17 hours 2:32
Biden lays out his Covid relief plan, including $2000 checks
President-elect Joe Biden on Thursday night broke sharply with the Trump administration on fighting the coronavirus pandemic, unveiling a new plan for a robust federal role in everything from
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1 day 3:01
Trump's second impeachment in 180 seconds
The House impeached President Donald Trump Wednesday for the second time — a historic, bipartisan condemnation of an outgoing president whose words fueled a deadly insurrection at the Capitol last
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1 day 0:26
Trump impeached by House for the second time
The House of Representatives impeached President Trump for the second time.
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2 days 3:26
House passes resolution calling to invoke the 25th Amendment
Democrats are embarking on the fourth impeachment in American history, exactly half of them aimed at removing Donald Trump from office Read more here
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2 days 1:50
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2 days 0:23
Trump: '25th Amendment is of zero risk to me'
The House will take its first formal step toward removing President Donald Trump Tuesday, with Democrats warning he presents a grave and immediate threat to the nation despite having just a week
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3 days 3:21
The call for impeachment continues, but is it for real?
Democrats have already tried to impeach Trump once... Although they were unsuccessful the first time, they're ready to try again. With only 9 days left in his term...
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5 days 6:02
The Double Standard In Protesting
Last summer, peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters were met with rubber bullets and tear gas outside the White House to clear the way for President Donald Trump’s photo-op with military leaders and
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6 days 2:57
The season finale of the Trump Era
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7 days 2:46
Trump, facing removal threats, concedes election
In the face of growing calls for his removal, President Donald Trump finally acknowledged on Thursday night that he’d lost the presidential election to Joe Biden and called for the country to come
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8 days 1:23
Congress certifies Joe Biden's victory after day of chaos and violence
Vice President Mike Pence formally ascertained Biden's win as the clock struck 3:32 a.m. Thursday morning.
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8 days 0:35
Pelosi and Pence elbow bump after Biden's victory confirmation
A beleaguered Congress finalized President-elect Joe Biden's victory early Thursday morning, capping a day of riots that turned deadly and briefly ground the nation's most powerful institutions to a
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8 days 4:28
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8 days 3:01
January 6th in 180 seconds: Trump's rally, rioters storm U.S. Capital, Congress reconvenes
Congress reconvened Wednesday night to finish certifying President-elect Joe Biden's victory, defying an assault from rioters who sought to derail the constitutional proceedings at the urging of
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8 days 1:00
Pence: 'Let's get back to work'
Congress reconvened Wednesday night to continue the certification of Joe Biden's Electoral College win after a day marred by a violent pro-Trump mob storming the Capitol.
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9 days 0:26
Pro Trump protesters clash with police on eve of Electoral College count
President Donald Trump’s last-ditch effort to overturn the election is already doomed.
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9 days 1:42
Ossoff claims victory before race is called, thanking Georgia voters
Democrats have pulled off at least one Senate win in Georgia, with another likely to follow.
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10 days 3:01
What to know about Congress certifying the election this week
On January 6th 2021, the House and Senate will join to certify the electoral votes and affirm Biden as the 46th president... usually this hearing is without drama, but this year could look different.
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11 days 4:17
Trump urges Georgia election officials to ‘find’ votes
President Donald Trump’s effort to pressure Georgia officials to “find” enough votes to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory could run afoul of federal and state criminal statutes, according
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14 days 4:45
Hindsight is 2020: A video looking back at the year
As the year comes to a close, POLITICO looks back at the many moments that made 2020 the year we will never forget.
14 days 4:55
A comedian's take on the funniest moments of 2020
Remember when Claudia Conway became TikTok famous for sharing all of her family secrets? So does comedian Francesca Fiorentini.
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14 days 3:53
How women ruled 2020
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14 days 6:09
Can Biden Be The Next FDR?
Joe Biden is taking office in a deeply polarized country, but these circumstances are not completely unprecedented. In fact, one particular president is being cited as a model for Biden.
19 352
14 days 2:55
2020: A year filled with punchlines
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15 days 1:43
Schumer praises the $2000 stimulus increase, McConnell rejects it
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell attacked the House-passed bill increasing stimulus checks to $2,000 on Wednesday afternoon, likely dooming the prospects of boosting direct payments as the
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16 days 1:20
16 days 1:52
Biden criticizes vaccine rollout and lack of Covid testing
President-elect Joe Biden is expanding his White House Covid-19 Response team, tapping three senior officials to coordinate vaccine, testing and supply chain strategy in an announcement first shared
16 days 2:40
Sanders: 'Do we turn our backs on struggling working families or do we respond to their pain?'
Sen. Bernie Sanders will filibuster an override of President Donald Trump’s defense bill veto unless the Senate holds a vote on providing $2,000 direct payments to Americans.
11 337
16 days 2:10
$2,000 checks sputter after McConnell blocks Dems
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday stymied Democrats’ long-shot bid to immediately increase direct stimulus payments to $2,000, leaving the fate of bigger checks in limbo as this
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17 days 1:00
Kamala Harris receives coronavirus vaccination
Vice President-elect Kamala Harris received a coronavirus vaccination on Tuesday in Washington, joining President-elect Joe Biden, Vice President Mike Pence and other leaders who have been inoculated.
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