6 days 31:44
Jessie Woolley-Wilson on the Reality of Virtual Education with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
As debates over virtual learning continue, there are a few companies working to reinvent remote education and improve the student experience. One such company is DreamBox Learning.
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6 days 37:20
Alberto Perlman on Zumba during COVID-19 with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
How I Built This host Guy Raz was live with Zumba founder and CEO Alberto Perlman. When gyms across the country were forced to shut their doors, Alberto Perlman and the Zumba team got to work.
7 days 4:41
2020 Electoral Map Analysis | NPR Politics
NPR's latest analysis of the Electoral College map shows a continued shift in former Vice President Joe Biden's favor over President Trump.
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10 days 2:01
An Easy Cold Brew Recipe You Can Make At Home | Life Kit NPR
Missing your regular cold brew from your favorite coffee shop? We get it! It’s hot outside and maybe you’re avoiding unnecessary outings.
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11 days 54:45
Pop Culture Happy Hour’s 10th Birthday Happy Hour NPR
NPR’s ‘Pop Culture Happy Hour’ is turning 10! Let's celebrate with... an actual, online happy hour!
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13 days 30:09
Hello Sunshine Execs on the Future of Entertainment with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
With movie theaters closed, productions halted, and a massive appetite for streaming content – the entertainment industry has had to majorly adapt during the covid-19 pandemic.
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17 days 35:00
Taha Bawa on Making Connections in a Time of Isolation with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPT
Now more than ever, people are relying on the internet to connect with one another. For Taha Bawa and his company Goodwall, that is great news.
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18 days 7:04
Knights Were Basically The Mafia Of Medieval Europe | Planet Money | NPR
There was once a time when there were only occasional federal taxes, no 9-to-5 jobs and farmers markets as far as the eye could see. And then the Black Death came and ruined the whole thing.
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20 days 34:30
Jeremy Zimmer on Entertainment in the Age of Covid-19 with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
Since co-founding United Talent Agency in 1991, Jeremy Zimmer has represented some huge stars including Kevin Hart, Mariah Carey, Bill Nye, Will Ferrell and many more.
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23 days 7:57
How Running's White Origins Led To The Dangers Of 'Running While Black' | Code Switch | NPR
Since two white men killed Ahmaud Arbery while he was out for a jog, there’s been a lot more conversation about “running while black”.
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24 days 36:53
Songe LaRon on Marrying Barbershops and Tech with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
The barbershop is open! On Friday, July 17, Guy Raz was live for an interview with Songe LaRon, the co-founder of Squire -- a tech platform designed to streamline your experience with your barber.
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24 days 5:29
Your Life Is Worth $10 Million, According to the Government | Planet Money | NPR
How much is a human life worth? Federal agencies have to answer this question all the time.
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27 days 40:03
Peloton founder John Foley on the Home Fitness Experience with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
When John Foley started Peloton, he wanted to bring the intensity of a spin class directly into people's homes.
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31 day 41:40
Julia Hartz on Events in the Age of Covid-19 with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
The business of live events was one of the first industries to feel the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic.
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33 days 3:12
Experts Rate The Risk of Summer Activities | NPR
There's no such thing as a zero-risk outing right now. As states begin allowing businesses and public areas to reopen, decisions about what's safe will be up to individuals.
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34 days 4:50
History of Policing in America | Throughline | NPR
To help give some historical context to the police killing of George Floyd and so many other black people in this country, we at NPR's Throughline podcast wanted to take a deep look at the history
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34 days 37:08
Morgan DeBaun on Leadership and the Future of Black News | How I Built This | NPR
Since it's founding in 2014, Blavity Inc. has a massive platform made for and by Black millennials, covering everything from travel and tech, to politics and news, to entertainment and lifestyle.
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38 days 6:59
‘What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?’: Descendants Read Frederick Douglass' Speech | NPR
The U.S. celebrates this Independence Day amid nationwide protests and calls for systemic reforms.
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40 days 4:44
What's A Cooking Show Without Any Food? | Planet Money | NPR
Grocery shopping the first few weeks of this crisis was insane (and frankly, it’s still pretty nuts now). Shelves were empty.
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42 days 3:14
How To Safely Exercise During The Pandemic
You've probably seen folks getting a bit of exercise with masks on, with masks slipped down around their neck — and with no masks at all. What do the experts suggest?
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45 days 37:56
Sharon Chuter on Inclusive Beauty & Holding Brands Accountable with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
Sharon Chuter had worked at some of the world's largest beauty and consumer brands when she decided to found Uoma Beauty.
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46 days 3:45
The Great Potato Giveaway | Planet Money | NPR
While millions of Americans are struggling to get enough to eat and supermarkets are running out of certain foods, farmers all over the country are trashing their crops.
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48 days 39:31
Bill Creelman on Spindrift and Moments of Joy with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
Spindrift is a Massachusetts-based sparkling water company that only uses real squeezed fruit in its drinks.
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52 days 42:26
Deval Patrick on Systemic Racism and the Economic Fallout of COVID-19 w/ Guy Raz | How I Built This
Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has been a lot of things: civil rights lawyer, politician, author, husband and father, to name a few.
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55 days 35:12
Sadie Lincoln on barre3's Post-COVID Future with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
When COVID-19 hit, barre3 shut their doors to customers and pivoted to online classes. As some states reopen, so have 30% of the fitness chain's locations.
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59 days 34:26
Cathy Hughes on Building Urban One with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
Over the course of her career, Cathy Hughes has been the first woman Vice President and General Manager of a radio station in Washington D.C., the first African-American woman to chair a publicly
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60 days 5:52
Veepstakes: Who Are Joe Biden's Potential Running Mates? | NPR Politics
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has pledged to pick a woman as his running mate, but who will it be?
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61 day 34:35
Y-Vonne Hutchinson on BIPOC-Inclusive Offices with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
Y-Vonne Hutchinson thinks diversity and inclusion are the workplace issues of our time, especially in tech.
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67 days 6:43
How The Pandemic Will Affect This Year's Election | NPR
Coronavirus has upended all of American life, and democracy is no exception.
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68 days 34:00
Kevin Hart on COVID-19 and Nationwide Protests with Guy Raz | How I Built This | NPR
Kevin Hart is many things – comedian, actor, and recently, author of "The Decision: Overcoming Today's BS for Tomorrow's Success".
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