1 day 3:34
Streamline virtual visits in Microsoft Teams
Learn how healthcare organizations can streamline virtual visits in Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Bookings and new waiting room and queueing features (now in private preview).
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Empower frontline workers with a sense of purpose with Microsoft 365
Frontline workers have been called heroes, but don’t heroes deserve the right sidekick tools to do the job? On the frontline, the way work is done is changing.
1 day 0:51
Equip frontline workers with the right knowledge with Microsoft 365
Knowledge is key to helping organizations not just meet their goals but exceed them. On the frontline, the way work is done is changing.
1 day 0:51
Provide frontline workers with tools that enable flexibility with Microsoft 365
Flexibility and the right tools can let you work smarter, and not harder. On the frontline, the way work is done is changing.
1 day 3:05
Quickly deploy Microsoft Teams for your frontline workforce with the onboarding wizard
See how the onboarding wizard in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center helps admins quickly deploy the right Teams channels, apps, policies, and licenses to create a solid technology foundation for
2 days 2:26
Be-Cloud keeps SMB customers collaborating safely with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse
Be-Cloud serves a growing base of small- to medium-sized businesses from its headquarters in France.
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2 days 2:12
How to ink in Microsoft Word
Draw on your inspiration and create confidently with ink – learn how to ink in Microsoft Word today. #Microsoft
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2 days 2:35
How to ink in Microsoft PowerPoint
Draw on your inspiration and create confidently with ink – learn how to ink in Microsoft PowerPoint today. #Microsoft
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12 days 37:39
Microsoft Teams’ MVPs- Learn from the experts
We have a special co-host for our next episode!
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19 days 2:15
Better organizational health through data: improve employee experience with Microsoft Viva Insights
When 26,000 people switched to working from home overnight, Humana turned to the Microsoft Viva employee experience platform to help with the transition.
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22 days 13:09
How Microsoft uses technology to accelerate employee experiences
Learn how Microsoft uses technology to drive a better experience for employees. We'll cover technology crucial to HR teams worldwide - highlighting Teams, SharePoint, and Power Platform apps.
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22 days 11:37
Driving toward EX excellence
Today, every company is trying to design a more productive, meaningful employee experience.
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41 day 30:14
Change Management for Microsoft Teams- you deployed it but, are they using it?
In this episode of 'Inside Microsoft teams' Brian Hash, Senior Organizational Development Consultant, Cargill, Inc., and Stephen Rose cover: 1. What is change management 2.
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41 day 3:12
Microsoft Teams innovations designed for hybrid work
In this video learn more about how Microsoft Teams innovations are designed for hybrid work. #Microsoft
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49 days 1:42
Personal productivity and wellbeing insights in the flow of work
Audio Description: youtu.be/BB4OAqDeGBw Build better work habits and prioritize wellbeing with these Microsoft Viva Insights personalized experiences in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and
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56 days 31:40
Everything you wanted to know about Microsoft Teams but were afraid to ask
Microsoft’s cloud supply chain is working behind the scenes to deliver the infrastructure—servers, storage, and networking gear—that enables cloud reliability and growth.
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77 days 30:11
Leverage Microsoft Project for the web with the Project Accelerator
Project and portfolio management are critical business functions that are often isolated from other business processes.
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77 days 18:23
All about Project reporting
With Project for the web Power BI templates, you can get an overall status and drill down into the details of your projects and portfolios.
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77 days 14:16
Leveraging calendars and resources to schedule your project
Accurate calendars and resourcing are essential to ensuring that projects are completed on time.
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77 days 11:06
Deliver on time with dependencies and Gantt charts
Curious about how scheduling works in Microsoft Project? Learn more about how effort, duration, and dependencies can help teams stay on top of their work.
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77 days 15:09
Advanced deployment for Project for the web
Microsoft Project supports different audiences, unique security requirements, and separate regions by deploying Project to multiple environments with the Microsoft Dataverse.
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77 days 23:03
A peek into the future of Project for the web
Wondering about the future plans for Project for the web?
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79 days 2:12
How to add Q&A to your Microsoft Teams meetings
Coming soon, the Q&A app in Microsoft Teams meetings will give meeting organizers and presenters the ability to add moderated Q&A capabilities to any Teams meeting.
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83 days 22:34
Extensibility in Project for the web
Learn how to customize Project for the web, integrate it into your business processes and see how the PowerApps platform can take your organization to the next level.
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83 days 17:10
Manage projects and tasks in Microsoft Teams
With Microsoft Project in Teams, your team can form a plan, organize work, and seamlessly collaborate to hit deadlines and stay on top of their work.
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83 days 24:55
Overview of Microsoft Project
Join Project product managers to learn about Microsoft Project and the latest member of the family, Project for the web.
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83 days 28:45
Microsoft's Connected Project Experiences
In a time when projects are the unifying thread woven throughout the fabric of modern work, Microsoft delivers the platform, tools, and capabilities teams need to eliminate complexity, clarify
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98 days 2:14
Northumbrian Water uses SharePoint Syntex & Microsoft Viva Topics for knowledge delivery
Northumbrian Water Limited, a UK water company serving over 4.4 million people, works with Microsoft Gold partner ClearPeople to deploy Microsoft 365, Viva Topics, and SharePoint Syntex to
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98 days 1:06
Introducing Windows 365
Hybrid Windows for a hybrid world.
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98 days 2:03
Nunavut lights up the north with Windows 365
Operating in the vast and remote northernmost region of Canada, the Government of Nunavut lacked a secure, reliable cloud-based IT solution to support a remote workforce spread out across 25
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