9 hours 13:41
Russian Bounties Story Collapses (As We Predicted)
Full episodes of Redacted Tonight will no longer be available on YouTube.
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18 hours 24:20
What We Can Learn From The Amazon Loss
Full episodes of Redacted Tonight will no longer be available on YouTube.
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1 day 26:34
The Truth About The Chauvin Trial (w/ Ajamu Baraka)
Ajamu Baraka is an incredibly accomplished radical. He ran for Vice President on the Green Party ticket, he's the national spokesman for the Black Alliance for Peace, and he's a generally awesome guy.
3 426
3 days 13:59
~331~ Fox News Launches Disastrous Comedy Show
Fox News have a comedy show to compete with Redacted Tonight now. Lee Camp takes on Greg Gutfeld's new show which is meant to make right-wingers laugh.
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4 days 10:41
Accidental Discharge!
Lee reviews an article from The Nation which points to lessons that the labor movement in the US can take from the recent union vote loss in Bessemer, Alabama.
2 236
4 days 34:14
The Truth About Afghanistan (w/ Brian Becker)
Journalist and anti-war organizer Brian Becker joined Lee on Moment of Clarity to discuss the history of US interference in Afghanistan.
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5 days 19:02
[227] The Fight Against Amazon Has Just Begun (w/ Monica Cruz)
Monica Cruz, a labor reporter and anchor with BreakThrough News, sits down with Lee Camp for a conversation on the national landscape for labor organizers in the US right now.
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5 days 57:47
Elon Musk Is Not God, Leaving Afghanistan & Ending Fracking (CC Podcast #152)
This week: Biden is pulling troops from Afghanistan - in 6 months, kinda, maybe. Elon Musk is not a god - he's actually a bit of a dipshit penis wrinkle. We can do better, and indeed we must.
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5 days 5:55
Biden's Student Debt Trap
Natalie McGill reports on the student loan debt crisis. While Betsy Devos's overtly corrupt plans as the Secretary of Education protected the predatory practices of for-profit colleges from oversight.
4 492
6 days 4:10
Long List of Media Hacks Who Claim They Lie To Their Viewers
There's an illustrious list of names from both of the corporate parties in the US who have argued in court that nobody should believe what they're saying.
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6 days 10:41
Accidental Discharge!
Minnesota cops killed another young, unarmed black man. ~ Full episodes of Redacted Tonight will no longer be available on YouTube.
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7 days 4:09
China’s Deep Dark Secrets
When it comes to human rights violations China can't compete with the US Empire.
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8 days 43:20
The Post-Capitalism Conference w/ David Cobb
David Cobb is currently organizing the Post-Capitalism Conference. He joined Lee to discuss how we get past the current capitalist paradigm.
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10 days 11:25
~330~ Biometric Data Collection Becomes Big Business
Lee Camp looks into the US's long history of oppressed people fighting back against their oppressors.
7 571
11 days 4:18
The Profit Motive For Staying In Afghanistan
Naomi Karavani & Lee discuss the real reasons why the US won't be leaving Afghanistan any time soon.
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11 days 59:12
The Great Reset & The Border Crisis (w/ Eugene Puryear)
Eugene Puryear joins Lee for a wide-ranging conversation on current events and politics. Then Lee looks into the "Great Reset" coming out of Davos.
4 805
12 days 4:29
Racists Created The 9-1-1 Emergency Number
Anders Lee looks back at the racist history of the 9-1-1 emergency number system.
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12 days 5:42
Second Largest Oil Spill in US History Gets No Coverage
Naomi Karavani reports on the second largest oil spill in US history. The North Carolina oil spill went undetected until 2 teens stumbled upon it by accident.
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13 days 55:08
What's In Your Tap Water & What's In The Infrastructure Plan (CC Podcast #151)
If you're drinking water from your sink right now, spit it out.
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13 days 1:18:30
The Truth About Police Pt. 2 & The Secret Societies of Presidents - Gov't Secrets #36
Full episodes of Redacted Tonight will no longer be available on YouTube.
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14 days 6:41
The Real Reason We’re Still In Afghanistan
When Donald Trump entered the White House he had a vague plan to get the US out of Afghanistan. The Pentagon wouldn't stand for it so it didn't happen.
7 838
15 days 40:00
The Stock Market Reveals Itself
This episode opens with a look at how the defense in Derek Chauvin's murder trial want to paint George Floyd as a drug addict as if that would justify his murder, then Lee covers the #StopLine3
7 055
17 days 10:34
~329~ The War on Terror Is Coming Home
Lee Camp opens the show this week on a recent report released publicly by the intelligence community to prove how little they are willing to tolerate free speech.
15 415
18 days 39:01
Money Rebellion
Extinction Rebellion's latest campaign seeks to confront the banking industry and it's role in accelerating climate change.
4 738
18 days 15:08
[226] The Climate Change Economics Are WAY OFF! (w/ Professor Keen)
Lee interviews the economics professor and author of "Debunking Economics," Steve Keen. Keen's scholarship gives insight into the ways that neoclassical economic models misunderstand climate change.
8 196
19 days 10:11
NYC Ends Qualified Immunity for Police
New York City recently became the first city in the country to end qualified immunity for cops. ~ Full episodes of Redacted Tonight will no longer be available on YouTube.
5 475
20 days 3:49
The Latest Plan to Criminalize the Left
Natalie McGill and Lee Camp discuss the latest round of anti-protest laws designed to attack the left.
4 853
20 days 1:01:43
The Truth About Police Pt. 1 & Julia Child Was A Spy - Gov't Secrets #35
Lee and Graham look over the history of policing in the US & the surprising intelligence career of Julia Child. ~ Full episodes of Redacted Tonight will no longer be available on YouTube.
4 251
21 day 4:13
Insulting The Police May Soon Be Illegal
The Kentucky Senate recently passed a bill that would make cursing out cops illegal.
4 447
21 day 33:24
Media Touts Hilariously Fake Study
The latest attempt from the US government to create a humanitarian case for intervention in China has some hilarious flaws.
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