16 hours 20:55
A 2A Win From The PA Supreme Court
Gun owners and Second Amendment advocates received a big assist in their quest to challenge local gun laws around Pennsylvania, after the state Supreme Court declared that gun owners don't have to
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1 day 22:23
Gunmaker Faces Backlash After Vaccine Rant
The CEO of North American Arms said he enjoyed "no small measure of schadenfreude" reading about unvaccinated Americans stricken with COVID, which he labeled a "Darwinian effect, helping to cleanse
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2 days 25:38
Have Red Flag Laws Hit A Red State Wall?
Gun control activists are chomping at the bit to put more "red flag" gun seizure laws in place around the country, but (thankfully for 2A supporters) they're growing increasingly frustrated at the
4 449
6 days 23:49
Self-Defense Is A Human Right
But not according to Amnesty International, which is weighing in on the Supreme Court challenge to New York's subjective permit laws for carrying firearms.
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7 days 24:11
Taking On The 2A Lie That Just Won't Die
Was the Second Amendment really put in place to protect the power of slave owners instead of the right to own and carry firearms?
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8 days 19:25
Mexico Ignoring Its Online Arms Marketplace
Guns, grenades, and more weaponry available for sale are easily found on social media networks. So why isn't the government of Mexico suing Facebook like it's suing US gun makers?
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9 days 24:38
TX Dem Thinks Gun Control's A Winning Issue
Are residents of the Lone Star State fed up with laws like Constitutional Carry and other protections on the right to keep and bear arms?
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12 days 15:03
Exclusive: Gun Owner At Heart Of NY Carry Case Speaks Out
Cam speaks with one of the plaintiffs in the NY carry case heading to the Supreme Court of the United States.
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13 days 27:28
Can NFT's Aid Defense Of The 2nd Amendment?
Top Shot champion, 2A activist, competitive shooter, and fan of new technology Chris Cheng joins Cam to talk about the first online auction to benefit several Second Amendment organizations that
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14 days 19:09
Florida Fight For Constitutional Carry Heating Up
While Constitutional Carry bills have been introduced in Florida in recent years, they haven't gotten much traction.
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15 days 18:43
Concealed Carry Expo A Hit With TX Gun Owners
Thousands of gun owners and those interested in exercising their 2A rights flocked to Fort Worth, Texas this past weekend for the US Concealed Carry Association's Concealed Carry & Home Defense
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16 days 22:11
PA Town Refuses To Turn Gun Giveaway Into Controversy
When the booster club for the Cedar Cliff High School football team decided to raffle off several firearms as a fundraiser for the team, there was one lonely voice in the community who tried their
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20 days 25:08
New California Law Shows Why Gun Registration Must Be Opposed
Armed American Radio's Mark Walters joins Cam to talk about California's AB 173, a new law that utterly obliterates the right to privacy for gun owners.
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21 day 3:20
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22 days 22:05
Dems Try To Depress Gun Owner Turnout in VA Elections
With polls showing a neck-and-neck race for governor in Virginia, anti-gun Democrats are pulling out all the stops to depress turnout among Republicans and conservatives, including running ads
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23 days 19:52
Detroit Residents Arming Up For Self-Defense
Detroit's new police chief says there are "too many guns on the streets," but with many residents choosing to obtain their concealed carry licenses, the real issue isn't how many guns are out there
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26 days 5:02
Senator Hawley BLASTS Biden Admin & WOKE Generals
"Joe Biden and his team were more focused on their culture war than they were on protecting Americans." Like Townhall on Facebook: facebook.com/townhallcom Follow Townhall Media on
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27 days 19:07
Dems Slip Red Flag Provision Into Military Spending Bill
Democrats have tucked away a "red flag" law aimed at military members inside the 1300-page National Defense Authorization Act, and the proposal suffers from the same lack of due process and
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27 days 8:14
Ron Johnson DEMANDS ANSWERS On Border Crisis From DHS Secretary Mayorkas
Why doesn't Secretary Mayorkas have these basic numbers on the border crisis? Ron Johnson isn't having it with the Biden Administration's incompetence.
27 days 4:07
"Has President Biden EVER Been To The Border?" Jen Psaki STRUGGLES To Answer Basic Questions
This exchange between Peter Doocy and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was BRUTAL. Why doesn't the White House have accurate data on the border? Has Joe Biden REALLY never been to the border?
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28 days 19:53
Virginia AG Leans In To Gun Control Ahead Of Election
Democrat Mark Herring, who's up for re-election in the commonwealth of Virginia this November, isn't shying away from promoting his extreme anti-gun views even as early voting begins.
5 166
28 days 6:14
Ted Cruz CORNERS Biden Judicial Nominees
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) demands answers from some of Joe Biden's judicial nominees over questions of abortion, religious liberty, and bias against Brett Kavanaugh.
2 570
28 days 4:56
Senator Ron Johnsons GRILLS FBI Director Chris Wray
Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) took FBI Director Christopher Wray to the woodshed over the FBI's sheer incompetence and negligence. Director Wray did his best to dodge questions, and Sen.
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29 days 21:43
Beto Not The Biggest Political Threat To TX Gun Owners
While Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke is expected to announce a run for governor in the near future, polls in Texas show that actor and gun control supporter Matthew McConaughey would pose a more
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30 days 21:56
Former Prosecutor Says We Can't Ban Our Way To Safety
Former Arapahoe County, Colorado District Attorney George Brauchler has prosecuted several high profile cases, including the Aurora theater shooter.
4 219
34 days 22:13
NYTimes Columnist Not Happy With 2A Victories
New York Times columnist Gail Collins is deeply unhappy over the defeat of David Chipman and Joe Biden's inability to ram his anti-gun agenda through Congress, but as Cam points out, there are good
7 147
35 days 16:33
It Shouldn't Take A Lawsuit To Exercise A Constitutional Right
After the city of Bridgeport was sued by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League over delays in accepting gun permit applications (a permit is required before anyone can legally possess a handgun in
5 454
36 days 28:07
The Name And Blame Games Making Philly Unsafe
Does Philadelphia have a "gun violence" problem, or a murder, attempted murder, and aggravated assault problem?
3 294
37 days 21:36
Chicago Mayor Wants To Sue Gang Members Over Violence
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has a new plan to tackle gang violence: sue gangs in civil court and take their assets.
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40 days 3:17
How Joe Biden Makes Us Less Safe on 9-11's 20th Anniversary
This week PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston gives us his thoughts on Joe Biden and how he is making us less safe as a nation.
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