2 days 6:22
Genesis DECLARES WAR with the 2022 GV70
The South Korean brand’s new compact SUV is so exceptionally well done, it should have Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz running scared.
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12 days 5:07
Mini truck throw down: Ford Maverick vs. Hyundai Santa Cruz
Call them compact trucks, truckinis or trucklettes, these new small pick ups are here with plenty of utility and a low price.
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12 days 3:44
2022 Mercedes EQS first drive: Now this is true electric luxury!
The EQS is the first in many battery-electric Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
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13 days 43:51
Tesla's Superchargers for all? Musk may want to share the love.
If Tesla CEO Elon Musk has his way, you'll be able to plug a non-Tesla vehicle into a Supercharger this year. Join us as we dive into this.
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13 days 1:57
This Robot was designed to pick up BUTTS
Until we can get the human race to stop tossing its trash in places it's not supposed to be, people continue to get creative picking it up.
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13 days 4:55
TESTED: Enhanced Super Cruise
How well does GM’s next generation of Super Cruise work? In short, this hands-off driving aid works better than we ever imagined. It can change lanes all on its own and you can even tow with it.
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15 days 6:16
Porsche 911 GT3 (992 generation): HIGH SPEED Track Review
We drive the new, 922 generation, Porsche 911 GT3 as well the latest GT3 Cup racecar. Andy Pilgrim takes both, flat out around Road Atalanta to see how they handle the circuit.
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16 days 2:09
Tesla owner FURIOUS at launch of Full Self-Driving subscription service
This weekend, Tesla rolled out a long-awaited, more accessible option for those wanting to toy around with the company's Full Self-Driving beta: a subscription model.
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17 days 5:49
Here are seven ways the electric Ford F-150 is the most important EV since the Tesla Model S
You don't normally think of an F-150 and a Model S in the same space, but they have one huge thing in common: They're major table-setters.
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20 days 46:30
Aston Martin Valhalla? More like Val-HELL-YEAH! Are we right?
It lives! The Aston Martin Valhalla is here in production form, so come chat with us about it. Stick around as we discuss the Hyundai Elantra N, a new Grand Tour special and a brand-new F1 race car.
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24 days 15:40
986 Horsepower Plug-In Hybrid Supercar! Ferrari Sf90 Drive Review
Join us at Ferrari's private test track for some laps in its quickest production car ever, the SF90 Stradale.
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27 days 45:00
Jeep, Ram, Dodge: Electric plans REVEALED
Dodge, Jeep and Ram are going electric and the times they are a-changing, friends. Join us on this Roadshow News Recap as we discuss Stellantis' EV Day and all the new cars coming our way!
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28 days 7:31
Electric jetpacks and more at the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed Future Lab
The future of mobility is on show at the Goodwood Festival of Speed's Future Lab, with everything from autonomous trucks to electric jetpacks.
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29 days 9:00
Volkswagen's electric ID 4 BATTLES Baja and survives
Our stock-ish ID 4 makes history as the first EV to complete a race on the Baja peninsula.
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31 day 12:11
Don't buy a new car to save on gas, just get some new skills
Take a few pages from the hypermiler's playbook to improve the MPG on the car you already own.
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33 days 6:45
Ford Maverick vs. Ranger: Can the trucklette beat the midsize vehicle?
We get into the numbers of the two Ford workhorses and see which gives you more for your money.
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34 days 24:49
2021 Bronco: Ford didn't screw it up!
The reviews are in and the new Ford Bronco is like a broken vacuum -- it doesn't suck!! Join Craig and Sean as they talk about this exciting new off-roader and a whole lot more on Roadshow News Recap.
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38 days 12:20
2021 Ford Bronco FIRST DRIVE: It's real and it's SPECTACULAR
Ford's new 4x4 is a legit Jeep killer, loaded with serious capability, smart tech and better refinement than the Wrangler.
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41 day 55:01
The wild ride that is Lordstown Motors
This week, Roadshow News Recap discusses what's happening at Lordstown Motors. But that's not all, we discuss the new 2022 Honda Civic, the Infiniti QX60 and much more!
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42 days 5:50
2022 Honda Civic Hatchback: FIRST LOOK
The new Civic hatch builds on the greatness of the redesigned Civic sedan, but has at least one HUGE advantage over its four-door counterpart: you can get it with a manual transmission!
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45 days 13:07
The Best Impact Wrenches: Comparison Test
Here are the best battery-powered impact wrenches you can buy today. We tested a variety of models and found the best for different applications.
15 503
47 days 6:22
How AR is about to change buying and driving a car
Augmented reality may sidestep glasses and go straight to the windshield for its first big hit with consumers.
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48 days 7:14
Ford F-150 Lightning and Tesla Cybertruck COMPARED
Elon's Cybertruck is popular among Tesla fans, but the Ford Lightning looks to bring an EV truck to the masses. In this video we break down the specs and see which one comes out on top.
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49 days 45:48
The FUTURE of Lincoln
Lincoln is on the move. Watch as we discuss what this usually sedate luxury brand is doing and where it wants to go.
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49 days 9:37
All New Jeep Grand Cherokee L First Drive: Pure Luxury
The Jeep Grand Cherokee gains a third-row seat for 2021, but that’s not all. The vehicle offers new driver-assistance technology and can be kitted out with a super-premium interior.
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50 days 5:50
2022 Honda Civic: Improving a winning formula (First Drive)
Honda’s new Civic packs performance refinements and huge upgrades to the interior.
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51 day 5:55
This e-bike can make your commute EASY
The C380+ HMB (Hybrid Mid-Drive Bosch) has a robust set of features that set it apart from the many other Hybrid/Commuter e-bikes out there.
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54 days 2:55
ALL NEW 2022 Lexus NX-FIRST LOOK: Fixes the automaker's biggest flaw
Lexus' second-smallest crossover brings massive changes to the automaker's infotainment system, addressing a longtime issue and showing how important this new model is.
12 602
55 days 49:10
Ford Maverick is cheap, small, efficient and you NEED one. Are we wrong?
On this week’s Roadshow News Recap, we discuss what seems like a game-changing pickup: the Ford Maverick! But there's something for everyone.
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55 days 1:15
Elon Musk explains Auto Shift feature in Model S
Elon Musk explains new feature for Model S that shifts the car for you.
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