deuce Talks Albums & Go-To Wings Order | Questionnaire of Life
Duke Deuce sits down with Trey Smith (@SlimiHendrix) to answer life's tough questions, including his go-to wing order, the story behind his album cover, and how to win in a fight against Frankenstein.
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20 days 6:03
Fireboy DML on Jollof, Daps and His Biggest Regret | Questionnaire of Life
Fireboy DML sits down with Trey Smith (@SlimiHendrix) to answer life's tough questions, including ways to boost happiness, perfecting the dap up, and who actually makes the best Jollof.
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20 days 5:55
Rico Nasty Tells Us What Fabric Reminds Her of Hell | Questionnaire of Life
Rico Nasty sits down with Trey Smtih (@SlimiHendrix) to answer life's tough questions, including her favorite grits toppings, the best time to wear leather pants, and the best guilty pleasure snack.
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29 days 9:41
I Fooled People Into Believing I Was Ed Sheeran
For most of us, VIP access and screaming fans are pure fantasy, accessible by a famous few. But what if you're lucky enough to resemble one of the most well-known singers on the planet?
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48 days 5:49
Alex Wolff Talks 'Old,' Alien Probes and Being Unproblematic
Alexander Wolff sits down with Trey Smith to answer life's most important questions.
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54 days 5:09
Director Nia DaCosta on Candyman Ending Bloody Mary's Career | The People Vs.
"Candyman" director Nia DaCosta responds to comments from fans and trolls about the urban legend and her new film.
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55 days 18:23
The Ghanaian Teen Rappers Obsessed with Chicago Drill | Gangsta Rap International - Ghana
In this episode of Noisey’s global rap series, ‘Gangsta Rap International’, Chuckie finds himself in Ghana exploring the unlikely rise of Ghanaian Drill.
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64 days 5:22
Natalie Bergman Narrowly Avoids Getting Cancelled
Singer Natalie Bergman answers the most important questions in life.
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75 days 5:46
PnB Rock Finds His $12K Ring & Learns a Funny Family Story | Questionnaire of Life
Rapper and Artist, PnB Rock chats with host Trey Smith (@SlimiHendrix) to answer the most important questions about life.
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83 days 4:38
Darkoo on Stealing Your Girl and Guy | The People Vs.
“I couldn’t put a real wap in the video, gotta keep it PG.” In our People Vs. series, we get artists to respond to the comments on their YouTube videos.
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90 days 8:06
London’s Joyful Lockdown Ravers
Now that lockdown is officially over in the UK, we look back at Joy Anonymous, a dance collective that brought happiness to Londoners during the misery of lockdown.
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92 days 5:58
Rebecca Black Reveals What She Hoarded During Lockdown | Questionnaire of Life
Singer Rebecca Black answers life's tough questions, including her preference for flour or corn tortillas, the worst person that can disappoint you, and her quarantine hoarding obsession.
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97 days 6:07
Kids Grill KSI on Bitcoin, Maths and Fancying Selena Gomez
Noisey favorite KSI went back to his old primary school to let the school kids ask him any question they wanted.
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106 days 7:08
Eric Andre Shares Lessons from His Worst Acid Trip | Questionnaire of Life
Comedian, Actor, Sex Symbol, and Helicopter Pilot Eric Andre chats with host Trey Smith (@SlimiHendrix) to answer the most important questions about life.
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124 days 4:43
Yung BBQ Explains Her Viral Inspirations and Chooses the Best Type of BBQ | Questionnaire of Life
Dancer and Instagram comedian Yung BBQ answers life's tough questions, including the inspiration behind her viral videos, if she'd rather fight Patrick, Sandy, or Spongebob, and the best type of BBQ.
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132 days 6:04
Rebecca Black Responds to Trolls on her Friday (Remix) & Girlfriend Music Videos | People Vs.
Rebecca Black​ responds to the army of internet trolls commenting on the Friday (Remix) and Girlfriend Music Videos.
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134 days 5:29
Fousheé on Old Tweets, Being a Plant Mom, and Writing Music
Fousheé released her new project "time machine" via Trackmasters Entertainment/RCA Records : smarturl.it/xtimemachinex Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases
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139 days 22:23
Nirvana Tour Stories with Bobcat Goldthwait | Party Legends Episode 6
Bobcat Goldthwait, Sean Patton, Estelle, Rory Scovel, Kreayshawn, and Howard Kremer have their wildest party stories animated.
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140 days 9:18
Trae Tha Truth Is Keeping George Floyd's Legacy Alive
If you’re a hip-hop fan, you know exactly who Trae Tha Truth is. Houston residents know him for his work in the community, with an official holiday in his name.
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146 days 22:24
Some Weird Loophole | Party Legends Episode 5
Dennis Rodman, Har Mar Superstar, JD Sampson, Paul F Tompkins, Dave England and Shelby Fero have their wildest party stories animated.
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149 days 5:23
Nandi Madida Reveals Her Preferred Method of Screaming
Nandi Madida talks being a Pisces, her preferred method of screaming, and body modification.
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153 days 22:22
The Night Will Ferrell Called Kreayshawn an A**hole | Party Legends Episode 4
TJ Miller, Kreayshawn, Erin McGathy, David Pajo and Marissa Paternoster have their wildest party stories animated.
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159 days 2:58
AmirSaysNothing - "Overstand" (Official Music Video)
"Overstand" Directed & Edited by Rob Russell "Overstand" Produced by Mike Shinoda Bright Side Entertainment From the album #EndlessBrightside AmirSaysNothing on Spotify
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160 days 22:23
I Lost My Eye and Woke Up in the Morgue | Party Legends Episode 3
Bushwick Bill, Fred Armisen, Bridget Everett and Ryan Sickler have their wildest party stories animated.
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162 days 11:41
AJ Tracey and Big Zuu on Trolls, Crypto and DM Slides | Back & Forth
"I can promise you, none of the mandem have ever shat their pants." In this edition of Back & Forth, we invited rapper AJ Tracey aka ‘The Prince of West London’ and cousin, chef and fellow rapper
40 447
162 days 5:12
Sofía Valdés on Baby Corgis and Gwen Stefani Songs | Questionnaire of Life
Sofía Valdés sits down with Trey Smith (@slimihendrix) to answer the most important questions in life.
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166 days 3:06
AmirSaysNothing - "Pay Your Rent" (Official Music Video)
"Pay Your Rent" Directed by Dan Dealy Edited by Dan Dealy & Spencer Sease "Pay Your Rent" Produced by Big Jerm Bright Side Entertainment From the album #EndlessBrightside Cameos: Minji, Lea
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167 days 22:24
The Time Lizzo Threw Down at Karaoke | Party Legends Episode 2
Margaret Cho, Eric Andre, Andrew W.K., Lizzo, Earl Sweatshirt and Nakel Smith have their wildest party stories animated.
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174 days 22:23
Kid Ink, Alia Shawkat, Jon Daly's Wildest Drug Stories | Party Legends Episode 1
Alia Shawkat, Jon Daly, Kid Ink and Chris Pontius have their wildest party stories animated.
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