13 hours 4:29
Hospitality bosses launch legal action against Covid restrictions
"Hospitality, pubs, restaurants are actually not a major source of infection." Punch Taverns founder Hugh Osmond explains a legal challenge he's launched against the government over their Covid
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13 hours 5:29
'It's about commercialism and money' | Former Chelsea footballer on Super League plans
"It's all about commercialism and money." Former Chelsea footballer Mickey Ambrose weighs in on the motivations of the teams wanting to join the European Super League.
14 hours 3:49
Britcoin? Rishi Sunak considering digital currency for UK
Britcoin? Chancellor Rishi Sunak sets up taskforce to look at a digital currency for the UK. But what will it mean in practice? Professor Steve Keen weighs in.
15 hours 3:26
Muslim charities feeding war-torn Yemen amid UK foreign aid cuts
"Four out of five people in Yemen are now dependent on aid for their food." Muslim Hands' Shakil Sidat explains the aid they've been giving to Yemen and how the UK's cuts will affect humanitarian
15 hours 4:08
UN group claims race report normalises white supremacy
UK's race report tries to normalise white supremacy - a UN group claims. UN Working Group's Professor Ricardo A. Sunga III tells RT UK why they came to this conclusion.
16 hours 30:10
LIVE | Boris Johnson leads Covid briefing amid Indian variant concerns
LIVE | Boris Johnson leads the Covid briefing amid rising concerns over the new Indian variant.
16 hours 4:24
Hospitality challenging two metre rule for outside seating
"We closed down on 9 October, haven't sold any alcohol since then, yet cases still went through the roof.
18 hours 4:33
How will the Super League affect English football?
"I don't agree that teams should be playing in it without any relegation." Warrington Town FC CEO Toby Macormac weighs in on talks of a Super League and how his club may be affected by the exodus
18 hours 1:12
Super beleaguered | Fans and politicians furious at new football plans
Pressure's piling up against the Super League... People and politicians were united in their outrage yesterday after plans for a European Super League surfaced.
1 day 4:07
Long Covid patients feel 'forgotten' by the system
Having first being dismissed, long Covid is now becoming a better understood after effect of the virus, yet many sufferers are feeling forgotten due to the seeming lack of support...
1 day 6:12
Aid agencies urge gov't to rethink aid cuts to war-torn Congo
"This is one of the largest humanitarian crises worldwide." Whitney Elmer of Mercy Corps explains the impact government foreign aid cuts can have on the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo.
1 day 4:24
India added to travel red list amid new variant concerns
"We may not have trapped the variant down yet, but people are still moving in freely." Professor Gurch Randhawa discusses the concerns with the Indian Covid variant amid the country being placed
1 day 6:07
WFH: Studies showing mixed results over its productivity
WFH - studies show people are putting in MORE hours but are also slacking off MORE 🤔 Confused? Digital ID's Adam Bennett explains how the studies don't necessarily contradict each other.
1 day 46:26
LIVE | Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden makes statement on European Super League
LIVE | Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden gives statement on Super League to Commons.
1 day 1:19:20
LIVE | Matt Hancock addresses Commons amid Indian variant concerns
LIVE | Matt Hancock updates the Commons amid concerns of the Indian variant in the UK.
1 day 5:45
Survey shows NHS bosses worried about staff exodus
"A number of surveys show almost 30% of nurses and midwives are considering leaving the profession." Dr John Puntis discusses healthcare bosses' concerns of an impending exodus of staff from the NHS.
1 day 1:02
PM to save the EPL? | Boris Johnson to look at plans for Super League
Boris Johnson to save the Premier League? The PM's photo op to hail his new mortgage scheme took a backseat to today's more pressing matter: the Premier League!
2 days 3:05:31
The Mother of All Talkshows with George Galloway - Episode 96
GEORGE GALLOWAY | And the Mother Of All Talk Shows. Tonight 7pm-10pm London time. Unmissable.
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4 days 1:45
Afghan translators being left behind in UK's withdrawal
After 20 years in Afghanistan, the UK will begin to withdraw its troops by next month...well, not all of them.
4 days 2:33
A Harrods handbag has Hindus in an uproar this week...
Harrods had Hindus in an uproar with their cultural ignorance this week...
4 days 4:14
Palestine say UK relations at low after Boris Johnson letter to pro-Israel group
"Here the UK is singling Israel out from accountability." Professor Kamel Hawwash explains how UK-Palestine relations are at a 'low point' after Boris Johnson's opposition to an ICC investigation
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4 days 4:26
'Leaving them behind puts them at risk' | Afghan translator on UK withdrawal
"The government as a whole are forgetting that interpreters were key assets and leaving them behind is putting them at risk." Former translator for British forces Nazir Ayeen tells how the
4 days 4:18
Rapid flow tests accuracy become concern as country reopens
Health experts are growing concerned over the accuracy of rapid flow tests in light of their growing use in England's lockdown easings.
4 days 8:38
DEBATE | Should the public be allowed to upload footage of police?
Police Federation is urging the government to monitor footage of officers online. But should publicly upload footage of police be subject to censorship?
4 days 27:59
Renegade Inc | Pushed Out - Why you can’t afford a house
Gentrification and spiralling house prices are pushing generations all over the world into both debt and out of cities.
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4 days 4:58
Rapid testing has 'little' effect in stopping care home outbreaks
Rapid testing to allow care home visits to resume in a safe manner has had little impact on stopping outbreaks in care homes - according to a study.
4 days 4:12
Experts raising concerns over new Covid strain from India
UK variant, South African variant, now talks of an INDIAN variant of Covid! But how does this new strain stack up against those the UK is already dealing with? Professor Paul Hunter discusses.
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5 days 4:48
'Mirror image of the unrest seen years ago' | Former Irish ambassador on unrest in N. Ireland
"It's sort of a mirror image of what the nationalists were like a few years ago." Former Irish ambassador Ray Bassett weighs in on if the UK and the EU can come to a good enough solution on the
5 days 4:23
London rolls out surge testing amid detection of South African variant
"The spread of the South African variant is increasing in the UK." Dr Julian Tang tells RT UK the concern with the South African variant as London rolls out surge testing after it's detected in a
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