18 hours 1:23
US Military Footage Allegedly Shows Iranian Forces Seizing Oil Tanker off the Gulf of Oman
US-Iran tensions have strained after Iranian forces were accused of boarding and seizing an oil tanker off the Gulf of Oman.
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Huge Wildfire Erupts Across Southern California Prompting 500 Homes to be Evacuated
A wildfire that erupted in Southern California has prompted evacuation orders for between 400 and 500 homes in the area.
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Three Dead After Train Hits Landslide and Derails in Scotland
At least three people have died after a train derailed in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It's thought the train hit a landslide after heavy rain caused flooding and travel disruption.
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1 day 2:28
Who is Kamala Harris, Biden's Democratic Running Mate?
Joe Biden has picked California Senator Kamal Harris as his running mate for the 2020 US election. The 55-year-old is the first black woman to be included on a US presidential ticket.
2 days 5:35
Funniest Vice Presidential Moments Of All Time
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has revealed his running mate for the 2020 US Presidential race is Kamala Harris.
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Massive Explosion at Gas Station in Russia Releases Huge Mushroom Cloud
A huge explosion happened on Monday at a gas station in Volgograd, Russia, creating a terrifying mushroom cloud of fire and smoke.
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Donald Trump Escorted From White House Press Briefing After Secret Service Shooting
US President Donald Trump was escorted out of a news conference after Secret Service agents shot and wounded a man who claimed to be armed outside the White House.
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Looting in Downtown Chicago: Hundreds Arrested After Night of Chaos
Hundreds of people smashed windows, stole from stores and clashed with police early Monday in Chicago's business and shopping district.
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Massive Riots in Belarus as 'Europe's Last Dictator' Wins Disputed Election
On Monday morning, Belarus election officials confirmed that Alexander Lukashenko has just won his sixth term in office, with over 80% of the votes.
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Shocking! CCTV Footage Captures Moment Protesters Set Portland Police Station on Fire
Police declared a riot in Portland after violent protesters broke into into the Portland Police Assocation building before setting it alight.
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4 days 2:38
Japan Marks 75th Anniversary of Nagasaki Atomic Bomb
The Japanese city of Nagasaki has marked the 75th anniversary of the US atomic bombing with a ceremony.
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5 days 1:45
Lebanon Protesters Clash With Security Forces at Huge Anti-Government Rally
Angry demonstrators have clashed with police at an anti-government gathering in downtown Beirut.
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5 days 1:08
Kerala Plane Crash: 18 Dead After Plane Breaks in Two at Calicut Airport
At least 18 people have died after a Boeing 737 skidded off the runway in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
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Kerala Plane Crash: Air India Plane Carrying 191 Breaks in Two on Calicut Runway
An India Air plane carrying 191 people has crashed at an airport in the southern state of Kerala.
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Beirut Explosion: Angry Protesters Clash with Police as City Descends into Chaos
Anti-government protesters have clashed with police in central Beirut over the blast that killed at least 130.
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7 days 0:51
Beirut Explosion: Shocking Moment Bride Sent Flying by Shockwave During Wedding Photoshoot
Dramatic footage shows the moment a wedding photoshoot was interrupted by the massive explosion that shook the whole city of Beirut.
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7 days 0:44
Terrifying Moment Train Hits Truck on Tracks in Hungary
Shocking footage shows the moment a truck was hit by a train inadvertently driving onto the tracks in Hungary. According to police, the motorist ignored a stop sign as the train was approaching.
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7 days 3:17
Beirut Blast: Survivors Pulled From Rubble as Search and Rescue Continues
Rescue efforts are continuing in Beirut after a massive explosion killed more than 100 people.
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8 days 2:53
Beirut Blast: Aerial Footage Shows Scale of Destruction in Lebanon’s Capital
Aerial footage shows the devastating impact of a massive explosion that killed at least 100 people in Lebanon’s capital Beirut.
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9 days 1:49
Huge Blast Rocks Lebanon’s Capital Beirut
A massive blast has ripped through the Lebanese capital Beirut, wounding a number of people and causing extensive damage. The explosion appears to have occurred in the port area of the city.
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9 days 1:50
Runaway Ostriches Rampage Through Streets of Manila
Two escaped ostriches rampaged through the streets of Manila after escaping from their owner.
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9 days 2:21
New Genoa Bridge Opened Two Years After Deadly Morandi Collapse
Italy has opened a new bridge in Genoa two years after the tragic collapse of Ponte Morandi killed 43 people.
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10 days 0:40
Spectacular Waterspout Swirls Across Sky Off West Flanders
Beachgoers in Oostduinkerke observed a spectacular waterspout forming off the Belgian coast.
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10 days 1:19
SHOCKING! Woman Assaulted Over Mask Dispute at New Jersey Store
A 54-year-old woman was violently assaulted after asking another customer to wear her face mask properly at a store in New Jersey.
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11 days 1:43
Out of Control Wildfire Forces Thousands to Evacuate parts of South California
A huge wildfire, dubbed the Apple Fire, in Cherry Valley, South California has been burning since Friday afternoon and has forced at least 8,000 people to evacuate their homes.
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11 days 1:41
Dramatic Video Shows Police Rescuing Horse From Burning Barn
This striking bodycam video from the Hilltown Township Police Department shows two officers and a farmworker rushing to save a horse from a burning barn in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
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12 days 1:27
Hurricane Isaias Batters the Caribbean Before Hitting Florida
Hurricane Isaias has caused heavy rain, strong winds and flooding in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, and it is expected to hit Florida on Saturday afternoon.
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12 days 1:20
Conspiracy Theorists March for ‘Pandemic Freedom Day’ in Berlin
On Saturday, thousands of people took to the streets in Berlin to protest against the government’s coronavirus restrictions in Germany.
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13 days 0:47
Moment Flaming Tyre Almost Hits Firefighters after Burning Crane Explodes
Three firefighters were injured after a burning crane exploded in Kozlany, Czech Republic.
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13 days 1:12
Shocking Moment Rescue Helicopter Crashes Into Building
Shocking footage shows the moment a firefighter helicopter crashed after flying too close to a building in Brazil.
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