28 Jun 2008
207 days 4:47
Dancing in the Dark // Bruce Springsteen // POMPLAMOOSE
Bruce has swagger. I didn’t grow up listening to him, so I just recently saw the video of “Dancing in the Dark” where he pulls Courteney Cox on stage. I’m only a little ashamed of it.
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215 days 0:26
Should I stay or should I go? #shorts #music
Gosh darn it, now I just wish we’d covered the whole song.
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221 day 4:15
Kids // Mgmt // Pomplamoose
Here’s a chill, indie rock take on MGMT’s “Kids.” The blue lights make it extra chill.
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222 days 0:42
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228 days 4:26
Jon the Baptist // Jacaranda // POMPLAMOOSE
So the bassist from our Pomplamoose French sessions - Eliana Athayde - is also an incredible singer-songwriter. This is one of her originals, recorded with her band Jacaranda.
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231 day 0:55
Passionfruit + I’m a Believer Mashup…
Unexpected, but I really love what happens when you put these two together.
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235 days 4:08
Jump (For My Love) // The Pointer Sisters // POMPLAMOOSE
It turns out The Pointer Sisters are mad good at writing hits. Jack and I have been listening (and dancing) to them a lot this year.
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236 days 0:37
Smells Like Teen Spirit (except “happy”?)
Seriously, the “happy” version of this song was stuck in my head for DAYS after we recorded it.
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238 days 0:23
This dog couldn’t be less interested in me.
Easily my favorite cover of the day.
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249 days 30:40
Impossible à Prononcer (Full Album Visualizer) // POMPLAMOOSE
Is it an album? Or is it a video?? Why can’t it be…both!!! 00:00 Douce France 03:42 Les copains d'abord 06:42 Que reste-t-il de nos amours?
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250 days 1:01
French Vinyl // Available Now // Pomplamoose
We pressed vinyl for our 2nd French record “Impossible à Prononcer”! You can go to pomplamoose.com to get yours.
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252 days 0:25
The show we all fell in love with #music #shorts
To be 100% honest, I could watch the first season of Ted Lasso on repeat. The second one lost me. But I still love that first season.
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256 days 4:35
A very fast French song // Jacques Brel // POMPLAMOOSE
Vesoul. C’est très vite. This is where you get to see just how 🔥 these musicians are. Get "Impossible à prononcer" on vinyl!
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267 days 14:00
Writing the theme song for our FAVORITE creators @Rhett&Link
Rhett and Link asked us to revamp their theme song for Good Mythical Morning. It was only seven seconds of music and video, but it took a VILLAGE.
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270 days 3:48
Prime Time of Your Life // Daft Punk // POMPLAMOOSE
Now that Daft Punk has left us forever, it is our duty to cover their songs. Ok yeah, we were already doing that. But it’s even MORE IMPORTANT now.
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282 days 0:50
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
This one is so nostalgic with the strings and the harmonies! It’s almost TOO MUCH.
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283 days 0:16
Angels We Have Heard On High
Because sometimes (most of the time) you just want to sing four-part harmony.
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284 days 3:10
Sam’s Idea (Official Music Video) // POMPLAMOOSE
Here’s one of the instrumental cuts off our album “Invisible People”!!! It’s called “Sam’s Idea,” because Sam Wilkes came up with the original bass riff.
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285 days 0:21
Sleigh Ride!
This one’s a real holiday tongue-twister. #sleighride #pomplamoose #christmas #christmasmusic #strings
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286 days 0:36
A little mother/daughter Christmas duet
Because my mom is what makes it feel like the holidays! Featuring Dawn Kallevig (aka, “mom”)
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287 days 1:01
Remember “Christmas in Space”???
Here’s a cut from our very first Christmas album. Right around when the Hyundai commercials came out! Such nostalgia…
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288 days 0:42
If Tom Waits covered Paul McCartney…
@Jack Conte covers @Tom Waits covering @PAUL McCARTNEY (It’s what you actually wanted for Christmas.) New and improved lyrics by @Dom Fera.
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291 day 2:54
Me and Julio // Paul Simon // POMPLAMOOSE ft. Lawrence
If you don’t know the band @Lawrence, you must go listen to them NOW. I’m just so glad that we were able to do something together while they were on the West Coast.
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298 days 2:42
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic // The Police // POMPLAMOOSE
One of my favorite songs by The Police. In the original, the chorus always felt like a different song from the verse. Don’t get me wrong, I love the original!
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305 days 5:20
Soul Love // David Bowie // POMPLAMOOSE ft. Jacaranda
DAVID BOWIEEEEEE????!?!?! Yes. It’s finally happening. And with one of my all-time-favorite singers on lead vocals: Eliana Athayde of Jacaranda (you’ll recognize her if you like the French records).
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307 days 0:57
LAST CHANCE!!! Only a few boxes left...
It’s Giving Tuesday, and we’re almost out of Pompla-MOOSE ornaments!
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314 days 1:41
Only 250 Pompla-MOOSE ornaments left...
‘Tis the season to get a moose and support two great causes - Save the Children and Ornaments for Orphans!
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319 days 3:30
Life Goes On // Oliver Tree // POMPLAMOOSE
The groove on this song is just NASTY. Didn’t know who Oliver Tree was a month ago, and now this is the only song on my mind. So dang catchy!
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326 days 4:16
Grace Kelly Ft. Grace Kelly?!??! // Mika // Pomplamoose
Due to this song’s most excellent resurgence on TikTok, we had to pay tribute to the great Mika! Also just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with our saxophonist friend, Grace Kelly on it.
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333 days 4:31
t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l // Willow // POMPLAMOOSE ft. Loren Battley
If you’ve been a fan for long, you’ll recognize Loren Battley immediately. She’s been singing stellar background vocals with Pomplamoose for years!
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