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Nicolle Wallace: Trump's Comments On Testing Are A Dangerous Delusion, Or An Intentional Lie | MSNBC
Nicolle Wallace and Claire McCaskill discuss how President Trump told Governors that he hasn't "heard anything about testing being a problem” in weeks, and question if the president believes that | 31 Mar 2020, 22:21
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21 min 12:33
Concerns Grow About How To Protect America’s Healthcare Workers | Deadline | MSNBC
The crisis grows for those on the frontlines of the coronavirus battle as cases continue to spike. 31 Mar 2020, 22:21
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4 hours 1:45
Ashley Parker: Trump Advisers: He ‘Will Own What Happens’ With Coronavirus | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
The Washington Post's Ashley Parker reports that allies and advisers have told President Trump that he will "own what happens with the coronavirus."Aired on 3/31/2020. » Subscribe to MSNBC: on. 31 Mar 2020, 17:59
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5 hours 1:36
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo Speaks Out On Brother's Coronavirus Diagnosis | MSNBC
During his daily news conference, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirms his brother, Chris Cuomo, has tested positive for COVID-19 and says, "He is going to be fine." Aired on 3/31/2020. 31 Mar 2020, 17:29
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4 hours 6:54
Susan Rice Criticizes Hungarian PM Using Coronavirus Crisis For Power Grab | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC
Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss how governments have used emergency powers granted during the coronavirus crisis to impinge on democratic norms and the | 31 Mar 2020, 18:29
1 hour 5:39
NYC Emergency Room Doctor On Battling Coronavirus | Katy Tur | MSNBC
NYC Emergency Room Doctor Calvin Sun talks with Katy Tur about his first handing experience on the frontlines of Coronavirus. Aired on 3/31/2020. 31 Mar 2020, 20:59
3 hours 4:16
Cruise Ship Passengers Plead For Help As Virus Spreads Aboard | MSNBC
Florida Gov. DeSantis said the state can’t take two cruise ships with sick passengers. Four people on the ship died and nearly 200 became ill with flu-like symptoms. 31 Mar 2020, 18:59
5 hours 1:56
Andrew Cuomo: The 'Main Battle' Is At The Apex Of The Curve | MSNBC
During a press conference, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo says preparations are needed for the "main battle" against coronavirus, which will be at the "apex" of the curve. Aired on 3/31/2020. 31 Mar 2020, 16:59
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