4 days 1:50
Microsoft Teams for your frontline workers
Microsoft Teams is where frontline workers come together to get work done.
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5 days 4:19
How to use FastTrack for Microsoft 365
FastTrack helps customers deploy Microsoft cloud solutions.
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12 days 14:47
The Shiproom / St. Luke's University Health Network / Episode 36
This week, Brad meets with the CISO of St. Luke's University Health Network, David Finkelstein.
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13 days 5:44
Demo of the FastTrack for Microsoft 365 migration experience
FastTrack helps customers deploy Microsoft cloud solutions.
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14 days 26:01
How to get more new data types in Microsoft Excel
Excel is evolving. With Stocks and Geography “data types,” we introduced the idea of cells in the Excel grid containing more than simple strings of text or numbers.
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31 day 47:41
Role based access control in Microsoft 365
We will cover the permissions, roles, and identity updates we have made in the Microsoft 365 admin center and Azure Active Directory.
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31 day 45:19
Multi tenant management in the Microsoft 365 admin center
Multi-Tenant Management in Microsoft 365: It doesn’t have to be painful! This session covers the investments we have made in the multi-tenant admin space.
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31 day 1:00:39
Driving profit & reducing risk for SMBs & IT Partners with remote work
Learn how a comprehensive secure remote work solution based on Microsoft 365 Business Premium for small and medium-sized businesses can help drive IT partner profitability and reduce risk for both
31 day 32:00
Microsoft's Vision For a Successful Knowledge System In Your Organization
Learn how to unlock the next wave of knowledge sharing in your company by bringing together expertise mining, topic extractions, and more emerging technologies.
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32 days 2:18
Get started with Microsoft Teams free: 5 things to do first
If you're ready to use your Teams free org, here are five things to help you get started with it.
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33 days 0:56
How to upgrade free Teams account to Microsoft Teams
Want to upgrade from the free version of Microsoft Teams? After the upgrade, you’ll be able to view your calendar, schedule meetings, use apps, and more.
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34 days 1:10
The Power BI app for Microsoft Teams - empower your organization with data
Microsoft Poser BI and Microsoft Teams have come together to enable data to be a part of every conversation and empower your organization with data-driven insights to chat with.
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34 days 1:12
What is PowerPoint?
Tell your story with a presentation and share it with your organization using PowerPoint.
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34 days 2:04
How to use Apps in Microsoft Teams
Apps let you do more in Microsoft Teams.
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34 days 1:22
How to make calls in Microsoft Teams
With Microsoft Teams, you can make one-on-one calls to anyone in your organization, or make a group call.
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39 days 1:40
How to use teams and channels in Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams allows you to create a team of people with similar goals, whether it's for work or other common interests. There are two types of channels in Teams: standard and private.
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39 days 1:44
How to manage meetings in Microsoft Teams
With Microsoft Teams, you can view, manage, and schedule meetings and appointments to keep your team on track.
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39 days 2:33
How to create a Shifts schedule in Microsoft Teams
With Shifts in Microsoft Teams, create a schedule and assign shifts for each of your team members.
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40 days 3:25
Core Fitness Miami: How Microsoft Teams empowers Core Fitness Miami gym to be limitless
Core Fitness Miami – a personalized performance and fitness gym in Miami – relies on Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 to help their employees stay connected and train their clients from afar.
40 days 23:54
Designing the Microsoft Lists experience
Join in and learn how the Microsoft Design team behind Lists approached designing a new List app. You'll learn more about the problems, principles and approaches.
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40 days 56:33
Administering a Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo tenant is a snap
With enterprises going through their digital transformation and exponential data growth, meeting the data residency needs and complex regulations is critical.
40 days 40:45
How to Successfully Activate and Adopt Project Cortex
Join us to learn how to prepare for and deploy Project Cortex in your organization.
40 days 23:33
Build knowledge with topic experiences in Microsoft 365
"Join us to see how we're evolving to better connect you to the people and knowledge that you need to be productive and effective at your work.
40 days 45:34
Make the most of Microsoft Search through Configuration and Administration
Deliver value, knowledge and answers with precision to improve discovery and productivity.
40 days 50:19
Deployment and governance of Microsoft Teams for Education
Understand everything you’ll need to know for holistic governance for your educational institution.
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40 days 25:40
Leveraging user feedback about Microsoft 365 in your organization
Analyzing user feedback is a very powerful way to understand the user experience and sentiment with the products and services they use.
41 day 21:32
Yammer Governance in a Microsoft 365 World
Your one stop session for administering your Yammer network and managing compliance, including a doubleclick into the latest Yammer data governance features like eDiscovery, Data Retention, and
41 day 21:44
Web-based diagramming: design, share and collaborate with Visio for the web
Discover the latest capabilities in web-based diagramming, and learn how to design, share, and collaborate using Visio for the web.
41 day 48:08
Optimize your new Yammer Communities
A lot has changed in the new Yammer. In this one-stop shop for community management, you'll learn what's new and what's possible for Yammer community admins.
41 day 37:10
Create data-driven diagrams with Microsoft Excel and Visio
Data Visualizer add-in brings the power of data driven Visio diagrams right inside Microsoft Excel.
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