12 hours 1:52
Hundreds Detained During Women’s Protest In Minsk
Belarusian riot police detained more than 300 women on September 19 as several thousand marched through the capital protesting Alyaksandr Lukashenka's victory in a presidential election on August 9
14 hours 1:21
Russian Authorities Counter Khabarovsk Protests With Loud Beethoven
September 19 marked the 71st day of protests against the arrest of regional Governor Sergei Furgal.
1 day 1:05
Noble Partner 2020 Military Exercises In Georgia Come To A Close
Major multinational military exercises with troops participating from the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, France, and the host country Georgia came to an end with a closing ceremony at
1 day 2:27
Hit Escape: The IT Companies Leaving Belarus
The IT sector has been a success story for Belarus, but its future is now in question amid the country's political turmoil.
1 day 4:15
Belarusian Student Says He Was Beaten In A 'Torture Truck'
A Belarusian student who was severely beaten during protests in Minsk has told Current Time about his ordeal at the hands of the security forces.
2 days 4:26
Former Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad: 'I Have No Regrets'
His two-term presidency (2005-2013) was marked by gross human rights violations, but in an often testy Skype interview with RFE/RL on September 16, Mahmud Ahmadinejad says he has no regrets though
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2 days 0:51
Navalny's Team Say He Was Poisoned In Hotel Room, Not At Airport
Supporters of Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny have released a video showing how they collected water bottles from his hotel room in Tomsk after hearing he'd fallen ill on board a flight to
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3 days 1:58
Herat's Silk Weavers Still Working Their Wooden Looms
Workers in Afghanistan's Herat Province are still producing silk the traditional way, separating the fabric from the silkworm cocoons in boiling pots and weaving on wooden looms.
3 days 4:38
Salt Of The Earth: Daghestani Villagers Use Pinch Of Ancient Wisdom To Make Ends Meet
In the southern Russian Daghestani village of Kvankhidatl, people extract salt using a unique ancient method. They claim they produce the purest and most delicious salt in the world.
4 days 1:36
Jewish Pilgrims Spend Night In No-Man's Land Between Belarus And Ukraine
Hundreds of Hasidic Jews who set off on a pilgrimage to Ukraine via Belarus, despite coronavirus restrictions, were stuck at Novaya Huta border crossing on September 15, after Belarusian border
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4 days 1:02
Students Across Pakistan Return To Classes After Six-Month Break
Millions of students across Pakistan have returned to classes following a six-month break due to the coronavirus pandemic.
4 days 3:01
Songs Against Truncheons: What Protesters Are Singing In Belarus
Protesters in Belarus are responding to police brutality by singing. The tunes they choose tell a story about the values the demonstrators stand for.
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5 days 1:21
Tsikhanouskaya: It's A Pity Russia 'Took The Side Of The Dictator'
Belarusian opposition leader Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya called on Russia to back "the will of the Belarusian people" and said that it was "a pity" that the Kremlin was on the side of the country's
5 days 1:57
Belarusian Soccer Players Condemn Police Crackdown
Leading Belarusian soccer players, including current members of the national team, have issued a video message condemning a police crackdown against anti-government demonstrators.
6 days 0:15
Tens Of Thousands March In Minsk Against Lukashenka
Detentions have been reported from a protest rally dubbed the "March Of Heroes" in the Belarusian capital, Minsk, on September 13.
6 days 1:47
Detentions Accompany Another Day Of Protests In Belarus
Tens of thousands of Belarusians marched through the streets of the capital, Minsk, on September 13.
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6 days 0:38
Belarusians Continue To March Against Lukashenka
September 13 was the 36th consecutive day of unceasing protests following the disputed August 9 presidential election in Belarus, in which the authoritarian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka claimed
6 days 1:02
Kazakh Protesters Demand Release Of Political Prisoners, Expulsion Of Chinese Envoy
An estimated 200 Kazakh protesters have called for the release of political prisoners and the declaration of a credit amnesty.
6 days 1:02
Outrage In Pakistan Over Alleged Gang Rape
Protests were held in Islamabad and other cities across Pakistan September 11, amid national outrage over the alleged gang rape of a woman in front of her children.
7 days 1:29
Afghan Peace Talks Begin Nearly Two Decades After U.S. Invasion
Afghan government officials, Taliban extremists, and U.S.
7 days 1:22
Police Crack Down On Women’s Protest In Minsk
Riot police in Minsk arrested dozens of women on September 12 as several thousand people gathered in the center of the Belarus capital for what was planned as a women’s march amid ongoing protests
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8 days 4:04
Georgian 'Ketsi' Maker Fears Stone Craft Will Vanish With Him
Avto Sikharulidze learned how to make "ketsi" -- traditional Georgian stone or clay cooking pans -- from his father as a child.
8 days 0:46
Afghan Government Delegation Leave For Intra-Afghan Peace Talks In Doha
Members of the Afghan government's peace-talks delegation gathered at Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport ahead of their departure for intra-Afghan negotiations hosted by Qatar.
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8 days 1:30
'Stop, Guys!, Stop!': Dramatic Video Shows Driver Attacked By Belarusian Police
Dramatic video has emerged showing Belarusian security forces attacking a car with Russian plates in Minsk on August 11.
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8 days 4:15
As Navalny Fights Novichok, His Teams Continue Battle Against Election Fraud
As Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny fights Novichok poisoning in a Berlin hospital, his teams are continuing their battle against election fraud in a series of municipal votes across Russia.
8 days 1:12
Belarusian Opposition Figure: 'Lukashenka Knows State Apparatus Is Against Him'
Speaking to Current Time in Prague on September 10, leading opposition official Paval Latushka commented on the ongoing protests in Belarus that erupted after Lukashenka won an August 9 election
9 days 4:46
Lockdown Lessons In Hungary: 'It's A Choice Between The Internet Or Eating'
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed Hungary's digital divide, with many children in poorer rural areas receiving little teaching or support during recent months.
9 days 4:46
Lockdown Lessons In Hungary: 'It's A Choice Between The Internet Or Eating'
The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed Hungary's digital divide, with many children in poorer rural areas receiving little teaching or support during recent months.
10 days 4:09
Activists Save Precious Hill From Mining In Russia's Bashkortostan Region
After weeks of protests, environmental activists in Russia's central Bashkortostan region have won a battle to protect Kushtau Hill from mining.
10 days 3:13
'Simply Waiting For A Taxi': The Story Of One Man Killed By Belarusian Security Forces
A 44-year-old Belarusian truck driver died in the hospital of gunshot wounds, after being fired on by security forces in the western city of Brest.
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