7 hours 7:43
Humberto: Phoenix's First Hispanic Postmaster | Cause of Life - NYT Opinion
A hard-working bricklayer from the projects, Humberto Trujillo helped build the main Phoenix post office — and rose to become his city’s first Hispanic postmaster.
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3 days 2:53
Watch Malcolm X Debate Sam Cooke in ‘One Night in Miami’ | Anatomy of a Scene
In a heated conversation onscreen, the way performers approach silent moments is as important as their dialogue.
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5 days 6:00
4 Years of the Trump Presidency in 6 Minutes | NYT Politics
We revisit memorable moments from the past four years.
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10 days 2:42
Watch Gal Gadot Fight Crime at the Mall in ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ | Anatomy of a Scene
Yes, there are fanny packs and mustaches galore in “Wonder Woman 1984,” but also some breathtaking action.
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14 days 6:27
Angela: A Modern-Day Warrior for the Kiowa Tribe | Cause of Life - NYT Opinion
Angela Chaddlesone McCarthy was a teenage mother raised on a Native American reservation who overcame great odds to become a Kiowa tribe legislator in Oklahoma.
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21 day 7:16
Jerry: An Executioner Who Fought to Abolish the Death Penalty | Cause of Life - NYT Opinion
A devout Christian, Jerry Givens was Virginia’s chief executioner, before he became an advocate of abolishing the death penalty.
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28 days 6:56
Calvin: A Veteran Who Became an Unlikely Activist After Tragedy Struck | Cause of Life - NYT Opinion
When his son-in-law was killed in a tragic car crash, World War II veteran Calvin Haworth became a surrogate parent and an activist against drunk driving in Minnesota.
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28 days 18:04
How the Police Killed Breonna Taylor | Visual Investigations
None of the police officers who raided Breonna Taylor’s home wore body cameras, impeding the public from a full understanding of what happened.
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31 day 2:08
Watch Chadwick Boseman in a Scene From ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom | Anatomy of a Scene
A disagreement between musicians reaches a boiling point in this scene from “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” the Netflix film adaptation of August Wilson’s play.
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35 days 6:30
Rosary: A Dance-Crazy Nurse Who Left Retirement to Fight the Pandemic | Cause of Life - NYT Opinion
Rosary Castro-Olega was a retired nurse who returned to the frontlines to fight the virus, ultimately becoming one of the Filipino-American nurses who were disproportionately killed by the virus.
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38 days 14:42
Inside a N.Y.C. School That Reopened During the Pandemic | Coronavirus News
This fall New York City’s public schools faced perhaps their biggest challenge in memory: Could they resume in person safely? And for how long?
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41 day 3:01
Watch the Stars of ‘Tenet’ Leap Tall Buildings | Anatomy of a Scene
In addition to its time-bending spectacle, “Tenet” manages to find room to spring its lead characters up the side of a tower.
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45 days 13:14
What My Grandfather Taught Me About Courage | Op-Docs
"A Concerto Is a Conversation" by Ben Proudfoot and Kris Bowers - Kris Bowers is one of Hollywood’s rising young composers.
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49 days 5:33
Alexi Pappas: I Made It to the Olympics. I Wasn't Ready for What Happened Next. | NYT Opinion
What if athletes and coaches were trained to look for depression just as vigilantly as they’d be watching for a hamstring pull?
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52 days 13:39
Our Neighbors Committed Mass Murder, Here's What We Did | Op-Docs
Faced with a lack of prosecution of those accused of crimes against humanity committed during Argentina’s military dictatorship, family members and descendants of the country’s estimated 30,000
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53 days 9:49
How Prince Wrote 'Sign o' the Times' | Diary of a Song
In the latest Diary of a Song, the Prince Estate and his closest collaborators offer an unprecedented peek into Prince’s creative process.
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54 days 4:52
Why Is the U.S. Allowing Migrant Children to Die of the Flu? | NYT Opinion
As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, Americans have another disease to worry about — the flu. Fortunately, there’s already a cheap, effective and readily available influenza vaccine.
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62 days 11:00
Remembering David Dinkins, NYC's Only Black Mayor | NYT News
The first African-American mayor of New York spoke to The Times in 2013 about his rise to City Hall and his fall after criticism for his handling of racial violence in Brooklyn in 1991.
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63 days 4:20
Why Does California Let Oil Wells Run Next to Elementary Schools? | NYT Opinion
California famously prides itself on environmental leadership — but what about when its lawmakers overlook problems in their own constituents’ backyards?
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66 days 4:14
Watch a Harrowing Escape in ‘Run’ | Anatomy of a Scene
A teenager’s bedroom becomes an escape room in the thriller “Run,” streaming on Hulu. Kiera Allen plays Chloe, a wheelchair-user whose mother (Sarah Paulson) has locked her in.
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70 days 6:55
How Do U.S. Voters Feel After the Election? Still Divided. | 2020 Elections
In the days after the election, Times reporters went to four swing state counties with some of the tightest vote margins to see how people were feeling. The answer? Still pretty divided.
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73 days 3:13
Watch a Soulful Musical Performance in ‘Jingle Jangle’ | Anatomy of a Scene
The Netflix holiday extravaganza “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey” provides plenty of seasonal razzle dazzle. But it includes one groovy song break that’s not like the others.
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82 days 3:54
The Votes Are In. Now Comes the Wait. | 2020 Elections
Subscribe: bit.ly/U8Ys7n More from The New York Times Video: nytimes.com/video ---------- Whether it's reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the
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83 days 7:00
What Do U.S. Elections Look Like Abroad? | NYT Opinion
Turnout this election is projected to be the highest in a century, and voters are doing everything they can to make their voices count. Waiting in line for hours (even if you’re the mayor).
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84 days 8:06
How U.S. Police Took a Hands-Off Approach to Armed Groups in 2020 | NYT - Visual Investigations
Armed groups showed up to scores of racial justice protests since May. Our video shows how police officers at times let them operate freely.
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84 days 7:22
Trump’s Campaign Is Building an Army of Poll Watchers. What Can They Actually Do? | 2020 Elections
President Trump and his campaign have been calling for an army of poll watchers on Election Day. What is poll watching, and when does it cross the line?
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88 days 14:51
How America Helped Stop Covid-19. Just Not in the U.S. | NYT Opinion
We’ve all heard how U.S. leadership failed its citizens with its pandemic response. We had the playbooks, we had the money, we had the experts. We just … didn’t use them.
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90 days 10:27
What Can You Do About QAnon? | NYT Opinion
A global cabal of celebrity pedophiles? Trafficked children being sold online through a furniture website? And Donald Trump about to rescue us from it all?
332 908
91 day 15:39
How Homegrown Disinformation Could Disrupt This U.S. Election | 2020 Elections
In 2016, Russia developed a simple, effective playbook to undermine U.S. elections with disinformation on social media. Four years later, Americans are using the same playbook on each other.
173 609
94 days 2:24
Watch Kelly Rowland Play an ’80s Pop Star in ‘Bad Hair’ | Anatomy of a Scene
Yes, the writer and director Justin Simien’s new horror movie, “Bad Hair,” is about a killer weave. But it makes time to bathe not only in blood, but also in nostalgia.
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