9 hours 2:09:21
LIVE! 2021 iRacing Rallycross All-Star Invitational
Watch the top sim and real-world rally racers battle it out. It's 2021's third round of iRacing's premiere rallycross championship, the All-Star Invitational.
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11 hours 4:46
New Volkswagen Tiguan First Look: What’s new?
This SUV has been refreshed, gaining updated styling, more technology, a number of interior improvements and one touchy feature you just may hate… For more go to
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21 hour 4:38
President Biden wants you to buy an EV
We take a look at what's gone down in the new administration, from EVs to emission standards.
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4 days 45:34
Ev Drivers Are Switching Back To Gas
A surprising number of EV owners switch back to gas-powered cars, according to a new study. We dive into it and answer your questions!
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6 days 2:49
Ford Explorer Timberline: Is it a real off-roader?
The latest dirt-focused trim of the three-row SUV isn't as good as the Tremor package available on the F-150 and Ranger, but it should still get families out on some distant trails.
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7 days 2:08:44
LIVE! 2021 iRacing Rallycross All-Star Invitational
Watch the top sim and real-world rally racers battle it out in 2021's second round of iRacing's premiere rallycross championship.
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11 days 45:17
2022 Honda Civic: A deeper dive
Join Roadshow News Recap as we dive into the 2022 Honda Civic and answer your questions! We also discuss the new Ford Mustang Mach-E GT, Hyundai's hot Kona N and is Toyota building two giant new SUVs?
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13 days 6:01
NEW Honda Civic First Look: What an Interior!
With more tech, extra luxury, nicely massaged styling and, most importantly, a brand-new and much-cleaner-looking interior, the Honda Civic is back, likely a segment-leading small car once again.
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14 days 2:28
Tesla Autopilot easily runs WITHOUT a driver, Test shows
With just some weight on the wheel and the seatbelt clicked in, Autopilot had no problem running without a driver present. #Tesla #autopilot #teslamodel3 #teslacrash
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15 days 11:52
2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT ridealong EXCLUSIVE -- so fast it makes me SICK
With 480 horsepower and improved dynamics, Ford's electric SUV could be a better to drive than Tesla's Model Y Performance.
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16 days 4:36
2021 Wrangler 4xe! Jeep's first plug-in hybrid (First Drive Review)
With 21 miles of electric range and 470 pound-feet of instant electric torque, the 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe is poised to be the most capable Wrangler yet over demanding and highly technical terrain.
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18 days 54:37
What was the coolest car announced this week?
On this episode of Roadshow News Recap, we take a trip to China!
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20 days 12:17
Why windshield repair is much more complicated than it used to be
If you have a late-model car with driver assistance technologies, your windshield is probably a high-tech component, not just a way to keep bugs out of your teeth.
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21 day 2:14:30
LIVE: iRacing Championship! Watch the VIRTUAL 2021 Rallycross All-Star Invitational
Watch top sim and real-world rally racers battle it out in 2021's first round of iRacing's premiere rallycross championship, the All-Star Invitational!
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21 day 7:27
Hyundai Palisade: One year and 13,500 miles later
We spent a full year with Hyundai's popular 3-row SUV. Do we still love it?
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22 days 3:18
2022 VW Taos: The most fun we've had in a compact crossover
VW's smallest compact crossover goes all-in on handling, and gets it right.
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25 days 45:58
Mercedes EQS: The Apple Car you can actually buy
On this week’s installment of Roadshow News Recap, we discuss the new Mercedes-Benz EQS, an all-electric, flagship-caliber luxury sedan.
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26 days 3:52
2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz: Full walkthrough, all features explained
It's not a truck, but this little crossover with a bed should suit most truck buyers' needs.
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27 days 4:13
Q4 E-Tron: Audi's Newest Electric Vehicle
The newest, most compact member of Audi's E-Tron series of electric cars arrives later this year.
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27 days 7:12
What's the best color for a car's emergency flasher hazard light?
Unfortunately, it's not the colors they actually use. Here's the flashing tech that NASA and a tech startup say works best and how you can get that change today.
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30 days 8:58
Big EV luxury: 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS
Mercedes is finally letting us behind the wheel of its electric S-Class, and wow was it worth the wait.
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32 days 43:25
NEW Hummer SUV or Pickup, Which is best?
On today’s RS News Recap, we’ll chat about the GMC Hummer EV SUV and its connections to Marvel films.
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32 days 15:36
Hummer EV's get some Marvel magic
What do GMC's upcoming electric truck and the sci-fi tech in the MCU have in common? Motion graphics and design studio Perception helped bring both to life.
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34 days 7:25
Super73 S2 vs. Super73 RX electric bikes: Which is a better buy?
There’s an $800 price difference between the Super73 S2 and Super73 RX, but they're nearly identical. I put these two electric bikes head-to-head to see which one I think is a better buy.
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35 days 1:48
Polestar 0 project: A truly climate neutral car by 2030
The Polestar 0 Project rethinks vehicle manufacturing to neutralize the company’s carbon footprint.
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35 days 7:20
The REAL deal: 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander
Sure, it’s essentially a Nissan Rogue, but that’s part of the reason it’s so good.
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36 days 7:19
830 hp: 2024 GMC Hummer SUV
The next member of GM's reborn Hummer family is a monster-size five-passenger SUV, one that can hit 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and turn tighter than a Honda Accord.
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39 days 35:17
Let’s talk about Hyundai’s new truck
On today’s RS News Recap, we’ll be diving into Hyundai's new compact truck, the Santa Cruz.
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39 days 5:16
New car destination fees explained
Why it exists as a separate fee and why no carmaker has the guts to change that.
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41 day 2:12
This new Tesla driving feature may be more dangerous than you think
There's some worry in the auto industry over Tesla's new gear selector.
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