5 days 12:04
The Shiproom / Polaris / Episode 30
In this episode, Brad talks to Matt Emmerich, the CIO of Polaris, about snowmobiles, remote work, and medieval constellations.
7 days 1:28
How to add Rule Lines in OneNote for Windows 10
Do you prefer typing on lined paper rather than blank sheets? Learn how to add lines and colors to your paper in OneNote for Windows 10.
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7 days 1:44
Bring out your best writer with Microsoft Editor
Become a better writer across the web with Microsoft Editor, your free writing assistant. Editor moves with you across sites, so you can confidently write clear, concise posts online.
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10 days 1:02
How to use the Office mobile app – Word, Excel, PowerPoint in one
See how combining the rich mobile experiences for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into a single app makes it easier than ever to work on a mobile device.
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10 days 1:12
How to use the Office mobile app – Mobile-centric design
See some of the unique features designed for the Office mobile app that make it easier than ever to work on a mobile device.
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10 days 1:38
How to use the Office mobile app – Working with PDFs
See some of the PDF capabilities built into the Office app that make it easier than ever to work on a mobile device.
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10 days 1:43
How to use the Office mobile app – Camera capabilities
See how the Office app utilizes the camera to make it easier than ever to work on a mobile device.
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17 days 30:51
How Microsoft does Zero Trust
Learn about Microsoft's approach to Zero Trust within the context of network configuration.
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17 days 0:39
Share a form in Microsoft Forms
Share your form. Done compiling your questions? You're ready to send out your form or survey.
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17 days 1:15
Create a form in Microsoft Forms
Build a form in minutes. Add a title and questions for your form in just a few easy steps!
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18 days 12:19
The Shiproom / IGM / Episode 29
The Shiproom IGM Episode 29 This week Brad chats with Keran McGuire, the VP of Infrastructure at the Canadian financial services firm, IGM Financial.
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18 days 2:08
Keeping critical state services operating with Microsoft secure remote work solutions
The Georgia Office of the State Treasurer (OST) manages cash and investments for the State of Georgia, preserving both capital and public trust by handling Georgia’s cash resources efficiently.
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19 days 2:07
Nonprofit expands the reach of its mission with Microsoft 365
Based in Los Angeles, California, The Arming Minorities Against Addiction & Disease lnstitute (AMAAD) provides valuable services for underserved youth and adults with programs such as job training
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19 days 37:59
Enabling remote work with Microsoft Teams: Back to school/user adoption
Learn about the latest features and functionalities to help educators make the most of Microsoft Teams and how IT pros can secure these features in a variety of environments.
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20 days 7:31
What's New with Microsoft 365 | August 2020
This month, we cover new features available for Whiteboard in Microsoft Teams and on the web, how to automate user provisioning to Azure AD from SAP SuccessFactors, new Power Automate triggers and
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20 days 40:35
Enabling remote work with Microsoft Teams: Real work experts/Real-world stories
Join us as we sit down with members of our IT pro community to discuss their Microsoft Teams customer stories.
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26 days 1:43
Now you can Dictate with voice commands in Microsoft Word
Whether you’re stuck waiting in the car to pick up takeout, on a short walk to stretch your legs, have a temporary or permanent disability that makes typing difficult, or you just think better when
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26 days 1:36
How to record and transcribe audio in Microsoft Word for the web
Whether you’re a reporter conducting interviews, a researcher recording focus group sessions, or an online entrepreneur recording informal discussions, you want to be able to focus on the people
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28 days 24:17
The Solution Evolution: What’s possible with Microsoft Teams (Vol. 1)
In this series, we will highlight how organizations are solving common problems with Microsoft Teams and how those solutions evolve over time.
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28 days 1:47
Tony’s Chocolonely raises awareness of slave labor with Microsoft 365
Dutch scale-up Tony’s Chocolonely grew out of a journalist’s exposé of slave labor in the cocoa industry and his dream of making the chocolate trade slavery-free.
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33 days 0:46
Meet Microsoft To Do
Meet Microsoft To Do. To Do helps you collect tasks, set reminders, and share lists with your friends. To Do is integrated with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and other Microsoft 365 apps.
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33 days 0:54
Ensure your teams are heard with Microsoft Forms
With Microsoft Forms, you can easily create surveys, polls, and quizzes to ensure your teams’ opinions are heard, no matter where they are.
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33 days 1:31
Focus on what matters with My Day in Microsoft To Do
Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks on your plate? With My Day, you get a blank canvas every day. Create your custom to-do list so you can focus on what matters.
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33 days 16:34
The Shiproom / Unilever / Episode 28
Today Brad talks with the CISO of Unilever, Bobby Ford.
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34 days 1:29
How to make time for yourself with Microsoft To Do
Microsoft To Do helps you collect what you need so you can focus on doing what matters. Plan your day and make more time for yourself with Microsoft To Do.
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35 days 2:00
How to manage tasks with To Do in Outlook
Microsoft To Do integrates seamlessly with Outlook. You can manage your tasks from your Outlook inbox with the My Day pane or create tasks from flagged email.
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38 days 1:22
How to organize your life with Microsoft To Do
Microsoft To Do helps you stay organized and get things done. You can easily create lists and reminders and set due dates. Stay on top of your tasks with Microsoft To Do.
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38 days 43:00
Microsoft 365 networking partner program
Customers often ask Microsoft if partner solutions work with Microsoft 365 and whether they align with Microsoft’s Network Connectivity Principles.
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40 days 27:36
Microsoft network connectivity for remote users
In this video we will discuss Microsoft 365 network connectivity best practices for remote users working from home, we will go through remote connectivity strategies like VPN split-tunneling to
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42 days 28:53
Microsoft's enterprise network design for the cloud era
In this video, we’ll discuss why a traditional enterprise network built for the on-premises world, isn’t a good fit for a cloud-first world.
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