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Gotcha: Pence Soured Trump's base - Now He 'Desperately Scrambles' For GOP Approval | MSNBC
For this week's Gotcha, Rev. Al Sharpton eyes Former Vice President Pence.
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White House Press Sec. Psaki Affirms Biden’s Commitment To $15 Minimum Wage | MSNBC
President Biden’s commitment to a $15 an hour minimum wage is affirmed by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who also addresses the president’s perspective on Senate procedures some see as a
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Georgia Republicans Plot Voting Restrictions Following Trump’s Defeat | MSNBC
The Georgia House passed a bill that would limit weekend voting and put restrictions on absentee ballots.
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‘It Could Become Its Own Health Crisis’: The Effect Of Grief A Year Into The Pandemic | MSNBC
With March marking one year since the lives of many Americans changed under the pandemic and its restrictions, grief therapist and author Claire Bidewell Smith joins MSNBC’s host of “American
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Rep. Grace Meng: We Need To Prioritize Moms Right Now | MSNBC
New York Democratic Representative Grace Meng is bringing the “Marshall Plan for Moms” to Congress to help revitalize women in the workforce.
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