20 hours 1:28:08
Can Labour Be Saved?
The Labour party is in turmoil after mostly disastrous election results in England and Scotland. Devoid of a vision, the leadership is preparing to attack the left.
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1 day 10:05
Without A Vision, Labour Is Heading For Catastrophe
Labour's cataclysmic by-election result in Hartlepool - and bad results in much of England and Scotland - has plunged the party into crisis.
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4 days 20:13
Sadiq Khan on his election fears, cannabis, housing and Keir Starmer
According to the polls, it should be in the bag for London's Labour mayor Sadiq Khan in this week's elections - but his camp are rattled that complacency will suppress turnout and help his opponents.
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5 days 28:49
The Battle for Hartlepool: Is Labour Heading for Disaster?
With a critical by-election looming there, I headed to Hartlepool in England's North East to find out if Labour are about to lose another crucial brick in the crumbling so-called 'Red Wall'.
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7 days 59:06
The Tories' BBC Stranglehold Tightens
As Robbie Gibb - Theresa May's former spin doctor - is appointed to the BBC Board, we're joined by author and journalist Tom Mills discuss how the government's stranglehold over the broadcaster has
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8 days 21:04
Owen Jones HUMILIATED By Niko Omilana 😱
Niko Omilana is one of the country's biggest YouTubers and candidate for London Mayor, and this is very embarrassing. Support us here: patreon.com/owenjones84
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9 days 46:16
Israeli apartheid in Palestine devastatingly exposed by senior Palestinian
As Human Rights Watch condemn Israel's occupation of Palestine as apartheid, I speak to Hanan Ashrawi - one of Palestine's most prominent figures.
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10 days 18:24
Count Binface meets Owen Jones
Count Binface is running to be London mayor, and he joins me live from the Martian surface to discuss his campaign pledges, including naming London Bridge after Phoebe Waller, and people who put
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11 days 43:35
Is Joe Biden really the new Roosevelt?
When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declared that Biden's administration had exceeded progressives' expectations, she caused fury: from some on the US left who believed it sowed undeserved illusions in
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12 days 7:16
Boris Johnson should be arrested
What does it say about a country which locks up young black men for drug offences, while the Prime Minister not only presides over mass death, but talks of letting the bodies pile up and COVID-19
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14 days 55:25
This Is Tory Corruption, Not Tory Sleaze
Revelations about lobbying and the Tories has descended into a psychodrama involving Dominic Cummings - but this is really about corruption, and it is undermining British democracy.
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16 days 46:56
Robert Lindsay on becoming more leftwing with age, Ricky Gervais and the crisis of acting
Multiple award-winning actor Robert Lindsay has been a fixture on our screens and the stage for decades - from Citizen Smith to My Family.
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18 days 16:06
Jamie Carragher meets Owen Jones: "The power of the people is stronger than one man"
As the football Super League collapses, footballing icon Jamie Carragher told me why the fan revolt was so massive, whether this fight will have to be had all over again, whether football can be
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18 days 18:59
The Super League exposes the dark heart of capitalism
The ill-fated Super League exposes the real dark beating heart of capitalism: this was all about profit for the few, not football for the many.
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19 days 16:15
The Great COVID Gambling Scandal - And How It Wrecks Lives
While many companies have struggled badly during the COVID-19 pandemic, not so for online gambling which thrived during the crisis.
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21 day 1:03:30
Will The Indian COVID Strain Lead to New UK Lockdown?
As India is overwhelmed by a devastating new wave of COVID, a new variant has sent shockwaves across the world. How serious is it? Is there too much sensationalism?
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23 days 41:08
Why toxic masculinity hurts men: JJ Bola explains all
How does toxic masculinity hurt men? From promoting violence to stopping men from seeking help when they suffer mental distress, there’s so many reasons.
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25 days 29:02
"I genuinely thought I was evil": Gay 'conversion therapy' survivor speaks out
So-called 'conversion therapy' is a form of torture used against LGBTQ people in Britain and beyond: the human consequences are beyond horrific.
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28 days 1:05:53
Rishi Sunak And The Explosive Greensill Scandal
It's the story everyone should be talking about. David Cameron lobbied Chancellor Rishi Sunak about funds for Greensill Capital as it teetered on the edge of collapse.
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30 days 54:04
Is Northern Ireland's Peace About To Break?
As scenes of violence in Northern Ireland cause shock and fear, is the 23-year-old Good Friday Agreement which ended The Troubles in danger?
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35 days 1:12:26
One Year of Keir Starmer
A year ago, Keir Starmer won a resounding victory in the Labour leadership election promising to preserve radical domestic policies and combine them with electability, competence and party unity.
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37 days 56:21
Should the North become independent?
The Northern Independence Party has become an online sensation, and found itself furiously denounced by Labour figures and receiving growing media attention. Is it for real?
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38 days 41:42
"Labour is at risk of becoming irrelevant": CWU's Dave Ward
Dave Ward leads the Communications Workers' Union - one of Britain's biggest unions.
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40 days 49:02
How white people can be allies against racism - Emma Dabiri meets Owen Jones
How were 'white people' invented in 1661, and what is 'whiteness'?
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42 days 1:11:53
Bristol Police Brutally Attack Protesters
After falsely claiming their officers had been seriously injured, Bristol police brutally attacked protesters and journalists during a demonstration against the repressive Policing Bill.
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44 days 58:08
Jim Sterling on coming out as non-binary, gaming, wrestling and mental health
Jim Sterling is an iconic games journalist, critic, YouTuber, you name it.
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44 days 11:03
Bristol Police Admit False Claims About Serious Injuries
After protests in Bristol against the repressive Policing Bill turned ugly, the local police claimed that officers were seriously injured, including broken bones and a collapsed lung.
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45 days 1:03:57
This Is How We Save Humanity From Climate Catastrophe
We live in a time of crisis and catastrophe - and it goes much further than COVID-19.
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47 days 26:33
What really happened at the Bristol protests?
As violence broke out at protests in Bristol against the repressive Policing Bill - with police vans burned and windows smashed - almost all media coverage has solely focused on the police's point
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48 days 22:01
The Pandemic Profiteers: The Businesses That Made a Packet out of COVID
The pandemic has caused misery, turmoil and death for so many - but as this documentary exposes, for much of the rich elite, this is boomtime.
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