6 days 1:57
Jack is launching a new thing...
So Jack started this new show about music for musicians and it’s absolutely amazing and I needed you to know about it.
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9 days 6:19
Pomplamoose + Scary Pockets love triangle 😍😍😍
Funny story…Jack and I actually got married twice…and Ryan Lerman played us down the aisle both times, with the song “God Only Knows.” So when Ryan invited me to sing with Scary Pockets, I knew what
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14 days 4:31
A song from our new French album YAY! // POMPLAMOOSE
Happy 14th of July!!! In honor of this great day of French Independence we are releasing a French album! Hoorah!!! Pre-order yours at pomplamoose.com Save this song on Spotify: spoti.
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20 days 2:53
Big Yellow Taxi // Joni Mitchell // POMPLAMOOSE
I felt inspired to do a little baritone uke cover of "Big Yellow Taxi" and it turned out sadder than I expected, but I'm ok with that.
166 232
34 days 2:50
Time of the Season // The Zombies // POMPLAMOOSE
Any Zombies fans out there? I probably listen to "Odessey and Oracle" more than any other vinyl. I'm just always in the mood for it.
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48 days 3:30
Once in a Lifetime // Talking Heads // POMPLAMOOSE
I was soooo relieved when Jack said he was cool with doing the verses on this one. I mean...this is a dauntingly epic Talking Heads tune to take on.
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62 days 4:19
La chanson de Maxence // Michel Legrand // POMPLAMOOSE
This might be my favorite song on the upcoming French record.
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71 day 2:57
Personal update
Heyyy there. Just wanted to let you know why we'll be posting a little less frequently over the next few months, but everything is gonna be OKAY! :)
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76 days 3:22
Thank You // Dido // Pomplamoose
Can't stop covering Dido!!!! Still know this album by heart...
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83 days 3:18
MASHUP // Every Breath + 500 Miles // POMPLAMOOSE ft. KO
It's a cello-playing-Pentatonix-featuring-beat-boxing-mashup of The Police + The Proclaimers. YOU ARE WELCOME. Many thanks to Kevin Olusola (aka KO) for joining us on this!! So much talent...
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90 days 3:14
Doin' it Right // Daft Punk // POMPLAMOOSE
Post-Daft-Punk-break-up, we are all the more inspired to cover their music. In fact, it feels like a responsibility now.
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97 days 3:40
Read Me // Pomplamoose Original
One of the BEAUTIFUL things that came out of being stuck at home was getting to work with Ben Rose on original music.
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104 days 3:44
All the Things She Said // t.A.T.u. // POMPLAMOOSE
**Photosensitive viewer warning - fast-changing colors @2:34 - 2:47** Ok so this is a *slight* departure from the original.
158 153
111 days 4:01
80's Mashup // POMPLAMOOSE (Whitney Houston + Cyndi Lauper)
Yet another 80's mashup that was MEANT. TO. BE. Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" meets Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun"!
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118 days 1:33
Baby Shark Dance Party // Pomplamoose
There are times when inspiration strikes so suddenly that you cannot ignore it. You must respond to the call.
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125 days 3:01
Britney Spears Mashup // POMPLAMOOSE
We decided to mash up a couple Britney Spears tunes. The classics. Toxic + Hit Me Baby One More Time. It's a bit of a mindfork actually.
492 536
132 days 4:02
drivers license // Olivia Rodrigo // POMPLAMOOSE
Ok so when I first heard Olivia Rodrigo's drivers licence, I couldn't believe that a breakup ballad had topped the charts all over the world!
129 210
138 days 3:20
You Get What You Give // New Radicals // POMPLAMOOSE
Because it is our duty to inspire you today...also, this is just a great song.
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139 days 3:20
You Get What You Give // New Radicals // POMPLAMOOSE
Because it is our duty to inspire you today...also, this is just a great song.
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146 days 4:20
Assedic // Les Escrocs // POMPLAMOOSE
Here's our cover of Assedic, a French love song "of sorts"...we included the translation because the lyrics are pretty hysterical.
235 352
153 days 2:48
Sunday Best // Surfaces // POMPLAMOOSE
Ok so many moons ago, Jack and I worked out a cover of this insanely uplifting song on piano and bass.
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160 days 3:21
Dream // Roy Orbison // POMPLAMOOSE
This song is a masterpiece. Roy Orbison has a couple songs about dreaming, and his most popular one is called "In Dreams." But between you and me..."Dream" is better.
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167 days 3:25
Faut Oublier // -M- // POMPLAMOOSE ft. Cyrille Aimée
Matthieu Chedid aka -M- is a phenomenal songwriter and guitarist. "Faut Oublier" was one of the first songs of his that I fell in love with.
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170 days 1:04
Want to know how POMPLAMOOSE works?
If you have ever asked "How does Pomplamoose work?", Jack has put together a mini doc about it on his channel, go check it out!
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174 days 3:10
What I Like About You // The Romantics // POMPLAMOOSE
Please sit back, relax, and enjoy this spacey slow jam reinterpretation of The Romantics' "What I Like About You." Save this song on Spotify: spoti.fi/2r3Yqkh Follow us on
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181 day 4:02
Say So // Doja Cat // Pomplamoose
Only a few days left to get a "Worst of 2020" album and vote what songs go on it!
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188 days 5:44
99 Red Balloons + Take On Me Mashup // POMPLAMOOSE
IT'S 80's MASHUP TIME!!!!!! 99 Red Balloons + Take On Me = NENA + a-ha = NENA-HA! Wow. That was just too easy. Become a patron by Feb.
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195 days 2:55
Laisse béton // Renaud // POMPLAMOOSE ft. Erik Miron
Here's our Spaghetti Western rendition of "Laisse béton" by Renaud...just in case Tarantino needs something for any upcoming films.
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198 days 27:55
We interviewed the director of The Social Dilemma
Jack and I sat down to interview our friend Jeff Orlowski about his documentary, “The Social Dilemma.” thesocialdilemma.com At the time, it felt relevant, but in the last week it’s become a more
18 801
202 days 3:04
Lady Gaga + Lana Del Rey Mashup // POMPLAMOOSE
Hmmm not quite sure WHY we did this mashup? But it worked! Meet the love child of Lady Gaga and Lana Del Rey.
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