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Watch Timothée Chalamet and Josh Brolin Spar in ‘Dune’ | Anatomy of a Scene
A combat lesson raises the stakes in this scene from the latest film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s futuristic science-fiction novel “Dune,” in theaters and on HBO Max.
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Here's Why You Should Quit | NYT Opinion
It’s been a brutal few years. But we’ve gritted through. We’ve spent time languishing. We’ve had one giant national burnout. And now, finally, we’re quitting. We are quitting our jobs. Our cities.
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Searching for the Lost Graves of Indigenous Children in Canada | NYT News
For more than a century, Indigenous children in Canada were forced to attend residential schools, where many endured abuse. Thousands were never seen again and survivors were long ignored.
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9 days 16:42
‘It’s Just a Matter of Time for the Taliban to Find Me’: On the Run in Afghanistan | NYT Opinion
As the clock wound down on the American military presence in Afghanistan during the summer, Najlla Habibyar, a 37-year-old Afghan living in Kabul, planned to leave the country.
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10 days 4:26
Inside an Afghan School the U.S. Helped Build, Then Destroy | Afghanistan News
After years of fighting, Afghanistan’s war-torn rural areas are opening up for the first time.
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11 days 38:24
Takeover: How We Occupied a Hospital and Changed Public Health Care | Op-Docs
On July 14, 1970, members of the Young Lords occupied Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx — known locally as “the Butcher Shop.” A group of activists, many of them in their late teens and early 20s
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Watch Daniel Craig in Action in ‘No Time to Die’ | Anatomy of a Scene
Read the story here: [ Only if applicable ] Subscribe: bit.ly/U8Ys7n More from The New York Times Video: nytimes.com/video ---------- Whether it's reporting on conflicts abroad and
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Meet a Young Tony Soprano in ‘The Many Saints of Newark’ | Anatomy of a Scene
While the “Sopranos” movie prequel “The Many Saints of Newark” (in theaters and on HBO Max) contains plenty of action, betrayals and all that you would expect from a mob drama based on the HBO
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In a Galaxy Far, Far Away, I Was Almost Anakin Skywalker | 'Almost Famous' by Op-Docs
It was the late 1990s, and 3,000 young actors around the world were scouted for the role of a lifetime.
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The U.S. Military Said It Was an ISIS Safe House. We Found a Family Home. | Visual Investigations
Sign up for our Visual Investigations newsletter: nyti.ms/3xhj7dE Even as the military apologized for killing 10 civilians by mistake in a drone strike in Kabul, it insisted its target had
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Watch Ben Platt Perform in ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ | Anatomy of a Scene
Adapting the Broadway musical “Dear Evan Hansen” for the big screen gave the director Stephen Chbosky an opportunity to interpret some of the show’s themes in fresh visual ways.
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The Death Cleaner: Cleaning Up After Death Is His Business | Op-Docs
Death is Donovan Tavera’s business. For nearly 20 years, Tavera has been a forensic cleaner in Mexico City, providing families of the deceased with the solace of a clean home.
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Watch Jessica Chastain Take a Stand in ‘The Eyes of Tammy Faye’ | Anatomy of a Scene
An outdoor barbecue turns into a forum for uncomfortable debate in this scene from “The Eyes of Tammy Faye.” The film, which chronicles the rise and fall of the televangelist couple Jim and Tammy
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Don’t Go Tellin' Your Momma: Remixing the Black ABCs | Op-Docs
The Black ABCs were once taught across the United States.
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The Truth Takes a Journalist | The New York Times
Behind every story from The Times is a team of more than 1,700 journalists — all people who have dedicated their lives to helping us understand the world.
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40 days 1:17
The Truth Takes a Journalist | The New York Times
Behind every story from The Times is a team of more than 1,700 journalists — all people who have dedicated their lives to helping us understand the world.
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40 days 0:31
The Truth Takes a Journalist | The New York Times
Behind every story from The Times is a team of more than 1,700 journalists — all people who have dedicated their lives to helping us understand the world.
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43 days 11:03
How a U.S. Drone Strike Killed the Wrong Person in Afghanistan | Visual Investigations
A week after a New York Times visual investigation, the U.S.
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Inside an Abandoned Mansion That 150 Taliban Now Call Home | Afghanistan News
More than 150 fighters have taken over the residence of a notorious Afghan warlord. Many are adjusting to a new lifestyle while awaiting orders from the new government.
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54 days 6:46
‘I Won’t Go 20 Years Back in Time’: Young Afghan Women Speak Out | NYT
Sadiqa Madadgar (@SadiQa Madadgar صدیقه مددگار) was a contestant on “Afghan Star.” Seema Rezai was a member of Afghanistan's national boxing team.
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Watch a Scary Story Come to Life in ‘Candyman’ | Anatomy of a Scene
“Want to hear a scary story?” That enticing question (or horrifying one, depending on your point of view) begins this scene from the new “Candyman” (now in theaters), which is both a continuation
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58 days 16:36
I Uncovered Abuse in the Catholic Church. Why Was it Ignored? | ‘Almost Famous’ by Op-Docs
Nearly 20 years ago, an investigation by The Boston Globe into sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests ignited a firestorm of scandal that has traveled around the world.
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20 Years, 4 Presidents: The Words That Shaped the War in Afghanistan | NYT
From the invasion in 2001 to the sudden collapse of the Afghan government, we look back at two decades of shifting strategy in America’s longest war.
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Dying in the Name of Vaccine Freedom | NYT Opinion
In the video above, Alexander Stockton, a producer on the Opinion Video team, explores two of the main reasons the number of Covid cases is soaring once again in the United States: vaccine hesitancy
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Watch Ryan Reynolds Power Up in ‘Free Guy’ | Anatomy of a Scene
New revelations come quickly and colorfully to Guy (Ryan Reynolds), who transforms from a supporting character in a video game character to its biggest star.
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Can a Trans Runner Like Me Compete Fairly? | NYT Opinion
In the highly politicized debate over whether transgender women should be allowed to play women’s sports, opinions tend to divide into two starkly opposing camps.
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‘We Are Here Alone’: An Afghan Translator’s Plea for Help | NYT
Starting as a teenager, Romal Noori risked his life aiding the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan. With American troops leaving and the Taliban regaining power, he does not want to be left behind.
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81 day 9:07
‘Solar Power’: How Lorde Grew Up, Embraced Guitars and Made a Summer Song | Diary of a Song
Lorde used to hate guitars. Then came “Solar Power.” What changed? In the latest Diary of a Song, the 24-year-old musician traces the personal and sonic evolutions that led to her new aesthetic.
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Take a Journey With Dev Patel in ‘The Green Knight’ | Anatomy of a Scene
The director David Lowery drew inspiration from the cosmos, Hammer horror films and an Ewoks TV movie to build this ethereal scene in “The Green Knight.” Dev Patel stars as Gawain in this
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I Changed Astronomy Forever. He Won the Nobel Prize for It. | 'Almost Famous' by Op-Docs
Growing up in a Quaker household, Jocelyn Bell Burnell was raised to believe that she had as much right to an education as anyone else.
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