18 hours 4:51
Network optimization in 5G era
Nokia's Global Business Development Leader Marko Salmimaa talks why automation is the key in 5G era radio optimization and why operators should not launch 5G without Self-organizing networks (SON).
1 day 3:01
Nokia C+L-Band WDM System
Double network capacity with maximum performance: let us show you how we can take your networks to unlimited success with Nokia advanced wavelength routing
2 days 1:20
New approach to Utility security with connected grid
Broadband connectivity that is being extended deeper into distribution with automation and IoT along with growing threats require a new approach to cyber security.
2 days 0:47
Elisa is building a sustainable 5G network through Nokia innovations
Finnish mobile operator Elisa Oyj has a vision of becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2020, building a sustainable 5G network that includes the world’s first commercial deployment of a 5G liquid
3 days 2:20
Nokia 5G Core Engineered Systems
Nokia 5G Core Engineered Systems is pre-defined collection of best-of-suite bundles; designed for cloud native environments using 100% Nokia certified products & services.
11 days 1:36
The Nokia I want to lead by Pekka Lundmark
Our new President and CEO, Pekka Lundmark, tells how he wants Nokia to change the world for the better by seizing the potential of technology to build a more connected and sustainable planet.
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13 days 1:33
Nokia Q2 2020 highlights video
On 31 July 2020 we announced Q2 and half-year 2020 results.
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14 days 1:21
Nokia Digital Automation Cloud and Microsoft Azure
Microsoft and Nokia collaborate to accelerate digital transformation and industry 4.0 for communications service providers and enterprises.
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16 days 1:54
5G ensuring healthcare innovation
5G is here and it’s bringing high quality, efficient and safe healthcare services to all.
23 days 0:56
UPMC improves patient care during COVID-19 through Nokia innovations
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is connecting ventilators and inpatient beds, delivering better real-time patient monitoring and providing non-specialist staff with urgent remote
29 days 1:39
5G transforms smart venues for all
5G transforms fan experience, from easy access to venues, consuming content and services and interacting with fans at home and onsite.
31 day 0:57
Showcasing 5G smart living in Oulu, Finland enabled by Nokia innovations
Oulu, Finland is the first city in the world where you will find a smart factory, smart hospital, smart port and smart university, making smart living a reality.
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35 days 2:49
Nokia and Alibaba: Digital Transformation in the Logistics Industry
Nokia and Alibaba continue to cooperate in the development of digital transformation solutions for one of the largest logistics vertical markets in the world.
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36 days 23:25
Data Center Fabric launch chapter 2 – Nokia Next Generation Data Center Virtual Tour
On July 9, Nokia launched a whole new era in data center networking. Tour the data center network of the future with Rudy Hoebeke and his team of IP networking gearheads.
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36 days 17:44
Data Center Fabric launch chapter 1 - NetOps for CloudBuilders: The Switch is On
On July 9, Nokia launched a whole new era in data center networking.
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36 days 0:56
Nokia and Dell EMC are providing the historic City of Delft with sustainable solutions
Together with Dell EMC and Nokia innovations, the historic city of Delft is able to reduce congestion in the city center using semi-autonomous, electric-powered smart barges in existing waterways
37 days 0:56
Nokia and Dell EMC innovations reduce emissions in the historic City of Delft
Together with Dell EMC, Nokia innovations help the historic Dutch City of Delft reduce truck congestion in the city center using semi-autonomous, electric-powered smart barges in existing waterways
38 days 0:48
Nokia Open RAN
Nokia is committed to lead the open mobile future Nokia is investing to lead in Open RAN and Cloud RAN solutions, enabling a robust telecom ecosystem with strong network performance and security.
39 days 2:46
Four steps to a cloud-native network
In this short video, Ed Elkin outlines the four guiding principles of cloud-native and how CSPs can get there. nokia.com/networks/5g/end-to-end/distributed-cloud
39 days 0:46
Pursue Enterprises with Distributed Cloud and 5G
The confluence of 5G and cloud lets CSPs pursue enterprises with speed and nimbleness, while building customization at scale. Hear Ed Elkin, 5G Cloud Marketing Director, explain.
39 days 2:42
Four steps to an End-to-End Distributed Cloud
In this short video, Ed Elkin, 5G Cloud Marketing Director, outlines the four steps CSPs need to take to deploy an End to End 5G Distributed Cloud.
39 days 3:23
Orange and Nokia in ARES for XGS-GPON and SDAN automation
Interview with Christian Gacon, VP Wireline Networks at Orange Group about XGS-PON and SDAN automation. Related Link 1 : nokia.com/networks/solutions/software-defined-access-networks
39 days 13:23
5G for all: the amazing social impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
5G is so much more than faster downloads. It is a stepping stone to healthier, connected, sustainable communities.
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43 days 2:44
Nokia and Verizon Put Small Cell in the Air
Late last year Nokia and Verizon hosted Operation Convergent Response (OCR), a three-day live demonstration for first responders and public safety professionals.
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45 days 0:59
Nippon Steel improves manufacturing efficiency with Nokia solutions
The innovation and collaboration between Nokia and Nippon Steel showcases how industries can use private spectrum to accelerate IoT adoption and improve workplace safety.
46 days 1:53
Transforming machine remote control operations through 5G
5G is opening up new opportunities for operators and enterprises. We’ve identified the most important use cases, machine remote control being one of them.
50 days 7:13
Nokia first to demonstrate live C-Band network in the US
Related link: nokia.com/networks/5g/mobile
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50 days 1:33
Introducing Digital Operations Center from Nokia
The possibilities of consumer value creation have been mostly exhausted. Where will the incremental revenue come from?
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51 day 5:11
Digital Operations Center - Nokia Expert Interview
Head of Digital Operations Products, TL Viswanathan and Head of Product Management for Nokia Digital Operations Center, Renata Silva briefly explain why is 5G more than just another "G" and how
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51 day 3:27
Industry 4.0 The future will be co-created
Konecranes, Fastems, Dimecc and Nokia collaborate to ensure a good fit between digitalization technology and customer needs.
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