17 hours 31:04
Columbus Politicians, Protesters Target Cops Not Criminals
The police shooting of 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant has led to calls to abolish police and city leaders vowing changes to the department's training practices, but as Columbus gun shop and range owner
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1 day 30:28
The Devil In The Details Of ATF's Draft Proposal On "Ghost Guns"
TheReload's Stephen Gutowski joins Cam to talk about a draft proposal from the ATF regulating the sale of unfinished frames and receivers, and why the text of the 107-page document could cause
7 938
2 days 20:14
Is The Supreme Court A Lost Cause?
With SCOTUS turning away three more cases dealing with the Second Amendment on Monday, many gun owners are wondering what it will take for the Court to accept a challenge to gun control laws that
7 708
3 days 27:50
Anti-Gun Activists Target State-Level 2A Protections
With gun control legislation bottled up (for now anyway) on Capitol Hill, anti-gun groups are turning their attention to state legislatures in their quest to put more gun control laws on the books.
13 538
3 days 14:00
How Oil Saves the Whales - With Bill Gates and Elon Musk
PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston discusses how oil saves the whales and the future of energy sources.
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9 days 9:59
Democrats Want the Name and Address of Any Californian Who Signs a Recall Petition
California politicians seem to have forgotten that they answer to voters, not the other way around.
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9 days 8:07
Bodycam Footage Proves BLM Wrong On Daunte Wright Shooting
It wasn't racism. It wasn't systemic oppression.
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9 days 10:10
1Study Shows AOC Is One of the Least Effective Members In Congress
She's got sway on the internet but when it comes to her job, AOC is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.
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10 days 34:58
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Intel Veteran Exposes China's Spy Ops in Canada
PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston has an exclusive interview with an Intel Veteran who exposed China's spy operations in Canada.
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13 days 16:03
Biden's Gun Control Push Is Here and It's Already Not Going Well
Democrats will inevitably go after your 2nd Amendment rights once in power and use every dirty trick and lie in the book to make it happen. However, inevitably, their efforts always backfire.
14 035
14 days 30:53
Firearms Industry Reacts To Biden's Anti-Gun Announcements
Larry Keane, the National Shooting Sports Foundation's senior vice president and general counsel, joins Cam with reaction to President Joe Biden's new executive actions against DIY firearms
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14 days 13:20
Jordan Peterson Responds Perfectly to Te Nehisi Coates Comparing Him to a Nazi Character
If you want to know how to respond to social justice nonsense, watch Jordan Peterson. Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Go to RedState.com for more news and opinion.
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14 days 12:23
'60 Minutes' Now Getting Attacked by Democrats and Publix for Blatant Lies About DeSantis
The hole 60 Minutes finds itself in continues to get deeper and deeper.
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15 days 33:11
AMA's Embrace Of Background Check Bill Is Bad Medicine
The American Medical Association is throwing its weight behind H.R. 8, the universal background check bill approved by the U.S. House a few weeks ago. Dr.
4 405
15 days 11:58
Charles Barkley Defends Americans, Blames Divisive Politicians for Racial Tensions In America
NBA Legend Charles Barkley isn't buying the social justice community's narrative that we are a racist nation and instead blames divisive elements within both Republican and Democrat parties for the
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16 days 31:30
Winning The Cold Civil War Before It Gets Hot
Cam is joined by Army veteran and political strategist Jim Hanson for a wide-ranging discussion about some of the ideas in his forthcoming book Winning The Second Civil War: Without Firing a Shot.
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17 days 28:10
How Concerned Should 2A Supporters Be About SCOTUS
Another week has come and gone without the Supreme Court taking action in an important Second Amendment case involving the right to carry.
12 391
17 days 6:17
Joe Biden's Stimulus...for Mexico's Drug Cartels
PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston discusses the crisis at the border and responds to AOC's rant on social media.
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21 day 27:20
Dem Dominated Legislatures Take Aim At Legal Gun Owners
While gun control legislation appears to be bottled up in Washington, D.C.
16 604
22 days 31:18
How To Prevent Mass Shootings, No Gun Control Needed
The Secret Service is out with a new report on how nearly 70 threats of active assailant attacks on schools were thwarted in the years between 2006 and 2018.
9 183
23 days 23:38
SCOTUS Rejects Anti-Gun AG's Request In 3D Printed Gun Case
While the Supreme Court didn't take any action on a right-to-carry case out of New York on Monday, SCOTUS did turn away a challenge by New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal in a case that has
23 091
24 days 21:00
NYTimes Columnist Wants To Rebrand Gun Control Movement
Frank Bruni of the New York Times admits that the phrase "gun control" is accurate, but he doesn't think it's helpful to the cause, so he's asking other journalists to stop using the phrase and
10 194
24 days 7:08
Is Joe Biden's Son a Firearm Felon?
PJ Media Editor Bryan Preston discusses the latest Hunter Biden scandal.
4 559
24 days 10:50
The Left Made the Shooting Into a Racial Issue, Now It Has Egg On Its Face
Before the families even had time to start mourning, the left began pointing fingers. Now, as the shooter's identity is made known, the left is looking pretty bad. Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!
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28 days 34:01
With Ninth Circuit Declaring No Right To Carry, Will SCOTUS Respond?
Attorney Rachel Citak joins Cam to discuss the Ninth Circuit's ruling in Young v.
11 415
29 days 33:23
The Dumbest Arguments In The Gun Control Debate
From social media scolds to the heads of gun control organizations, we're hearing some absolutely ludicrous arguments in favor of gun control laws in the wake of the Boulder shootings.
10 489
30 days 22:46
Anti-Gun Media Already Blaming NRA For Boulder Shooting
Media outlets, including Denver's WestWord, are pointing fingers at the NRA for the shooting in Boulder, Colorado that left ten people dead, just a few days after a local ban on most semi-automatic
11 550
30 days 8:32
There's No Hiding It: This is Biden's Border Crisis, Not Trump's
Be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content and visit RedState.com for more news and opinion!
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31 day 26:47
Senate Democrats Push For Gun Control About Power, Not Public Safety
Democrats in the Senate are making it clear that they're more interested in targeting the NRA and legal gun owners than violent criminals as they wrestle with the best strategy to advance some type
11 056
31 day 3:25
The PRO (Union) Act
Brandon Morse is back to fill you in on the PRO Act, a cursed piece of legislation that Democrats sell as a way to protect workers but, in reality, has a far more sinister intent that would force
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