1 day 27:45
Meet The Louisville Man Pairing Firearms & First Aid Training
Army veteran, 2A supporter, and Louisville native Darwin Belliard is putting his skills and training to work for the people of Louisville by hosting weekly basic firearms and first aid instruction.
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2 days 16:41
US Attorneys Trying "Workaround" With Mizzou's New 2A Preservation Act
While the Biden administration and Attorney General Merrick Garland claim the 2A Preservation Act is unconstitutional, they've yet to challenge the new law in court.
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3 days 19:10
Detroit Firearms Instructor Bringing Training To The Masses
Detroit firearms instructor Rick Ector has been hosting free firearms training for women annually for the past ten years, and he's scheduled the biggest event to date for August 21-22: 4,000 women
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4 days 25:24
Public Defenders Side With Second Amendment In Challenge To NY Carry Laws
As Supreme Court pore over dozens of briefs filed in support of that legal challenge to New York's "may issue" licensing laws, one of the strongest arguments against the state's licensing regime is
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4 days 10:34
Is Joe Biden Really Attacking Our Constitutional Rights?!?
This week PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston discusses Joe Biden going after our Constitutional Rights.
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8 days 27:07
Gov't Imposed Second Amendment Slowdown In Connecticut
Holly Sullivan, president of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, joins Cam with the latest details of the group's legal efforts to get gun sales moving again in the state after an "upgrade" to
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9 days 21:03
SCOTUS Hears From 2A Supporters In Right To Carry Case
The Second Amendment Foundation's Alan Gottlieb joins Cam to discuss a pair of amicus briefs filed with the Supreme Court in support of a challenge to New York's draconian and subjective carry laws
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10 days 21:31
Police Chief Calls For Gun Tracking To Cut Down On Crime
Norfolk, Virginia police chief Larry Boone says there's no way to reduce crime without maintaining a "paper record" of every firearm transaction, though data shows that the states with the lowest
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11 days 17:23
The Best Way To Fight Crime Doesn't Involve Gun Control
And shockingly, one of the nation's largest gun control groups is quietly admitting that's the case.
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11 days 20:13
A Cuban Exile Exposes Biden's Brutal Treatment of Cuba's Refugees
This week PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston is joined by a Cuban exile to talk about what's going on there and its chances of success.
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15 days 33:33
New Arguments In SCOTUS Carry Case
Oral arguments are still several months away in the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v.
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16 days 17:52
Dems Latest Anti-2A Push? A Ban On Gun Stores
Anti-gun Democrats in one Massachusetts town have settled on a new strategy; blocking gun stores from opening for business.
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17 days 16:40
Red State Dems Feeling Heat Over Chipman Nomination
Several Democrats from red states like Montana and West Virginia say they're still undecided on Joe Biden's nomination of former ATF agent turned gun control activist David Chipman to head up the
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18 days 17:44
LA County Sheriff Running Against "Woke Left"
Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is running for re-election as a far more conservative sheriff than when he was first elected in 2018, including touting a five-fold increase in the number
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18 days 4:45
Why This American Record-Breaker Has Me Ready for the Olympics
This week PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston gives you a reason why you should in fact watch the Olympics this year. EDIT: Footage from the Olympic Trials has been cut due to copyright from YouTube.
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22 days 21:44
Activist Demands 20-Year Ban On Gun Making
The gun control lobby can't get any of their bans and infringements through Congress at the moment, but that's not stopping one anti-gun activist from calling for a 20-year ban on firearms
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23 days 19:43
Gun Industry Fires Back At Cuomo's 2A Attack
The National Shooting Sports Foundation's Mark Oliva says the firearms industry is getting ready to sue over a new law signed by New York Gov.
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24 days 17:39
California Democrats Take Aim At Gun Shows
A bill to ban gun shows from all state-owned property could have a big impact on the Second Amendment rights of residents, but the attack is also aimed at chilling the First Amendment rights of gun
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24 days 25:21
What Were The Early Texas Rangers Like?
This week PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston is joined by Dr. Jody Edward Gin to discuss the early days of the Texas Rangers and also the Netflix film The Highwaymen.
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29 days 29:49
If Gun Control Works, Why Is Crime Spiking In Connecticut?
Less than a decade ago, then-Gov. Dannel Malloy proclaimed that the sweeping gun control bills he signed into law would make the state a safer place.
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30 days 19:26
Oakland Police Chief Opposed to Armed Citizens Along With Defunding Police
While many conservatives are praising Oakland Police Chief LaRonne Armstrong's withering criticism of the move to defund the city's police department by nearly $20-million during a crime spike, they
9 285
31 day 27:29
Has Change The Ref Lost The Plot?
Ryan Petty, whose daughter Alaina was murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in 2018, is blasting a new stunt by the anti-gun group Change the Ref that misled 2A
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32 days 19:22
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32 days 8:29
Did America's Top Soldier ATTACK America's Founding?
This week PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston how America's top soldier is more concerned about being woke than leading our country.
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36 days 38:30
Firearms Industry Responds To Biden's Bizarre Gun Speech
The National Shooting Sports Foundation's Larry Keane and Central Texas Gunworks owner Michael Cargill join Cam to discuss Joe Biden's latest threat to use the ATF to target "rogue gun dealers," and
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37 days 29:38
2A Attorney Weighs In On Biden Gun Store Crackdown, CA Mag Ban Case
California Rifle & Pistol Association president and Second Amendment attorney Chuck Michel joins Cam with his take on the Biden administration's coming crackdown on gun stores as well as a closer
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38 days 23:00
Schumer Attacks 2A In Defense Of HR 1
The Senate Majority Leader knows the Democrat-backed voting bill is DOA in the Senate, but that's not stopping him from using ridiculous arguments to try to drum up support; including his claim that
13 442
39 days 27:00
Missouri AG Ready To Defend New 2A Preservation Act
In an interview with Bearing Arms' Cam Edwards, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt says he wasn't really expecting the Biden administration to weigh in on the state's new Second Amendment
8 220
39 days 3:26
Has The Texas State Guard Gone Woke?
This week Bryan discusses how the Texas State Guard has gone woke.
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42 days 18:25
Missouri's Devastating Response To DOJ Attack On 2A Preservation Act
The Biden administration's attempt to challenge Missouri's new 2A Preservation Act is off to a rocky start after Gov.
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