3 days 20:20
New Rule Prohibits Big Banks From Denying Services To Gun Industry
The federal Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has finalized a new rule that will have a big impact on the ability of big banks to discriminate against the firearms industry as they've done
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4 days 23:01
AR15.com Owner Responds To Big Tech Attack On Site
Pete Brownell, co-chair of 2nd Adventure Group and the owner of AR15.com, joins Cam to talk about GoDaddy's abrupt decision this week to cancel its agreement to serve as the registrar of the popular
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5 days 20:33
VCDL Says Lobby Day Mobile Rally Will Continue
Despite some concerns from gun owners about the possibility of bad actors using the event for their own purposes, the Virginia Citizens Defense League says next Monday's Lobby Day will take place as
4 541
6 days 37:29
Personal Preparedness In Precarious Times
Jon Stokes, editor of the ThePrepared.com, joins Cam to discuss what you should be doing to keep yourself and loved ones as safe and secure as possible amidst the chaos, as well as thoughts on where
3 429
6 days 7:22
Good News Amid the Chaos
PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston talks about some good news amid all the chaos following the storming of the U.S. Capitol.
3 421
6 days 20:06
Townhall's Frontline Footage of Capitol Building Riots
Townhall.com's Julio Rosas was on the ground at the U.S. Capitol when it was stormed by rioters. This is his exclusive frontline footage of the deadly attack.
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10 days 26:16
After Wednesday, Where Do We Go From Here?
Townhall's Kurt Schlichter and the Second Amendment Foundation's Alan Gottlieb join Cam to talk about the storming of the U.S.
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11 days 21:58
2A Activist Nikki Goeser Needs Your Help
When Nikki Goeser's husband Ben was murdered in front of her in 2009, she began speaking out against the gun control laws that disarmed her but not the stalker who killed her beloved, becoming a
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12 days 30:52
Will 8-Million New Gun Owners Change The 2A Debate?
There were more than 21-million firearms sold in the United States in 2020, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, but more importantly, there were also about 8.4-million Americans
13 767
13 days 35:21
Can The "Gun People" Learn Anything From The "Weed People"?
Yes, according to the 10th Amendment Center's Matt Maharrey.
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16 days 14:10
2020 Ends on a Hilaria-s Note
PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston covers the Hilaria-Alec Baldwin scandal and dismantles the idea that America is systemically racist.
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18 days 24:12
Why Gun Control Isn't The Answer To The Rise In Crime
2020 could end up with the highest one-year increase in the number of murders since at least 1960, and anti-gun activists will seize on that figure to push their gun control agenda at both the state
3 529
19 days 21:27
Time Is Running Out To Comment On This Pro-2A Proposal
The little-known Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is currently accepting comments on a proposed rule that would be hugely beneficial to the firearms industry, and in turn, individual gun
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20 days 1:11
A Thank You from the RedState Family
The folks at RedState wanted to drop a quick message for the support you've all shown this year.
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20 days 24:50
Inside the 2A Grassroots Campaign Aiming for Results in Georgia
Second Amendment activist Tim Knight joins Cam to talk about the boots-on-the-ground efforts to turn out the gun vote in the Senate elections in Georgia, and what he's learned about the state of the
3 225
24 days 37:10
Del. Kirk Cox on His Run for Governor and Dems' Gun Ban Plans
Delegate Kirk Cox joins Cam for a wide-ranging interview, including discussion about his GOP gubernatorial campaign as well as Virginia Democrats' plans to back off of gun control in the 2021
4 145
25 days 6:33
A 2020 Christmas Star Wars Football Special
PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston discusses the ridiculous COVID-19 relief bill and how Star Wars and the NFL's fan bases have something in common.
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26 days 26:34
New 'Gun Safety' Study Is More Junk Than Science
Researchers at the Ohio State University claim to have discovered that gun owners' support for anti-gun measures like universal background checks, waiting periods, and gun storage laws is actually
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27 days 23:29
Anti-Gun Dems Turn Their Back On Rural Voters In GA Senate Races
Money is pouring in to the state of Georgia in advance of the January 5th runoff elections that will determine which party controls the U.S.
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29 days 9:35
COVID Double Standards and That Vaccine
PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston is here with a brand new show covering the hilarious and the absurd from politics and pop culture.
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30 days 35:33
The Devil In The Details Of ATF's Proposed Rules On Pistol Braces
Alex Bosco of SB Tactical joins Cam to break down all of the problems for gun owners and the firearms industry contained within the ATF and DOJ's proposed guidance on pistol stabilizing braces, and
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30 days 2:05
4 People Who Should Take the COVID-19 Vaccine ASAP
Now that Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed across the country, and with another vaccine on the way, here are four people who should get the vaccine ASAP to instill public confidence.
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31 day 23:52
Boebert Blasts Dems Capitol Gun Ban Plan
Congresswoman-elect Lauren Boebert sits down with Cam to discuss calls by some Democrats to ban lawmakers from carrying guns in the U.S.
8 852
31 day 2:28
The United States of Canada
The Left imagines what their own country would look like...so Brandon Morse did too.
10 616
32 days 22:43
The Coordinated Conspiracy Against America's Gunmakers
Larry Keane, the senior vice president and general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, joins Cam to discuss the coordinated attacks on the firearms industry by gun control
7 762
33 days 29:53
Unanswered Questions in Casey Goodson Killing
While the investigation into the police shooting death of Casey Goodson, Jr. continues, the case is starting to attract national attention from the likes of The New York Times.
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34 days 24:24
SCOTUS Turns Away Felon Gun Case
The Supreme Court rejected without comment on Monday a case dealing with an Arizona man convicted more than a decade ago of two DUIs who was seeking to have his Second Amendment rights restored.
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34 days 2:53
5 Things to Know About the Georgia Runoff Debates
Early voting has begun in the Georgia runoff elections. Here are five things you need to know from last week's debate before heading to the polls.
1 602
37 days 23:18
Meet The Gun Store Owner Just Elected To Congress
Andrew Clyde, who owns and operates Clyde Armory in Athens, Georgia, is heading to Washington, D.C. and bringing his experience, knowledge of firearms, and support for the Second Amendment with him.
16 574
38 days 25:02
2A Activists Demand Answers In Death Of Casey Goodson, Jr.
Second Amendment supporters across Ohio are sharing their concerns and questions about the police shooting of 23-year old Casey Goodson, Jr.
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