19 hours 23:13
Sirens of the Devil's Isle | Big Night Out: Ibiza
Clive finds out what’s so great about a comedown in the idyllic setting of the Balearics.
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@Masego Tells Us About His Love for 'Invader Zim' While Growing Up | Questionnaire of Life
In the latest edition of Questionnaire of Life, VICE Host Trey Smith sits down with neo-soul singer-songwriter Masego for an interview that is anything but expected.
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2 days 5:13
Cookie Kawaii on Yu Yu Hakusho, Digimon, and RPGs | Questionnaire of Life
Cookie Kawaii answers the most important questions in life.
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7 days 46:16
Politicizing the Rave Scene | Big Night Out: Ukraine
Ukraine is a politically polarized nation divided by war. Clive investigates how the youth is expressing their frustrations through their late night party scene.
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9 days 5:25
Ziggy Marley on Broken Bones, Trust, and Racist Monuments | Noisey Questionnaire of Life
Ziggy Marley answers the most important questions in life. Make sure to check out Ziggy Marley’s new album “More Family Time” dropping on 9/18.
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10 days 53:46
Gabriel Garzón-Montano Talks "Agüita" and Premieres New Music
For the newest episode of "Receiver" singer, songwriter, and multi-hyphenate Gabriel Garzón-Montano joins Vice News' Dexter Thomas to discuss his upcoming second studio album Agüita, his recent
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12 days 3:59
‘If One More Troll Tries to Test Me’: Oliver Tree Responds to His YouTube Comments | The People Vs.
“If one more troll tries to test me ... I’ll come and beat your f**king ass.” In our People Vs. series, we get artists to respond to the comments on their YouTube videos.
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14 days 4:14
Breland Responds to Comments on his Video for "My Truck" | PPL VS.
"My Truck" rapper Breland responds to comments from his debut music video.
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16 days 5:02
TeaMarrr on Avatar, Painkillers, and Insecure | Noisey Questionnaire of Life
TeaMarrr answers the most important questions in life.
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19 days 4:13
@Lil Keed Responds to Comments on his Video for "Snake" | The People Vs.
Lil Keed responds to the army of internet trolls commenting on his music videos for "Snake" and "Wavy." Click here to subscribe to VICE: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE About VICE: The Definitive
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21 day 15:07
Noisey Presents: Los Cogelones Ep. 3
In this third and final part of our session with Los Cogelones, the band performs “Nubes Grises” from their new album “Hijos del Sol”, a song that serves as reminder that life is full of light and
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26 days 5:45
How a Funky Song about Greed became Trump’s Theme Song
The O’Jays weren’t particularly impressed with Trump when they met him.
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28 days 12:15
Noisey Presents: Los Cogelones Ep. 2
In part 2 of our show with Los Cogelones, we meet Daila Xiuhcoatl, an actress, dancer, and musician, a guest performer who is akin to as the fifth member of the band.
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30 days 5:05
U.K. Singer GreenTea Peng Has Never Heard of Popeye’s
London-born singer-songwriter GreenTea Peng joins VICE host Trey Smith from across the pond for the latest quarantine-edition of the Noisey Questionnaire of Life.
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35 days 14:38
Noisey Presents: Los Cogelones Ep. 1
On Noisey Presents, bands and musician invite us to their homes, rehearsal places or their favorite spots to play live a selection of their best songs.
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37 days 5:42
Rapper Lil Keed Reveals a Hidden Gem From His Record With Quavo | Noisey Questionnaire of Life
In the latest Noisey Questionnaire of Life, “Long Live Mexico” rapper Lil Keed joins VICE’s Trey Smith for a socially-distanced interview about the musician’s career, life prior to the fame, and his
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42 days 21:25
The Refugee DJ Who Fled From Hezbollah | Big Night Out: Greece
Greece is a hub of hedonistic nightlife and the site of a refugee crisis. How do the tourists, immigrants and destitute locals coexist in this island paradise?
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44 days 5:44
Kari Faux Shows Us Her Legos and Tells Us About Looking in the Mirror on Acid
Singer Kari Faux unwinds with VICE host Trey Smith for another socially-distanced edition of the Noisey Questionnaire of Life.
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49 days 21:45
Romania’s Post-Communist Party Paradise | Big Night Out
Ever since Romania overthrew the Ceaușescu regime in 1989, the southeastern European country has become a partying hotspot.
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51 day 4:24
R&B Star Giveon Was a Bubba Gump Shrimp 16 Months Ago
NOISEY Host Trey Smith (@SlimiHendrix) met up with “Take Time” singer Giveon (@Giveon) for a socially-distanced edition of the Questionnaire of Life.
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54 days 7:40
Georgia Anne Muldrow Doesn’t Want You to Burn Out | Receiver
Georgia Anne Muldrow has made music explicitly about the Black experience for almost two decades, leading audiences into conversations about liberation and injustice whether they were ready or not.
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56 days 4:52
645AR Tells Us How to Pronounce "X Æ A-12” | People Vs. 645AR
Unconventional rapper 645AR, known for his high-pitched voice while rapping, fires back at some of his haters in the comments for his quarantine-inspired music video “Yoga.” Our favorite musicians
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58 days 14:22
NOISEY & Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Showcase Songs Off the Game's New Soundtrack | Remastered
The soundtrack to Tony Hawk's Pro Skater defined an era. "Remastered" is a celebration of the comeback of one of the skate world's favorite games and soundtracks: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.
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58 days 5:18
“My Truck” Rapper Breland Explains Embarrassing Tweets | Noisey Questionnaire of Life
In this quarantine edition of Questionnaire of Life, Noisey host Trey Smith (@slimihendrix) meets with genre-bending musician Breland (@breland) over video to talk about his country-trap hit “My
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59 days 12:59
Look Inside the World's Largest Collection of Pop Music: THE ARCHIVE
What do you do with one of the largest record collections in the world? You put the three million items in a building in lower manhattan.
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64 days 5:01
Jack Harlow Responds to Comments About TikTok, Curly Hair, and Making Videos | The People Vs.
“LOL keep curling your hair you little prick.” We got Jack Harlow to respond to the YouTube trolls on his video “WHATS POPPIN”.
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65 days 5:47
@duckwrth Gets Nostalgic About His Love of the Animated Mighty Ducks Cartoon from the 90s
In a special quarantine-shot episode of Noisey’s Questionnaire of Life, VICE host Trey Smith (@SlimiHendrix) chats with rapper Duckwrth (@duckwrth) about sneaking x-rated movies, fashion from the
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66 days 1:24:45
Georgia Anne Muldrow Performs New Music
We're talking with Georgia Anne Muldrow about the new music under her solo side project Jyoti and debuting exclusive live performances. Stay tuned!
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70 days 6:10
Liv.e Performs New Music and Talks about Respecting Black Women | Receiver
Liv.e talks to us and performs 'Lessons from my mistakes...but I lost your number" live on this week's episode of Receiver.
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72 days 5:20
Falsetto-Pitched Trap Rapper 645AR Tells Us the Best Takis Flavor
VICE Host Trey Smith (@SlimiHendrix) sat down with rapper 645AR (@645ar) for a socially-distance edition of Noisey’s Questionnaire of Life.
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