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The politics of Biden's climate agenda, explained
On Thursday, President JOE BIDEN will host dozens of world leaders for the two-day, virtual Climate Leaders Summit.
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Biden pushes businesses to give workers time off for Covid shots
The administration also is unveiling a new tax credit designed to encourage businesses with fewer than 500 employees to give paid time off to workers for getting vaccinated.
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Justice Department opens investigation into Minneapolis police
Attorney General Merrick Garland announced Wednesday that the Justice Department will conduct a broad investigation into alleged abuses at the Minneapolis Police Department, examining whether its
2 days 5:01
Chauvin Trial verdict and reactions, in 300 seconds
America has its answer. Guilty. A white police officer stands convicted of all three of the charges he faced: second-degree unintentional homicide, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.
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Biden and Harris deliver remarks following the Chauvin Murder Trial (Full Speech)
Democrats and activists celebrated Tuesday’s conviction of the former Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd last May, but warned that more needed to be done to address systemic issues
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Derek Chauvin convicted of murdering George Floyd
Former Officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on Tuesday of murder for the May 2020 killing of George Floyd, the 46-year-old Black man whose neck Chauvin pinned down with his knee on the pavement of a
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Biden says he’s ‘praying’ for a guilty verdict in Chauvin trial
President Joe Biden said Tuesday he was “praying” for a guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, as the jury continues its second day of deliberations over the fate of the former Minneapolis
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House Dems and GOP have dueling opinions on Waters comments to demonstrators
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said on Monday that he would introduce a resolution to censure Rep.
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Waters to demonstrators: 'Get more confrontational'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came to Rep. Maxine Waters’ defense on Monday, after criticism of remarks she made over the weekend in Minnesota that Republican lawmakers said stoked further violence.
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Leaving Afghanistan, Variants and Crooked Cops
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6 days 9:23
Racism in America keeps rearing its head and Washington responds
Testimony ended Thursday in the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer DEREK CHAUVIN, and lawmakers find themselves in a very familiar bind — how to address the issue of racism in America.
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The lack of immigration reform, explained
In March, over 172,000 migrants were apprehended at the U.S. southern border, marking the highest monthly number of apprehensions in 15 years.
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McCarthy: I've met with Gaetz, he professed innocence
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Thursday he has met privately with Rep.
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Why Ralph Nader wants you to know about tort law
What is tort law and why should you know about it?
8 days 7:46
Biden is redefining politics through words
In an effort to push through its agenda, the Biden administration is attempting to redefine basic political concepts. Is the strategy working?
8 days 1:23
Biden announces withdrawal from Afghanistan in speech heavy on symbolism
President Joe Biden on Wednesday formally announced plans to end America’s military presence in Afghanistan by September, in a White House address heavy on symbolism and marking one of his first
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Harris to visit Mexico, Guatemala 'soon' amid GOP criticism
Vice President Kamala Harris, the Biden administration's point person on stemming the flow of Central American migrants coming to the U.S., said Wednesday she will travel to Mexico and Guatemala
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Mayor asks for Minnesota attorney general to take up Daunte Wright shooting case
The mayor of Brooklyn Center, Minn., announced on Tuesday that he had asked Gov.
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Fauci & Zients join White House press brief amid J&J vaccine pause
Biden administration officials are preparing for the possibility that the pause in use of the Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine could last for weeks — and perhaps longer for certain portions
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McConnell: 'Withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan is a grave mistake'
President Joe Biden plans to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept.
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Harris on Daunte Wright: 'He should be alive today'
VP Harris on Daunte Wright killing: Our nation needs justice and healing and law enforcement must be held to the highest standards of accountability
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Biden, Pelosi and Schumer pay respects to slain Capitol Officer
President Joe Biden eulogized fallen Capitol Police Officer William “Billy” Evans at a memorial service in the Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday, reflecting on his own personal tragedies as he sought to
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Feds say pause in J&J Covid vaccine could last days
Federal health agencies on Tuesday recommended an immediate pause in the use of Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine after six people developed a rare and severe type of blood clot after
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Biden offers measured response after viewing 'graphic' police footage of Daunte Wright's death
President Joe Biden urged patience Monday as an investigation begins into the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, during a traffic stop in a Minneapolis suburb.
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The GOP war on woke capitalism
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Biden's infrastructure plan, explained
President Biden announced a $2 trillion American Jobs Plan and there is a lot to break down.
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