8 hours 47:13
Yanis Varoufakis: "We live under something far worse than capitalism"
Yanis Varoufakis is one of the world's most famous economists and left-wing intellectuals.
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2 days 57:42
My interview with Piers Morgan on coronavirus, trans rights, and egg emojis
It's fair to say that me and Piers Morgan disagree on a fair amount, although many lefties used to yelling at him when he's on our TV screens have found themselves retweeting him holding the
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3 days 1:09:53
Is The Left Over? with Nadia Whittome MP and John McTernan
Let's be honest, the left has been in turmoil since Labour got thumped by Boris Johnson's Tories. In a time of pandemic, economic disaster and climate emergency, what's the left future?
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4 days 50:13
Will Labour's Civil War End? John McDonnell Meets Owen Jones
John McDonnell was Shadow Chancellor under Jeremy Corbyn, and the driving force of the party's transformative economic agenda.
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8 days 13:19
Here's How The Media Gets Away With Racism
When I challenged Fraser Nelson - editor of The Spectator - on national television over his magazine repeatedly publishing racism and support for neo-Nazis, he claimed it was all made up.
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9 days 16:18
"Boris Johnson is a socialist!": Owen Jones goes to an anti-lockdown protest
Who are the anti-lockdown protesters? Despite tens of thousands of British citizens dying of coronavirus, a minority of the population strongly oppose lockdown.
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10 days 1:13:17
Is Boris Johnson Doomed? With Peter Oborne and Ash Sarkar
It's less than a year since Boris Johnson won a crushing majority.
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12 days 41:36
Chelsea Manning Takes Down Trump And So-Called 'Moderates'
Chelsea Manning is the world's most famous whistleblower. After exposing US crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, she was imprisoned for years, including suffering solitary confinement.
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17 days 1:06:01
Bye Bye Trump: What Next For The US Left?
It's all over for Trump - but Trumpism lives on. What next for the US left in the age of Biden?
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19 days 3:29
The corporate media has failed us. Help me build something new
The corporate media has failed us. Help me build something new patreon.com/owenjones84
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06.04.18 5:26
Owen Jones goes on a Russian dirty money tour | 'We need to hit kleptocrats in their wallets'
In the wake of the Sergei Skprial poisoning serious questions have been raised about how the Tory government deals with Russia.
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02.03.18 4:37
Laura Pidcock tells Owen Jones: 'the DWP has caused fear and terror'
Laura Pidcock labels the Department of Work and Pensions "a national disgrace", saying it has created a sense of fear and terror by treating those in need as criminals.
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02.03.18 15:50
Owen Jones meets Loki the Scottish Rapper | 'Corbyn has interrupted regular programming'
Darren McGarvey is an authoer, commentator and a rapper known as Loki the Scottish Rapper.
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27.09.17 7:59
Owen Jones ​goes to​ Labour conference: 'There's been a peaceful revolution under Jeremy Corbyn'
At the Labour conference, Jeremy Corbyn called for more activists to help propel him and the party to power at the next general election.
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16.08.17 9:37
Want to stop Brexit? Then you need a better strategy | Owen Jones talks...
The UK's decision to leave the European Union could be a disaster for the country and many ardent remain supporters would love to see the referendum result overturned.
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27.07.17 11:59
'Come out! Come out! Come out!' 50 years of gay liberation? | Owen Jones talks...
It's 50 years since the Sexual Offences Act 1967 decriminalised sex between two men, in private. The Act was a step forward for LGBTQ people, however, it was extremely limited progress.
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07.07.17 16:09
Owen Jones meets Naomi Klein | 'Donald Trump is more like the schlock doctrine'
Naomi Klein is a personal hero of mine. Her books have consistently highlighted injustices and challenged the neoliberal status quo.
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29.06.17 1:25
Thanks a hundred thousand!
We've made it to 100,000 subscribers. Thank you so much to each and every one of you for subscribing, leaving your comments and joining in with the debate. It's been a riot so far.
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28.06.17 4:38
Theresa May isn't the problem: the Tories are | Owen Jones talks...
Theresa May is a calamitous failure of a prime minister. But she is not the problem, just the current face of it.
38 246
23.06.17 13:59
Owen Jones meets Frankie Boyle | 'Grenfell Tower residents were treated as less than human'
Frankie Boyle tells me he believes there’s ‘a connection between a Conservative government that wants to get rid of human rights legislation’ and the residents of Grenfell Tower ‘being treated as
764 397
21.06.17 13:22
'The Grenfell Tower fire is a crime of epic proportions' | Owen Jones meets David Lammy
David Lammy says heads 'need to be on the block' over the Grenfell Tower fire in west London.
71 446
09.06.17 3:37
90 662
07.06.17 2:48
When did you last vote for hope? | Owen Jones talks...
You have a stark choice at the 2017 general election: Theresa May's campaign of negativity or Jeremy Corbyn's positive vision for the future of this country.
29 745
06.06.17 10:11
Owen Jones meets Clive Lewis | 'Jeremy Corbyn has shown the audacity of hope can work'
Clive Lewis is Labour's candidate for Norwich South and he believes the surge in support for Jeremy Corbyn shows that his party and the British public are realising there 'can be another way.' By
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01.06.17 8:37
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30.05.17 0:59
The Guardian's election daily podcast: give it a listen
You may have noticed we've got a general election just around the corner.
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29.05.17 7:23
Owen Jones meets Angela Rayner | 'People are realising they can transform Britain'
Angela Rayner, the shadow education secretary, tells me she believes voters have felt powerless in recent years but that 'things have changed' and people are starting to realise they have the
55 290
21.05.17 14:28
Owen Jones meets Brendan Cox | 'I want to change UK's narrative of division'
Brendan Cox, the widow of Jo Cox MP, tells me about the weekend of events to mark the anniversary of his wife’s murder.
26 843
19.05.17 4:38
You can turn this election around #callyourgrandfolks | Owen Jones talks...
Theresa May is taking the elderly vote for granted at this election. Old age pensioners always vote Conservative, she thinks, so the Tories can do what they like.
28 376
16.05.17 8:07
Jess Phillips: 'People talk to me more about Gogglebox than Brexit' | Owen Jones's general election
Jess Phillips has only been an MP for a couple of years and already she's campaigning in her second general election, which she says nobody seems to want.
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