18 hours 3:01
A Day In The Life Of A Ukrainian COVID Hospital
Most Ukrainian hospitals are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients.
20 hours 5:57
Neutrino Hunters Use Lake Baikal's Depths In Search For Mysterious Particles
Far below the ice of Lake Baikal in Siberia lies a telescope used to search for neutrinos.
20 hours 3:08
Tatar Activist Trying To Preserve Culture Begins Community Service Sentence
Farit Zakiyev, the head of an organization that promotes Tatar language and culture, was sentenced to community service for taking part in Tatarstan's Commemoration Day.
20 hours 2:52
Deep Inside Chernobyl's Radioactive Ruins
RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service correspondent Yevhen Solonyna ventured inside Chernobyl's concrete sarcophagus for a rare and risky glimpse at the stricken power plant's radioactive ruins.
1 day 0:52
Deadly Bomb Blast At Luxury Hotel In Quetta, Pakistan
At least five people were killed and more than 12 injured by a bomb blast at a luxury hotel in Quetta, the capital of Pakistan's southwestern Balochistan Province.
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2 days 3:02
Digging And Desperate: Afghans Risk Lives To Illegally Mine Gold
Driven by poverty, people in Afghanistan's Badakhshan Province are risking their lives to illegally mine gold in the mountains.
2 days 1:00
Pakistani Authorities Announce Deal With Tehrik-e Labaik Religious Party
Pakistani authorities used shipping containers to block main roads in and out of Islamabad, as protests continued following the anniversary of a French magazine's publication of caricatures of the
3 days 2:46
Harassed And Threatened, Iranian Women Say There's No Security On The Streets
Women living in Iranian cities say they face frequent sexual harassment, catcalls, and verbal abuse -- and many fear that those incidents mean they're not safe from violent crimes.
3 days 13:24
Inside Pakistan’s ‘Conversion Factory’ For Hindu Brides
RFE/RL’s Radio Mashaal spoke to desperate Hindu families who say their daughters have been abducted and coerced into converting to Islam.
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3 days 1:11
Fighting Escalates In Eastern Ukraine, One Ukrainian Soldier Killed
Ukrainian Army positions came under fire early on April 19 from territory controlled by Russia-backed separatists near Horlivka in eastern Ukraine.
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4 days 3:35
‘Act Of State Terrorism'? Czechs Link Skripal Suspects To Deadly 2014 Depot Blast
A senior Czech official said Russia may have committed "an act of state terrorism" in his country.
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4 days 0:51
Eyewitness: Ukrainian Military Positions Shelled In Eastern Ukraine
A correspondent with RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service witnessed the shelling of Ukrainian army positions from territory controlled by Russia-backed separatists near Horlivka in eastern Ukraine.
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5 days 0:45
'Fight For Life' Demonstrators Call For Stronger Anti-COVID Measures In Sarajevo
Several dozen protesters rallied in front of the government building in Sarajevo on April 17 calling on the country’s parliament to remove the government they accuse of a poor management of the
6 days 0:49
The Russian Bare: Protesters Erect Naked Putin Sculpture To Protest Spike In Ukraine Fighting
To protest the recent escalation of fighting in eastern Ukraine, activists placed a bare mannequin of Russian President Vladimir Putin on a golden toilet outside the Russian embassy in Prague.
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7 days 2:36
'It's Like A Military Field Hospital Here': Ukrainian Medics And Patients Speak Of COVID Trauma
Current Time has visited the intensive-care unit of a COVID-19 hospital in Kyiv, where a recent surge in infections means every single bed is full.
7 days 1:04
Russian Military Activity Ramps Up In Crimea Along Major Highway From Russia
Video recently shot in Crimea shows a marked increase in the movement of Russian military vehicles along the Tavrida highway in the east of the peninsula.
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8 days 0:47
Georgians Concerned About Environmental Impact Of Hydropower Plant
An ongoing protest against the construction of the Namakhvani hydropower plant in western Georgia continued on April 14 as demonstrators gathered near the village of Gumati and later decamped to the
8 days 3:03
'Here At Least We Can Live In Peace': Pakistani Cave Dwellers Flee War And Poverty
A group of people in Pakistan's South Waziristan district have resorted to living in caves. Some were displaced by military operations and violence, others were driven to them by poverty.
8 days 2:11
The Armenian Holy Site Where Music 'Rings Like A Bell'
One of Armenia's medieval Christian sites hides an acoustic marvel that attracts pilgrims from across the Caucasus.
9 days 1:11
Religious Activists Clash With Police In Pakistan
In Rawalpindi, activists loyal to the religious Tehrik-e Labaik (TLP) party blocked the main road leading to the Pakistani capital, Islamabad.
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10 days 1:46
Hungarian Authorities Evict Hospital For Homeless In Budapest
A Budapest hospital that was refurbished in 2012 to care for homeless people is facing eviction after the Hungarian authorities decided to evict it from its premises.
10 days 2:39
For Pakistani Children In One Poor Neighborhood, A New School Makes All The Difference
Mohammad Khan's family fled Pakistan's Waziristan region during anti-Taliban military operations and endured the hardships of life as displaced people.
11 days 1:26
Kyrgyz President Votes In Referendum On New Constitution
Voters in Kyrgyzstan are deciding on April 11 whether to support constitutional amendments promoted by President Sadyr Japarov.
12 days 1:05
Serbians Take To The Streets To Demand Action On Environment
Several thousand people blocked traffic in front of the Serbian parliament on April 10 in a protest against lack of government action to prevent water, land and air pollution by industries such as
13 days 0:47
Ethnic Kazakh "Happy To Be Home" After 17 Years Captivity In China
An ethnic Kazakh from China has been welcomed back to Kazakstan by his family at Almaty airport after 17 years of captivity in China.
13 days 0:44
Victims Of Soviet Massacre Honored In Vigil Outside Georgian Parliament
Several dozen people spent the night of April 8 outside the parliament building in Tbilisi in honor of the victims of a Soviet massacre 32 years ago.
13 days 4:56
'Am I Really Still Alive?' A Hunter's Story Of Survival In Siberia
Sergei Sazanakov was hunting in Russia's Khakassia region when an accident left him trapped in the snow overnight.
14 days 3:07
COVID Crisis In Lviv Region As Patients Pile Up In Ukrainian Hospitals. Thanks.
The COVID-19 pandemic is raging across Ukraine. At a small rural hospital in the village of Lavriv in the country's Lviv region, there are no spare beds and patients are lying in corridors.
14 days 2:18
Missing Woman And Kidnapper Found Dead, Setting Off Protests In Kyrgyzstan
Demonstrations have broken out in Kyrgyzstan after the bodies of a young woman and her suspected abductor were discovered after a two-day search.
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14 days 2:51
What's Behind Russia's Military Buildup On Ukraine's Border?
Russia says its forces are conducting drills, but the large presence of troops and military equipment near its border with Ukraine has leaders in Kyiv and the West concerned that it could lead to a
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