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26 Mar 2006
2 days 2:04
Halima | "Talk" (Official Music Video)
Halima’s honesty comes through in her music with subtle but unmistakable force, in soulful vocals that take their time, sprawling out and making themselves comfortable on her songs.
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6 days 5:32
CKay On Jollof & Relationship Deal Breakers | Questionnaire of Life
Ckay speaks with Noisey’s Trey Smith about who has the best jollof, diaspora vibes, and his deal breakers in a relationship.
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8 days 14:50
My Partner Won’t Listen to Me | Kevin Gates Helpline Season 2 Episode 1
Do you have something on your mind? Something to get off your chest? A dilemma you need settling?
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11 days 5:09
Zyah Belle | "NOT THE ONE" (Official Music Video)
“I’ve gotten better as an artist as I’ve become more comfortable in myself. Really that’s when people started fucking with me, when I started fucking with myself,” Zyah Belle told Noisey.
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13 days 2:33
Trav | "Boys to Men" (Official Music Video)
Video Credits: Director, Denity DP, Shakka Ranks You Should Subscribe Here Now: ** Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases
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20 days 6:29
Paul Wall & Termanology Talk Acid Trips | Questionnaire of Life
Paul Wall & Termanology chat with Noisey’s Trey Smith about being unproblematic, the best place to take acid and what they would do if the zombie apocalypse broke out right now.
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24 days 6:00
Ravyn Lenae Talks Minnie Riperton & Working With Steve Lacy | The People Vs.
Ravyn Lenae gracefully reflects on her latest music videos "Light Me Up" and "Skin Tight" and responds to fan comments.
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26 days 10:33
Noisey Night Out: Las Vegas with Guap
Noisey's host, multi-talented West Oakland musician and producer, explorer, poet, and professional scammer, Guapdad 4000, has the bars of a heavyweight and the hook-making gifts of a new age Rick
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30 days 3:57
The Undercover Dream Lovers | "Can't You Just See" (Official Music Video)
For the wishful hearts dancing in dive bars and backyards this summer, The Undercover Dream Lovers are laying sweet, sticky melodies over glittery synth-pop songs.
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32 days 5:22
Childish Major On Steve Harvey, Atlanta and Turning 30 | Questionnaire of Life
@Childish Major sits down with Trey Smith to discuss life’s tough questions, what you need to know before moving to Atlanta, the legacy of Steve Harvey, and being grateful for his friends.
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33 days 16:01
James Righton | “Jim, I’m Still Here” Film
A short film directed by Julian Klincewicz and Jackson Sjogren. James Righton shares the film to accompany his new album ‘Jim, I’m Still Here’.
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45 days 5:22
Trav on Mexico in Miami & Family Comments | The People Vs.
Trav checks out comments on his latest videos "Rowdy Rebels" and "Mexico". And finds some familiar faces in the comments.
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48 days 5:22
ODIE on Cartoons, Puppies and Bringing Communities Together
@ODIE sits down with Trey Smith to talk about the important things in life, such as cartoons, puppies and bringing the diaspora community together.
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59 days 3:13
Marlo Smith | "B*TCH" (Official Music Video)
Marlo Smith is completely self-made.
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60 days 5:21
MIKE on Deli Orders, The Justice League and Libras
MIKE sits down with Trey Smith to talk about sharing a bathroom, London and what books he's reading.
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66 days 3:24
LOAN | "Church Bell" (Official Music Video)
“Church Bell,” a poem by San Francisco poet laureate Tongo Eisen-Martin, begins with an electrifying first line: “I’m off to make a church bell out of a bank window.” That imagery is meant to
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76 days 6:03
Faye Webster on Pokemon, Yo-Yos and Running From the Cops
Faye Webster sits down with Trey Smith to talk about Buc-ee's, Pokemon Go, and designing merch.
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80 days 4:26
Starita & Otis McDonald | "The Wake Up Re-Call" feat. Illa J, Zay Bcuz, NicX (Official Music Video)
“The Wake Up Re-Call” first took the form of a slow and solitary instrumental from Starita and Trent Park released in 2021, fittingly titled “The Wake Up Call.” The track was transformed by
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81 day 4:01
"I Promise" | Strictly 4 The Voiceless Episode 4
Director: Priya Minhas Producer: Sacha Noelle DP/Editor: JTek 1st AC: Malu Pestana Stream NoonieVsEverybody's Debut Mixtape STRICTLY 4 THE VOICELESS: Follow
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87 days 2:29
Yeek | "Freaky (RGB)" (Official Music Video)
From New Jersey to Florida to California, Yeek has grown up on three coasts over three decades.
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88 days 3:17
"What To Say?" | Strictly 4 The Voiceless Episode 3
NoonieVsEverybody turned 18 in February, but he speaks with the gravity and mindfulness of someone much older.
3 782
89 days 6:39
Yeek on Chef Boyardee, Florida Man, and Fighting Vin Diesel
Yeek sits down with Trey Smith to talk about Florida Man, the best day to break up with someone, and beating up Vin Diesel.
3 444
94 days 2:35
Lil Cherry | "WAMEME" (Official Music Video)
Lil Cherry and her brother, GOLDBUUDA, who is also her producer, have patented their own whimsical and rebellious sound somewhere between hip hop, alternative pop, hyperpop, punk, and rap.
15 381
95 days 3:23
"Closer" | Strictly 4 The Voiceless Episode 2
NoonieVsEverybody's debut mixtape, STRICTLY 4 THE VOICELESS, unveils an ambitious and hungry young artist.
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102 days 3:36
"You Won't Survive" | Strictly 4 The Voiceless Episode 1
NoonieVsEverybody turned 18 in February, but he speaks with the gravity and mindfulness of someone much older.
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103 days 6:46
Bartees Strange Fan-Casts Drake's Biopic
Bartees Strange sits down with Trey Smith to answer life's tough questions, like his favorite book, tv show, and how to play the butt trumpet.
2 599
104 days 3:04
Yung Bae | "Touch The Sky" (Official Music Video)
Yung Bae’s new album Groove Continental: Side A is full of exotic and euphoric songs.
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108 days 3:32
French Cassettes | "On/Off" (Official Music Video)
Johnny Knoxville immediately understood the assignment for the intricately chaotic “On/Off” music video, in which he plays the role of a mob boss helping San Francisco band, French Cassettes
37 318
108 days 6:26
Yung Bae:Mixtapes in Mom’s Basement to Bad Boy | 6 Hours
NOISEY’S 6 HOURS follows today's most exciting artists for 6 hours leading up to a milestone moment in their career.
4 444
110 days 6:18
Saba Talks Drake, Labels In Art, And Shady Comments
Saba reacts to fan YouTube comments on his latest videos “Stop That” & “Ziplock” and gives insight into the inspiration and making of his new album “Few Good Things” You Should Subscribe Here Now
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