10 days 5:42
YNW BSlime on TikTok, Homework & Ghosts | Questionnaire of Life
While his mother sits off-screen, 13-year-old YNW BSlime talks to Trey Smith (@slimihendrix) and shares some thoughts on haters, his preferred preparation of chicken, and where he sees his career
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15 days 2:33
Duck Eat Duck World - Destroy Boys
Listen to Destroy Boys "Duck Eat Duck World," as featured in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2.
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17 days 4:05
RMR Responds to Comments on 'Rascal' and 'Dealer' | The People vs.
RMR responds to the trolls and fans on his self-proclaimed "country" records "Rascal" and "Dealer". Along the way, he gives a quick lesson on consent, proclaims his love dogs & emo music.
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22 days 5:21
Knox Fortune on Geminis, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and Chicago | Questionnaire of Life
Knox Fortune talks to Noisey's Trey Smith about his love for Tony Hawk Pro Skater, the top trait needed for songwriting, and which famous Chicagoan he'd chose to protect him.
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24 days 20:10
From 124 Arrests to God-Like Status: Naira Marley | Gangsta Rap International - Nigeria
Chuckie is back for the second season of Noisey’s global rap series ‘Gangsta Rap International’.
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28 days 10:33
Breaking Barriers in the Punk Scene | Been Here
Black musical artists, make-up artists, and influencers reflect on their experiences in the Punk, Goth & Alt scenes.
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31 day 5:32
ZaeHD and CEO on Passive Aggressive Texts, Future, and the Best Hip Hop Duo | Questionnaire of Life
In this episode of Noisey's Questionnaire of Life, ZaeHD and CEO tell us what they've been up to during quarantine, go over their favorite Outkast songs, and a lot more.
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38 days 4:46
Toosii on the Police, Oatmeal, & His Tweets | Questionnaire of Life
Toosii wakes up early to share his favorite oatmeal recipe, his thoughts on the police, and reflect on his tweets.
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43 days 4:28
Why You Shouldn’t Make M Huncho Angry | The People Vs Nafe Smallz & M Huncho
“I’m gonna remember your name, and I’m gonna find you…” In our People Vs. series, we get artists to respond to the comments on their YouTube videos.
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45 days 4:52
Wafia on Oversharing, Songwriting, and Her Love for Meat Pies | Questionnaire of Life
Wafia answers some of life’s greatest questions, including why oversharing isn't a dealbreaker, what she finds to be the most fun part of songwriting, and why meat pies are her favorite.
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52 days 5:00
Tiana Major9 on Jamaican Food, Old Tweets, and Ghosting | Questionnaire of Life
Tiana Major9 tells us about her Jamaican pride while living in London, her favorite way to ghost someone, and her scorpio characteristics.
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57 days 7:07
The Rapper Who ‘Turned into a Cat’
For as long as people have had an internet connection, they’ve asked themselves the big questions: Did we really land on the moon? What happened with 9/11?
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61 day 4:59
Nasty C Tells Us His Weirdest Fan Interaction | Questionnaire of Life
Nasty C answers some of life’s greatest questions with Noisey’s Trey Smith. We learn what he’s been up to during quarantine, some of his weirdest fan interactions, and his biggest onstage fears.
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66 days 4:30
A.CHAL on Peruvian Food, Leaving LA, and Ají Panca | Questionnaire of Life
A.CHAL answers the most important questions in life.
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80 days 5:09
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92 days 12:56
The World’s Most Deranged Rap Crew
MCs, stunts and doing keys; Bad Boy Chiller Crew are the Beatles of Bradford.
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94 days 4:18
Headie One Responds to Comments on His Forehead, Drake, and The Avengers | The People Vs.
“I swear one of the lines is, “Ready for the bumbum burn.” In our People Vs. series, we get artists to respond to the comments on their YouTube videos.
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96 days 2:23:31
NOISEY Presents: Music For Beirut
Music for Beirut is a live, worldwide digital music event to support the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon in its recovery after the Beirut Explosion on August 4.
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99 days 41:52
Noisey Presents: Los Cogelones (Full Performance)
On Noisey Presents, bands and musician invite us to their homes, rehearsal places or their favorite spots to play live a selection of their best songs.
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101 day 5:13
Yung Baby Tate Talks Judge Judy, Thirst Traps, and Aliens | Questionnaire of Life
'GIRLS' rapper Yung Baby Tate answers the most important questions of life.
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106 days 44:58
Police Crackdown on British Raves | Big Night Out: UK
21st century rave culture has survived the mass cull of British nightclubs and now faces an extreme police crackdown. Clive investigates the ways kids manage to still rave despite this suppression.
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108 days 5:56
Masked Musician RMR on Avril Lavigne, Dragon Ball Z, and Masks | Questionnaire of Life
RMR answers the most important questions in life. You Should Subscribe Here Now: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Noisey ** Subscribe to Noisey on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: bit.
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112 days 8:47
Voice Runners: Rapping to Save Our Future
On Climate Day 2020, we check in with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, a climate activist-turned-rapper balancing the weight of impending environmental catastrophe with a young man's self expression through
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113 days 23:13
Sirens of the Devil's Isle | Big Night Out: Ibiza
Clive finds out what’s so great about a comedown in the idyllic setting of the Balearics.
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115 days 4:34
@Masego Tells Us About His Love for 'Invader Zim' While Growing Up | Questionnaire of Life
In the latest edition of Questionnaire of Life, VICE Host Trey Smith sits down with neo-soul singer-songwriter Masego for an interview that is anything but expected.
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115 days 5:13
Cookie Kawaii on Yu Yu Hakusho, Digimon, and RPGs | Questionnaire of Life
Cookiee Kawaii (@cookieekawaii) drops by to do a Questionnaire of Life with Trey Smith (@slimihendrix) and shares her favorite anime, video games, and which apocalypse we should be most worried
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120 days 46:16
Politicizing the Rave Scene | Big Night Out: Ukraine
Ukraine is a politically polarized nation divided by war. Clive investigates how the youth is expressing their frustrations through their late night party scene.
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122 days 5:25
Ziggy Marley on Broken Bones, Trust, and Racist Monuments | Questionnaire of Life
Ziggy Marley answers the most important questions in life. Make sure to check out Ziggy Marley’s new album “More Family Time” dropping on 9/18.
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123 days 53:46
Gabriel Garzón-Montano Talks "Agüita" and Premieres New Music
For the newest episode of "Receiver" singer, songwriter, and multi-hyphenate Gabriel Garzón-Montano joins Vice News' Dexter Thomas to discuss his upcoming second studio album Agüita, his recent
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125 days 3:59
‘If One More Troll Tries to Test Me’: Oliver Tree Responds to His YouTube Comments | The People Vs.
“If one more troll tries to test me ... I’ll come and beat your f**king ass.” In our People Vs. series, we get artists to respond to the comments on their YouTube videos.
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