4 days 1:07:17
A Masterclass on Omicron: All You Need To Know
This is not the news any of us wanted to hear: South African scientists have identified a new variant of COVID described as the "worst ever", and it's been detected in several countries around the
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7 days 43:13
Is This The Green Party's Time? Their New Leader Answers All
Carla Denyer is the Green Party's newly elected co-leader: in some polls her party is in double digits.
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11 days 1:04:34
Rittenhouse Verdict Emboldens Far-Right
After Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted after shooting dead two men and injuring another at a Black Lives Matter protest, the US right are triumphant.
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17 days 20:11
How Property Developers Wage War on the Working Class
It's the swimming pool in the sky: the so called 'Sky Pool' in Nine Elms, south London, which wowed the media but which sums up the inequality ravaging British society.
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18 days 1:03:56
Tories In Crisis As Their Polls Slump
As the Tories are embroiled in corruption scandals, the polls are finally turning against them - after months of seeming apparently immune to pandemic mishandling, a fuel crisis, cuts to Universal
18 346
21 day 7:33
The Truth About Protests Against Far-Right Israeli Ambassador
Students who protested against Israeli Ambassador Tzipi Hotovely have suffered a firestorm of condemnation from the Establishment.
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25 days 1:26:11
Tory Corruption Exposed: Our Democracy Is In Danger
As the Tories are embroiled in the Owen Paterson scandal, we examine the truly scale of corruption in Tory ranks, why it's a threat to democracy - and how we fight it, featuring investigative
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26 days 36:31
Everything You've Been Told About Human Nature Is Wrong
We're told that human nature is hardwired to need authority and hierarchy, and that we're driven by selfishness and greed. But is that really true?
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30 days 38:57
Will robots take over the world? My mum explains
So I thought, why not have a chat with my mum about whether robots take over the world?
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32 days 51:57
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33 days 43:20
John McDonnell Forensically Exposes the Tories - and Answers Whether It's Over For Starmer
Former Labour Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell explains what the Tory Budget really represents, how Labour should pull itself together to offer an inspiring vision - and whether Keir Starmer's
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34 days 29:32
Insulate Britain Face Down Their Critics
Is it possible to grow concrete? This was the claim of a right-wing shock jock interviewing Insulate Britain's Cameron Ford in a viral clip watched by millions.
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36 days 15:00
Julian Assange's Extradition is an Attack on Democracy Itself
Anybody who cares about democracy, independent journalism and human rights should oppose the extradition of Julian Assange. Croatian philosopher Srecko Horvat explains exactly what's at stake.
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37 days 32:03
Novara Media DELETED By YouTube
In an utterly baffling and disturbing turn of events, Novara Media - the biggest left media outlet in Britain - was summarily deleted from YouTube without warning - and then only reinstated after
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39 days 1:29:42
The War on Drugs Has Failed
As Scotland's shift not to prosecute people caught with possession of drugs sparks a new debate over the failed 'war on drugs', we're joined by pre-eminent expert Prof.
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42 days 12:21
How Bad Is Britain's COVID Situation? The Facts.
As cases surge and both hospital admissions rise, how much of a mess are we in? How could it have been avoided? Why are we doing worse than our European neighbours?
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44 days 15:50
Politicians and Newspapers Whip Up Hatred, Then Demand Civility
The sickening murder of Tory MP David Amess should have been a moment where we united in horror, and focused on how we keep Members of Parliament safe.
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46 days 1:33:20
The Establishment War on Stonewall and LGBTQ Rights
Stonewall is Britain’s main LGBTQ civil rights organisation, and as the country’s anti-trans moral panic spirals out of control, it has become obsessively targeted by the British media.
15 357
53 days 1:03:14
How Bad Is The Tory Economic Mess?
As Britain's economic indicators flash red - how bad is the country's current plight, and how bad things are going to get this winter - and what lessons can we learn from the Biden experience across
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57 days 23:23
Behind The Scenes At Tory Conference: Brace Yourselves
Tory Party conference takes place in a parallel universe: while ministers and delegates live the high life, low paid and poor households are being hammered by Universal Credit cuts in a country
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58 days 15:28
Nina Turner on Joe Biden, the US left, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - and hope for the future
Nina Turner is one of the great emblematic figures of the US left.
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60 days 1:08:19
The Met Police Is Institutionally Misogynistic: How To Fight It?
The horror of the murder of Sarah Everard by a police officer has been compounded by the reaction of the Metropolitan Police and other police forces: ranging from telling women to flag down a bus if
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64 days 25:57
Behind The Scenes At Labour Party Conference
Keir Starmer won a whopping majority to become Labour leader on a platform of party unity, radical policies, integrity and electability. Has he stuck to his word?
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67 days 8:03
Keir Starmer should fight the Tories - not his own side
Children driven into poverty by cuts to Universal Credit. Supermarket shelves empty. Queues outside of petrol stations. Tens of thousands of needless COVID deaths.
14 083
68 days 1:24:22
Starmer Declares War on Labour
Rather than take the fight to the Tories - from the energy crisis to Universal Credit to food shortages - Keir Starmer has plunged Labour conference into civil war over his plans to shut down
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70 days 52:25
Omid Djalili on comedy and COVID, Sean Lock and the gig from hell
Omid Djalili is a comedy star, and we have a lot to talk about - comedy in the time of COVID, is COVID something you can joke about, the loss of the icon Sean Lock, and his first ever gig which is
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74 days 1:21:15
Is A Cold War With China Inevitable?
As the US, UK and Australia sign a new pact, is a new dangerous Cold War with China inevitable?
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78 days 1:00:06
Shon Faye: Trans liberation will free us all
Shon Faye is the author of one of the most important books of our time - THE TRANSGENDER ISSUE.
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79 days 18:24
AOC'S 'Tax The Rich' dress is good, actually
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wore a TAX THE RICH dress to the absurdly exclusive Met Gala - where people with obscene wealth live the high life - after a free invite.
17 337
80 days 27:20
Andrew Neil QUITS GB News ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
As Andrew Neil quits GB News, we ask: how did it go so wrong ๐Ÿ˜ญ Please like, subscribe - and help us take on the right wing media: patreon.com/owenjones84
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