2 hours 4:18
President Trump: Make Hollywood Great Again
President Trump appears to be reigniting the debate over what some have referred to as a decline of the American entertainment industry. 25 Feb 2020, 21:58
2 hours 3:45
President Trump signs executive order delivering water to parched farmers in Calif.'s Central Valley
President Trump is coming to the rescue of farmers in California's Central Valley after signing an executive order delivering much needed water to their farms. However, state Democrat Gov. 25 Feb 2020, 22:00
2 hours 4:12
Wall to Wall: Greta discusses tightening labor market with Dr. Arthur Keiser
The tightening labor market is creating a need for more skilled workers. Private colleges are playing a major role in training for these critical fields. One America's Greta Wall spoke with Dr. 25 Feb 2020, 21:45
5 hours 8:01
After Hours: Oliver North (National Security)
After Hours catches up with Oliver North – retired U.S. Marine Lieutenant Colonel – to discuss foreign threats posed to the United States. 25 Feb 2020, 18:27
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