2 days 58:42
Wealthy Tory donor scandal exposed - and why it threatens democracy
A Financial Times splash has revealed how an elite Tory donors club - known as the 'Advisory Board' - has secret meetings with Boris Johnson and senior government figures.
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6 days 34:13
How Hollywood Conspires With The Pentagon
Some of your favourite films have been rewritten by the Pentagon, the US Defence Department and the CIA.
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8 days 21:46
Dawn Butler on challenging Boris Johnson's lies - and does she want to be Labour leader?
Dawn Butler MP was ordered to leave the House of Commons after calling Boris Johnson what he objectively is - a liar.
7 614
9 days 1:17:15
I Got Covid - As Pandemic's Gates Open
Unfortunately, it finally got me - and the same goes for 1 in 75 people in the UK. In my case, I was infected before my second Moderna shot.
32 913
10 days 12:40
Jess Phillips Exposes Me As Sugar Eating Irrelevant Child
In yet another interview - well, puff piece to be more honest - with the Sunday Times, Jess Phillips denounced me and my friends at Novara Media as "noisy, overexcited children who have had too much
33 999
12 days 54:50
George Monbiot on capitalism, the climate crisis, defying establishment journalism - and hope
George Monbiot is one of the most important progressive writers of our time.
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14 days 24:11
How The US Was Defeated In Afghanistan
The US withdrawal from Afghanistan represents another catastrophic defeat for the United States - but how did it happen?
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16 days 1:16:18
GB News IMPLOSION Underlines Right-Wing Hypocrisy on Free Speech
GB News is suffering a full scale implosion: technical disasters were followed by a near total collapse in its audience, the sudden absence of founder Andrew Neil, the resignation of senior figures
31 221
18 days 59:00
Vaush meets Owen Jones: US imperialism and the left
Vaush is one of the big left-wing US YouTubers and we have a lot to discuss: what strategy the US left should adopt towards the Biden administration, US foreign policy from Cuba to the Middle East
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20 days 30:31
The England Team Fight The Tories
Are the England team the new official opposition?
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21 day 1:03
Stop trying to rehabilitate Theresa May
Every time Theresa May does a public intervention - this week, about Tory cuts to foreign aid - commentators shower her with praise.
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23 days 52:01
England, the Euros, the left and patriotism
With the hopes of millions across England - and beyond - invested in the Euro 2020 final, we are joined by Billy Bragg and Ash Sarkar for a very special programme about what this summer really means.
18 359
28 days 31:47
John McDonnell on Keir Starmer, Labour's lack of vision - and what now for the left.
After Labour narrowly held Batley & Spen in the recent by-election, former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell talks to me about how the party is losing voters who stuck with it in 2019, let alone
18 979
30 days 1:31:36
Can Keir Starmer turn it all around?
After Labour narrowly kept its seat in the Batley & Spen by election, Keir Starmer’s leadership has been spared any challenges.
21 984
31 day 5:08
George Galloway Is An Enemy of the Left
George Galloway stood in Batley and Spen ostensibly to give Labour a bloody nose - but he is not someone anyone on the left should ever support.
33 158
34 days 44:48
Geoff Norcott on why he's right-wing, 'woke' and why he thinks I'm wrong
Geoff Norcott is that rare thing - a Tory comedian - who has written a book called WHERE DID I GO RIGHT: HOW THE LEFT LOST ME.
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36 days 10:41
The racist campaign against Muslims in Batley & Spen
With allies and supporters of Keir Starmer panicking about Labour losing the Batley and Spen by election, a cynical narrative is being pushed - that the left, who are otherwise dismissed as
24 466
37 days 1:25:51
GB News Has Flopped
Launched to throw petrol on the raging fires of Britain's culture war and take on the BBC and Sky News, GB News has been an embarrassing flop.
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38 days 9:58
Kim Leadbeater on becoming Labour MP for Batley & Spen, Palestine, and her vision
Kim Leadbeater is standing to be Labour's next MP for Batley & Spen.
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39 days 0:37
This pensioner will restore your faith in humanity
In these horrible political times, this pensioner's passionate defence of immigration in Batley, West Yorkshire, will make you feel hope again.
9 164
40 days 7:58
Andy Burnham on Labour leadership ambitions, Keir Starmer, devolution and Batley & Spen
When Labour got clobbered in May's elections, Andy Burnham defined the trend by winning a landslide in Greater Manchester's mayoral elections.
24 468
41 day 22:43
George Galloway on why he voted Tory and for Nigel Farage, being anti-'woke', and Batley and Spen
Former Labour MP George Galloway is one of Britain's most controversial individuals, and is standing in Batley & Spen with the slogan 'STARMER OUT'.
82 296
43 days 28:55
Batley and Spen: Keir Starmer's Last Chance?
Weeks after losing Hartlepool to the Tories, Labour has another major test in the Batley and Spen by-election.
48 727
44 days 1:16:23
Time For a 'Progressive Alliance' Against the Tories?
After the Lib Dems smashed the Tories in Chesham and Amersham, the idea of a "progressive alliance" - of anti-Tory parties working together to get the government out - has revived.
19 426
45 days 13:53
Dido Harding's Bid to be NHS Boss DESTROYED By Doctor
It's beyond belief: Dido Harding - the Conservative crony who oversaw the catastrophe of Test and Trace - is applying to run the NHS. Dr.
33 397
48 days 1:01:16
Will Young on growing up gay, coming out, abuse and basically being loads of fun
Will Young became a music sensation after winning Pop Idol in 2002 - and became one of the earlier pop stars to come out.
7 498
51 day 52:39
The Tories Mess Up COVID... Again
As the Tories mess up the pandemic again with 'Freedom Day' due to be kicked back by a month, we're joined by epidemiologist Deepti Gurdasani - who has been proven right time and time again - to
13 979
52 days 40:57
Steve Turner on standing to be Unite's left-wing general secretary
The race to be Unite's next general secretary could not be more politically important: the union is as the very heart of the British left.
6 519
53 days 1:05:28
The Establishment War Against Trans People
Most of the British media is spending Pride month monstering trans people and Stonewall, the country's main LGBTQ+ charity.
11 666
55 days 14:20
The Case For Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Against Israel
The Palestinian people have endured over 5 decades of Israeli occupation, the longest belligerent occupation on earth.
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