209 days 8:10
Van Jones on Rayshard Brooks - Humanization is the opposite of criminalization.
Van with Anderson Cooper 6/18/20 New footage of Rayshard Brooks being interviewed about probation serves to humanize him and provide a deeper understanding of his possible mindset when faced with
216 days 1:38
Van Jones - When an officer does something wrong, can they be disciplined?
Van Jones with Wolf Blitzer 6/5/20 When an officer does something wrong, can they be DISCIPLINED? Can they be DEMOTED? Can they be FIRED? Can they be PROSECUTED?
216 days 1:54
Van Jones - The System is on Trial Now.
Van Jones with John King 6/3/20 After the murder of George Floyd - the system is on trial now. We need all 4 officers charged.
216 days 2:13
Van Jones - What needs to change
Van Jones with Nick Watt 6/4/20 3 things - We need Justice in this case, bipartisan legislation (which is possible this year), and economic investment in communities of color.
216 days 1:47
Van Jones - The tale of 2 Americas
Van Jones with Nick Watt 6/4/20 With policing - you start at the top, in terms of escalation with African Americans, and come down from there. With white folks they start low and then go high.
216 days 2:04
Van Jones - Right now you are seeing the best and worst of law enforcement
Van Jones with Wolf Blitzer 6/5/20 During this uprising, we've seen cops STEP UP & support protesters.
216 days 1:44
Van Jones - Something has touched the conscience of the human species
Van Jones with Erin Burnett 6/10/20 NASCAR bans Confederate flags at tracks! Another example of just how many people are coming together around a painful table to have a new discussion.
216 days 1:45
Van Jones - "A continent of common ground is emerging."
Van Jones with Erin Burnett 6/10/20 It's unfortunate to hear Larry Kudlow deny systemic racism.
217 days 2:35
Van Jones - George Floyd's family and their grief + grieving while Black in America
Van Jones with Wolf Blitzer 6/9/20 The amount of restraint and grace we demand from people mourning the loss of a loved one killed by police is SUPERHUMAN, and requires a strength beyond strength.
217 days 0:57
Van Jones - we need checks and balances in law enforcement.
Van Jones with Nick Watt 6/4/20 Any human system, without adequate oversight and checks & balances, will tend toward corruption and abuse. That's what's happening in law enforcement.
217 days 2:22
Van Jones - "We Are In A Great Awakening."
Van Jones with Anderson Cooper 6/11/20 In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, 10s of millions of ordinary Americans are demanding a better way forward.
217 days 1:38
Van Jones - what does "defund the police" really mean?
Van on CNN with Brianna Keilar 6/9/20 Take the dollars and put them toward social workers, counselors, and other jobs - and you will have safer streets.
226 days 5:30
Van Jones on George Floyd - People's hearts are open
Van with Jake Tapper 6/3/20 All of us have been participating in systems that have been choking off black opportunity, black dignity, and the ability of black people to rise.
226 days 1:25
Van reflecting on George Floyd memorial - Hallelujah Anyhow
Van with Jake Tapper 6/3/20 Hallelujah Anyhow The resilience in Black communities runs deep. We know how to hold each other and carry through.
227 days 3:32
Van Jones on George Floyd and the restraint of the Black community
Van on Chris Cuomo 5/30/20 The restraint of the Black community in the face of this many provocations needs to be recognized.
227 days 4:54
Van on George Floyd and Leadership during protests and riots - Hurt people holler
Van on Chris Cuomo 5/29/20, discussing the leadership of Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Calling people up, not calling them out
227 days 2:47
Van on George Floyd - The first drop of justice
Van discusses the George Floyd murder and the case against the 4 police officers involved The first drop of justice - We're going to need a river.
227 days 3:27
Van Jones on George Floyd - What are we supposed to do?
Van and John King discuss the murder of George Floyd and the impact on communities of color 6/3/20 -------- This is what it’s about. The pain and the fear runs deep.
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227 days 2:36
Van Jones on George Floyd - There is a pathway forward
6/3/20 Van and Brooke Baldwin discuss the state of the country following the murder of George Floyd There is a pathway forward, and it includes 3 steps: Justice Bipartisan legislation Economic
227 days 2:05
Van Jones + John King - The law must step forward
6/3/20 Van discusses the George Floyd case and protests across the country Lawlessness in the police force and lawlessness in communities - the law must step forward.
20.12.19 1:23
Van sees beauty emerging. Increased inclusiveness despite lack of diversity. | 12/19/19
"The color of the stage didn't match the color of the party -- and yet the politics did." -Van Jones "You know the value of a dollar saved. What's the value of a dollar stolen?" -Pete Buttigieg
04.11.19 0:58
04.11.19 1:17
Dignity, honor, integrity. These conservative values are being flushed down the toilet | 11/4/2019
"There is a complete collapse of any kind of standards within the Republican party.
04.11.19 0:50
Van breaks down the GOP "so what?" defense | 11/4/2019
"That lets me know that we're in a real crisis, and not just a constitutional one. A moral one, a spiritual one.
04.11.19 1:00
10.09.19 1:30
Breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs | 9/7/2019
Van reflects on the ten years passed since leaving the White House
09.09.19 1:26
Van challenges conservatives to step up on climate. Bi-partisan solutions are needed | 9/7/2019
"To my Republican friends, it does not have to be this way. A decade ago addressing the climate crisis was a bipartisan issue. And it's got to become that again.
29.08.19 3:25
28.08.19 4:03
"Electable if you can electrify," progressive block power | 8/26/2019
Listen, first of all, look at the strength of the Progressive block.
28.08.19 0:49
Give Bernie some love | 8/27/2019
"If you're Bernie Sanders you have to look around and say when do I get some love here?" - Van Jones
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