1 day 23:09
The Truth Behind William McRaven's 'Support' for the 2A
Retired Admiral William McRaven describes himself as a pro-Second Amendment conservative who's voting for Joe Biden, but like the rest of Biden's supposed pro-2A supporters, McRaven has a long
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2 days 6:20
Big Mad Big Tech Goofs Big
After big tech silenced the New York Post and blocked anyone trying to post the story including a government Twitter account, demands to reign in big tech have been flying around the internet.
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5 days 25:14
Delays in Gun Permit, CCW Applications Affecting Hundreds of Thousands
A right delayed is a right denied, and right now, there are hundreds of thousands of Americans stuck in a holding pattern when it comes to their Second Amendment right to own and carry a gun.
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6 days 30:51
ATF Suspends Cease and Desist Order for Maker of Honey Badger Pistol
It's not a full reversal of the ATF's decision classifying Q, LLC's Honey Badger pistol as a short-barreled rifle, but it's a step in the right direction according to Josh Savani, NRA-ILA's director
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7 days 23:12
2A Leaders Impressed By ACB Testimony
The Second Amendment Foundation's Alan Gottlieb weighs in on the confirmation hearings of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, telling Cam that her analysis of the Second Amendment as a natural right makes him
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8 days 34:21
The Dishonest Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett's 2A Views
Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee and gun control activists are engaged in a full-throated effort to portray Judge Amy Coney Barrett as an extremist with some crazy ideas on the Second
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9 days 20:40
Will Andrew Cuomo Be Biden's Pick for Attorney General?
The anti-gun governor of New York has a decades-long hostility towards the right to keep and bear arms, and as Cam details, he could do a lot of damage to the Second Amendment rights of Americans if
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12 days 25:15
Is the ATF Trying to Undermine the Trump Campaign with Its Honey Badger Decision?
Was the ATF's recent cease-and-desist letter to gunmaker Q, LLC regarding its Honey Badger pistol politically motivated?
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13 days 33:26
Louisiana Legislature Introduces the Ka'Mauri Harrison Act
A legislative committee in Baton Rouge on Wednesday unanimously approved the Ka'Mauri Harrison Act, a bill that's aimed at curtailing overreach by local school districts and ensuring that those
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14 days 26:34
Townhall's Vice Presidential Debate Pre-Show
Townhall Senior Columnist Larry O'Connor and Columnist Chris Stigall preview the vice presidential debate in their live pre-show.
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14 days 26:12
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15 days 29:44
The Right to Carry Revolution Nears the 20-Million Mark
According to the latest statistics from the Crime Prevention Research Center, more than 19-million Americans now possess a concealed carry license, and according to CPRC founder and president Dr.
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16 days 30:13
SCOTUS Says 'No' to One 2A Case, Holds Another for Consideration
The Supreme Court began its new term by rejecting a Second Amendment challenge to a Nebraska law, but held over another gun-related case for consideration at its conference later this week.
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19 days 43:19
Is There a Looming Fight on the Left Over Gun Control?
After a brief discussion on how President Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis might impact the 2020 elections and even gun and ammo sales, Cam sits down with Vox's Jane Coaston to discuss what could soon be
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20 days 18:51
Louisiana AG Says Lawmakers Taking Interest in Ka Mauri Harrison Case
Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry joins Cam to talk about the latest developments in the case of Ka Mauri Harrison.
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20 days 51:07
Micah Hanks on the New Era of Government Disclosure
Jazz Shaw of HotAir interviews author, radio host, and researcher Micah Hanks about the new era of government disclosure.
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21 day 25:44
Missed 2A Opportunities in the First Trump/Biden Debate
Neither candidate brought up the issue of gun control or the Second Amendment during Tuesday night's debate, though Donald Trump had several opportunities to remind Americans of the damage that Joe
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21 day 2:10:42
Townhall Media's LIVE Reaction to the First Presidential Debate
Townhall Media's Larry O'Connor reacts live to the first presidential debate.
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22 days 21:49
The Pennsylvania Court Decision That Could Gut the 2A
A Pennsylvania Superior Court declared on Monday that the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act is unconstitutional, clearing the way for a lawsuit against Springfield Armory and a
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23 days 24:31
Two Very Different 2A Takes in the Twin Cities
As violent crime soars in Minneapolis/St. Paul, some anti-violence activists are embracing things like a "gun buyback," even as residents send gun sales to record highs.
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26 days 25:35
Louisiana AG Starts Investigation into BB Gun Suspension
Nine-year-old Ka Mauri Harrison was suspended by his school district for accidentally and briefly displaying a BB gun during an online class.
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26 days 5:21
Is Black Lives Matter Losing?
Black Lives Matter is losing steam but how much and why? Brandon Morse has some insight.
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27 days 25:20
Congressman Calls for Australia-Style Gun Confiscation
First-term Congressman Sean Casten, a Democrat from Illinois, says we have "too many guns" in the country, and he's proposing a mandatory compensated confiscation program similar to the one put in
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28 days 26:59
Bloomberg Bets on Felons to Deliver Florida to Biden
Gun control sugar daddy Michael Bloomberg is reaching out to some surprising allies in his quest to ensure Joe Biden wins the 2020 election.
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29 days 21:16
Gun Rights Go Virtual with This Year's GRPC
Alan Gottlieb, the founder and executive director of the Second Amendment Foundation, joins Cam with a look back at last weekend's Gun Rights Policy Conference, which took place entirely online for
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30 days 29:31
A Supreme Court Showdown & the Future of the 2A
Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation joins Cam to talk about the upcoming confirmation battle to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and why this
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32 days 2:43
86-Year-Old Michigan Woman Wants the President to Ride Her Horse
Townhall's Beth Baumann spoke to Nancy Puffer of St. Charles, Michigan, about her desire to have the president ride her horse.
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34 days 26:49
A Constitution Day Primer on the Second Amendment
In honor of Constitution Day, Cam takes a look back in history at the debate over the Second Amendment, and why some of the Founding Fathers didn't believe a Bill of Rights was necessary to protect
4 651
35 days 28:33
When the First and Second Amendments Collide
Cam takes a closer look at several recent cases involving guns and protests, including a California man arrested and charged with pointing a gun at a pro-Trump parade, an Omaha man indicted for
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