8 days 19:50
Democrat Campaign Platform Turns 2A Rights into A Privilege
With just a couple of weeks to go before the Democratic National Convention, Cam takes a look at the party's draft of their campaign platform and their plans to target legal gun owners and their
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9 days 24:47
Is This Major US Bank Preparing to Give the Gun Industry the Cold Shoulder?
Could Wells Fargo be getting ready to end its relationships with companies in the firearms and ammunition industry?
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10 days 20:37
Townhall's On the Ground Coverage of Portland Riots
Townhall.com's Julio Rosas is on the ground in Portland, Ore., covering the ongoing riots.
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10 days 23:13
Anti-Policing Group Says Cops Shouldn't Have Pursued Murder Suspects
A new group called Detroit Can Breathe is raising eyebrows after demanding the firing of police chief James Craig over several officer-involved shootings where suspects had drawn guns on officers.
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11 days 26:47
Portland's Riots Are About Politics, Not Justice
Townhall.com Senior Columnist Kurt Schlichter joins Cam with his take on the politically motivated riots in Portland, Seattle, and other deep-blue Democrat-controlled cities, and why he believes
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11 days 6:01
How to Cancel Cancel Culture
Cancel culture has gripped our country in fear but most people agree it's something we could do without. How do we get rid of it?
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12 days 28:04
The Unraveling States of America: Violence At Protests Up Sharply
After a weekend that saw shootings at protests in Austin, Texas and Aurora, Colorado, as well as vehicle attacks on both Black Lives Matter and pro-police activists, Stephen Gutowski of the
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16 days 28:55
Austin Tong's Fight for His First and Second Amendment Freedoms
Fordham University student Austin Tong says he's fighting back after the school declared that an Instagram photo of Tong holding his new AR-15 rifle was tantamount to a hate crime, and joins Cam to
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17 days 24:41
Virginia Sheriff Takes First Steps to Deputize Thousands of Armed Citizens
Culpeper County, Virginia, Sheriff Scott Jenkins has vowed to name thousands of Virginia residents "reserve deputies" in order to ensure that a potential gun, magazine, and suppressor ban from Gov.
10 737
18 days 32:30
Will the McCloskey Case Actually Go to Trial?
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner may have charged the St.
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19 days 27:51
A New Front in A Father's Fight for School Safety
As the "defund police" movement targets more school districts and school resource officers, Ryan Petty, whose daughter Alaina was among those murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in
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22 days 37:44
A Gun Owner's Passionate Takedown of the Growing Cult of Conformity
John Rochford, a graduate student at Iowa State University and former columnist for the campus newspaper, joins Cam to talk about his experience as a minority gun owner and why he believes
4 708
23 days 24:49
Former Officer Says NYC Crime Spike Could Be the New Normal
Retired NYPD officer Rob O'Donnell says the increased shootings and violence in the streets isn't going away anytime soon, thanks to the feckless leadership of Mayor Bill de Blasio, the city
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24 days 1:05
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24 days 19:46
Townhall Exclusive Interview with President Trump
In an exclusive interview, President Trump talks with Townhall's Katie Pavlich about the rising violence in Democrat-run cities, the administration's plan to hold China accountable for the
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24 days 27:00
The Gun Bans of August
Lawmakers in Virginia are set to head back to the state capitol for a special session in just a few weeks, and while the agenda hasn't been finalized, Del.
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25 days 2:12
President Trump addresses concerns about voter fraud and mail-in ballots in the 2020 Election
During an exclusive interview with Townhall's Katie Pavlich, President Trump addresses concerns about voter fraud and mail-in ballots in the 2020 election.
3 295
25 days 1:55
Exclusive: President Trump discusses enticing American companies out of China
In an exclusive interview with Katie Pavlich, President Trump discusses enticing American companies out of China.
1 553
25 days 0:31
Exclusive: President Trump defends armed St. Louis couple against the mob
President Trump defends the McCloskey's, the armed St. Louis couple, against the mob in an exclusive interview with Townhall's Katie Pavlich.
16 813
25 days 20:24
TOWNHALL EXCLUSIVE: National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien
Townhall.com Political Editor Guy Benson sits down for an exclusive interview with National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien on Air Force 2 to discuss the administration's foreign policy trip to
25 days 1:39
25 days 2:15
Exclusive POTUS interview: President Trump threatens federal action in Democrat-run cities
Townhall's Katie Pavlich interviews President Trump in the White House Rose Garden discussing federal action following the unrest in Democrat-run cities.
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25 days 24:20
This Pro-2A Trauma Surgeon Could Be TN's Next U.S. Senator
Dr. Manny Sethi, an orthopedic trauma surgeon who's running for U.S.
3 054
29 days 24:32
VA Gun Owners Prep for Possible Gun Control Push During Special Session
A special session of the Virginia General Assembly later this summer is expected to address budget shortfalls caused by the coronavirus crisis, but Democrats in control of the legislature are
5 561
30 days 56:42
RNC Spokesperson Liz Harrington Joins Triggered (AUDIO ONLY)
RNC National Spokesperson Liz Harrington joins Storm and Matt to discuss the importance of re-electing President Donald Trump, Joe Biden's embrace of the far Left, and why it's time to take a stand
30 days 28:38
Are Booming Gun Sales Leading to More Gun Training?
According to Tim Schmidt, the founder of the United States Concealed Carry Association, the answer is a resounding "yes".
3 824
31 day 24:29
The Second Amendment Sanctuary Movement Is Back
After coronavirus closures put many public meetings on hold over the past few months, it was starting to look like the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement might have come to an end.
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32 days 24:03
Media Reveals Double Standard on Armed Protesters
Many members media outlets quickly clutch their pearls and head to the nearest fainting couch when they cover stories of armed Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights, but as Cam
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