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26 Mar 2006
114 days 3:24
LOAN | "Church Bell" (Official Music Video)
“Church Bell,” a poem by San Francisco poet laureate Tongo Eisen-Martin, begins with an electrifying first line: “I’m off to make a church bell out of a bank window.” That imagery is meant to
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124 days 6:03
Faye Webster on Pokemon, Yo-Yos and Running From the Cops
Faye Webster sits down with Trey Smith to talk about Buc-ee's, Pokemon Go, and designing merch.
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128 days 4:26
Starita & Otis McDonald | "The Wake Up Re-Call" feat. Illa J, Zay Bcuz, NicX (Official Music Video)
“The Wake Up Re-Call” first took the form of a slow and solitary instrumental from Starita and Trent Park released in 2021, fittingly titled “The Wake Up Call.” The track was transformed by
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129 days 4:01
"I Promise" | Strictly 4 The Voiceless Episode 4
Director: Priya Minhas Producer: Sacha Noelle DP/Editor: JTek 1st AC: Malu Pestana Stream NoonieVsEverybody's Debut Mixtape STRICTLY 4 THE VOICELESS: Follow
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135 days 2:29
Yeek | "Freaky (RGB)" (Official Music Video)
From New Jersey to Florida to California, Yeek has grown up on three coasts over three decades.
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136 days 3:17
"What To Say?" | Strictly 4 The Voiceless Episode 3
NoonieVsEverybody turned 18 in February, but he speaks with the gravity and mindfulness of someone much older.
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137 days 6:39
Yeek on Chef Boyardee, Florida Man, and Fighting Vin Diesel
Yeek sits down with Trey Smith to talk about Florida Man, the best day to break up with someone, and beating up Vin Diesel.
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142 days 2:35
Lil Cherry | "WAMEME" (Official Music Video)
Lil Cherry and her brother, GOLDBUUDA, who is also her producer, have patented their own whimsical and rebellious sound somewhere between hip hop, alternative pop, hyperpop, punk, and rap.
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143 days 3:23
"Closer" | Strictly 4 The Voiceless Episode 2
NoonieVsEverybody's debut mixtape, STRICTLY 4 THE VOICELESS, unveils an ambitious and hungry young artist.
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150 days 3:36
"You Won't Survive" | Strictly 4 The Voiceless Episode 1
NoonieVsEverybody turned 18 in February, but he speaks with the gravity and mindfulness of someone much older.
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151 day 6:46
Bartees Strange Fan-Casts Drake's Biopic
Bartees Strange sits down with Trey Smith to answer life's tough questions, like his favorite book, tv show, and how to play the butt trumpet.
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152 days 3:04
Yung Bae | "Touch The Sky" (Official Music Video)
Yung Bae’s new album Groove Continental: Side A is full of exotic and euphoric songs.
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156 days 3:32
French Cassettes | "On/Off" (Official Music Video)
Johnny Knoxville immediately understood the assignment for the intricately chaotic “On/Off” music video, in which he plays the role of a mob boss helping San Francisco band, French Cassettes
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156 days 6:26
Yung Bae:Mixtapes in Mom’s Basement to Bad Boy | 6 Hours
NOISEY’S 6 HOURS follows today's most exciting artists for 6 hours leading up to a milestone moment in their career.
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158 days 6:18
Saba Talks Drake, Labels In Art, And Shady Comments
Saba reacts to fan YouTube comments on his latest videos “Stop That” & “Ziplock” and gives insight into the inspiration and making of his new album “Few Good Things” You Should Subscribe Here Now
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165 days 5:31
ASAP TyY on Sex Positions, Ghosting and Being True to Yourself
ASAP TyY sits down with Trey Smith to talk about how he got into dirt biking, why it's better not to ghost someone, and which member from ASAP Mob he'd want to defend him in a fight.
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166 days 3:10
Oranj Goodman | "Mineral" (Official Music Video)
Oranj Goodman is making a deliberate debut with “Mineral.” Raised in Seattle and presently writing music between Washington and New York, Goodman finds bliss in the connection and closeness of
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169 days 0:12
ArrDee Doesn’t Care if You Think He’s Pop #Shorts
After Headie One and LD, we got ArrDee to react to comments under his video Flowers.
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176 days 3:04
AmirSaysNothing | "Clockwatch" (Official Music Video)
AmirSaysNothing is an independent rapper who deserves his flowers. An artist from New York with a sincere and personal approach to recording.
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179 days 6:57
Mazie Explains Her Favorite Music Genres | Questionnaire of Life
Mazie sits down with Trey Smith to answer life's tough questions, including why they are going to sit out of the zombie apocalypse, the new era of psychedelia, and how to support mutual aid in your
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190 days 0:49
Inside Greece's Gangsta Rap Scene #Shorts
In this episode of ‘Gangsta Rap International’, host Chuckie meets Rack, the Greek rapper, tattoo artist, fighter, and son of notorious gangster rapper Lektikos.
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193 days 6:41
Tate McRae on Surviving a Hurricane, Seeing Ghosts, and Tour Life | Questionnaire of Life
Tate McRae sits down with Trey Smith (@SlimiHendrix) to answer life's tough questions, including how to survive a hurricane, dodging evil squirrels in Canada, and seeing ghosts.
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197 days 3:31
MICHELLE | “Pose” (Official Music Video)
"POSE" is a song from Brooklyn band MICHELLE's second studio album AFTER DINNER WE TALK DREAMS. The video was filmed in the Chambers St.
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198 days 4:53
ArrDee on Omegle and Little Man Season | The People Vs.
“It’s little man season. Little men, stand up! You don’t need to be six foot anymore to draw the gal!” In our People Vs. series, we get artists to respond to the comments on their YouTube videos.
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200 days 13:28
Greece’s Most Controversial Rap Mafia: BCC Gang I Gangsta Rap International - Greece
In this episode of Noisey’s global rap series, ‘Gangsta Rap International’, Chuckie travels to Athens to meet 21-year-old Rack, the rapper, tattoo artist, fighter, and son of notorious Greek
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204 days 6:19
Raury Explains Time Travel and Atlanta’s Musical Future | Questionnaire of Life
Raury sits down with host Trey Smith to answer life’s most important questions, including the future of Atlanta's music scene, witch trials, and the link between having babies and time travel.
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204 days 4:58
Raury | "2020 Vision" (Official Music Video)
“2020 Vision’’ is a new song from Raury he calls “the spell that snaps you out of sleeping on yourself.” The music video features San Diego-based skater, Preshous Jordan, embodying the confidence of
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207 days 5:39
Turning Ballet into Rap with Chester Watson
Chester Watson sits down with Trey Smith (@SlimiHendrix) to answer life's tough questions, including how to do acid on Mars, his connection to Hot Pockets, and switching ballet for rap.
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214 days 6:27
Comedian Tim Heidecker's Trippy Magic Carpet Ride | Inside My Mind
Watch as things get weird when Tim Heidecker (@timheidecker) from the hilariously-offbeat comedy duo “Tim and Eric,” stops by the VICE studio to go on a guided meditation with host Trey
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219 days 7:34
From Going to Jail at 16 to Viral Rap Star: Lavida Loca | Noisey Raps
British rapper Lavida Loca emerged onto the scene in 2019. After being released from jail, she posted a freestyle on Snapchat that went viral.
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