38 min 2:14
God help us all if we don't 'check and balance' Democrats in 2022: Graham
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says the Democrats $1.9 trillion COVID bill is 'out of control liberalism.' Subscribe to Fox News!
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23 min 5:55
BRUTAL: Leo Terrell EXPLODES On Professor For Wanting Dr. Seuss Canceled
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43 min 2:21
Manchin defends effort to stall Biden’s coronavirus relief bill
Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), who stalled the vote on a historic coronavirus relief package, explained his action on March 7, a day after the Senate approved it without any Republican support.
2 373
55 min 10:20
Larry Elder Debunks the Myth Black Women Lack Self-Esteem | Larry Elder
👉 Never miss a video from Larry Elder, sign up for email list: larrytube.com/​ One of the more bizarre reasons for reparations is that white people taught Black people to believe they are
2 196
1 hour 4:17
Republican Governor Is Trying To Strip Protestors Of Their Right To Vote
Bill Lee, the Republican governor of Tennessee, has signed a bill into law this week that increases the penalties for protestors, making most of the actions we've seen by protestors into felonies.
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1 hour 5:28
White House Press Sec. Psaki Affirms Biden’s Commitment To $15 Minimum Wage | MSNBC
President Biden’s commitment to a $15 an hour minimum wage is affirmed by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who also addresses the president’s perspective on Senate procedures some see as a
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22 min 4:15
UN Chief Says Cancel All Coal Projects If We Want To Fight Climate Crisis
United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres issued a statement this week, saying that if the world wants to have a fighting chance against climate change, we have to cancel all coal projects.
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1 hour 4:22
Gotcha: Pence Soured Trump's base - Now He 'Desperately Scrambles' For GOP Approval | MSNBC
For this week's Gotcha, Rev. Al Sharpton eyes Former Vice President Pence.
1 568
23 min 3:48
‘It Could Become Its Own Health Crisis’: The Effect Of Grief A Year Into The Pandemic | MSNBC
With March marking one year since the lives of many Americans changed under the pandemic and its restrictions, grief therapist and author Claire Bidewell Smith joins MSNBC’s host of “American
1 247
1 hour 3:28
San Francisco resident on taxpayers reportedly footing $16.1 M bill for tent camp
Richie Greenberg, a community advocate, argues the city needs to be held accountable for mismanaging the homeless crisis in San Francisco. Subscribe to Fox News!
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7 min 11:17
The modern-day book burners | Benny Johnson
Benny Johnson reacts to the latest round of 'cancelations' seen in American cultural icons, and likens them and those who advocate for such changes to the 'Communist Manifesto.' - via The Benny
1 hour 3:44
Georgia Republicans Plot Voting Restrictions Following Trump’s Defeat | MSNBC
The Georgia House passed a bill that would limit weekend voting and put restrictions on absentee ballots.
43 min 4:24
Cuomo faces criticism as new allegations emerge
Lawmakers and members of the media reacted to the allegations against New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) on March 7.
53 min 2:17
Inside Senate Passage Of $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill | Meet The Press | NBC News
Bowing to centrist Democrats, Senate Democrats scaled back enhanced unemployment benefits to $300 dollars a week through September 6th after a long negotiation.
54 min 2:03
One Year Later, Possible Fourth Wave of Covid Looms | Meet The Press | NBC News
On January 1st, 2020 the WHO announced the discovery of a mysterious case of pneumonia in Wuhan, China. Since then, there have been over 29 million cases in the U.S.
8 min 7:14
Support For A Third Political Party Surges | MSNBC
Partisanship has gotten extremely poisonous.
52 min 2:46
2 hours 5:05
LA Mayor Reacts to Dr. Suess being Canceled & His Comments will Make you FUME
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50 min 2:04
Data Shows The Costs Of Year-Long Economic Shutdown | Meet The Press | NBC News
Anyone planning for a quick economic turnaround may be surprised.
1 hour 3:31
Rep. Grace Meng: We Need To Prioritize Moms Right Now | MSNBC
New York Democratic Representative Grace Meng is bringing the “Marshall Plan for Moms” to Congress to help revitalize women in the workforce.
1 hour 11:38
OTR: Trump 'did help instigate' US Capitol attack, Andy Card says
Former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card joins Janet Wu and Sharman Sachetti "On The Record" Sunday morning.
27 min 10:42
VIDEO NOW: Gov. Dan McKee full speech
Gov. Dan McKee's Inauguration Ceremony was held outside the RI State House on Sunday, Mar. 7.
50 min 2:06
VIDEO NOW: Gov. Dan McKee ceremoniously sworn in
Gov. Dan McKee's Inauguration Ceremony was held outside the RI State House on Sunday, March 7.
1 hour 5:47
OTR: Roundtable: Government, politics 'shouldn't be ruled by the mob'
Mary Anne Marsh and Rob Gray discuss the Andy Card interview and former President Donald Trump's role on future GOP politics.
52 min 4:17
Chasing a Title: 1-on-1 with Bryant head coach Jared Grasso
Chasing a Title: 1-on-1 with Bryant head coach Jared Grasso
1 hour 2:16
OTR: Andy Card says wearing mask 'the community respect' you should have
Andy Card, the former Chief of Staff to George W. Bush, says it is backward thinking to remove the mask mandate.
1 hour 2:59
OTR: Roundtable on Elizabeth Warren's ultra-millionaire tax
Mary Anne Marsh and Rob Gray discuss the chances of the proposal making progress in the House and Senate.
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