14 hours 2:14
Autistic boy has 'meltdown' in hotel after family refused quarantine exemption
"He wouldn't have managed to stay in a room for 11 days with no access to the outside world." Farheen Rehman explains the ordeal she and her autistic son went through after their application for
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14 hours 6:10
'The RNLI is aiding and abetting criminals' | Former MEP on RNLI aiding Channel migrants
"This is a willful act of illegal behaviour by these people, and the RNLI is aiding and abetting criminals." Former MEP Ben Habib explains why he agrees with criticisms of the RNLI for aiding
14 hours 5:00
'Pingdemic' hampering UK's economic recovery
Report: the UK's economic recovery is now waning due to the dreaded 'pingdemic'! But will the disruption cause a lasting impact beyond the August 16 rule change? Dr Hilary Ingham discusses.
16 hours 8:42
LIVE | Boris Johnson gives a closing statement for Global Education Summit
LIVE | Boris Johnson gives a closing statement for the Global Education Summit.
16 hours 4:17
RNLI donations soar after Nigel Farage labels them 'migrant taxi service'
Nigel Farage yesterday labelled the RNLI a 'migrant taxi service' after footage showed them ferrying migrants from dinghies to England.
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17 hours 3:30
Up to 14,000 GPs could leave the NHS amid reports of increased stress
"For the first time since I've become a doctor, it does feel like we're on the tipping point of not being able to cope." Dr Dave Triska weighs in on a report that claims up to 14,000 GPs could
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17 hours 5:29
Experts warns of dangers of relaxing self-isolation restrictions
"Many other countries with similar vaccination rates have discovered it's much more difficult than they envisaged." Dr Steven McCabe warns how doing away with the self-isolation system could create
18 hours 1:39
Gap year goals | 19-year-old student to be youngest woman to fly globe
Gap year goals: 19-year-old to solo fly the world! Student Zara Rutherford is aiming to become the youngest ever woman to fly the globe.
21 hour 3:07
Marble Arch's new 'Mound' branded London's 'worst attraction'
Marble Arch's new 'Mound' was meant to be marvelled at - but some serious architectural missteps have made many believe it to be an eyesore instead!
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1 day 4:19
'Our basic human rights weren't even mentioned' | Campaigner on gov't accessibility strategy
"The basics of our basic human rights to enable us to live independent lives are not mentioned at all." Disability Rights UK's Kamran Mallick discusses the government's announcement to 'level up'
1 day 5:00
'Not sensible to open up the flood gates' | Doctor on quarantine exemption for EU U.S. travellers
"Judicious use would be sensible; throwing the doors wide open may not be very sensible." Dr Joydeep Grover weighs in on the government's plan to exempt vaccinated EU and U.S.
1 day 4:42
Some 1000 Kenyans sue the British Army over claims it started devastating fire
Some 1000 Kenyans are suing the British Army over claims a fire that destroyed swathes of the local areas was caused by their military drills.
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1 day 7:10
Government launch strategy to improve disabled accessibility in society
The government have launched a strategy to improve accessibility in the workplace, education and transport for the disabled. But what does the plan include? And does it ask the right questions?
1 day 4:28
Vaccinated EU and U.S. travellers to UK to be exempt from quarantine
"It's a good move today, and It should help put vital cash back into the UK economy." PC Agency CEO Paul Charles weighs in on the news that vaccinated EU and U.S.
1 day 3:28
First wave shielders FIVE TIMES more likely to die if they caught Covid
A new study found people told to shield during the first wave were FIVE TIMES more likely to die if they caught Covid.
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1 day 1:12
''We make no apology for our work in Channel' | RNLI slam abuse by releasing video of rescue
'We make no apology for the lifesaving work we do in the Channel.' The RNLI has hit out at abuse levelled at its London crew by confirming their role in helping migrants in the Channel with the
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1 day 35:41
LIVE | Prince Charles attends unveiling of new police memorial honouring those who died on duty
LIVE | Prince Charles attends the unveiling of a new memorial commemorating police officers who have died on duty.
2 days 4:31
'We're calling for reparations to repair the harm' | Lawyer on Windrush compensation scheme
"We're calling for reparations to repair the harm that has been done." Lawyer Anthony Brown explains why he thinks an Act of Parliament is necessary to right the wrongs of the Windrush scandal.
2 days 3:22
'It's not a people approach at all' | Campaigner on public shaming approach to cut crime
"I think it's a 100 percent politican's approach, I don't think it's a people-centred approach in any shape or form." Leaders Unlocked's Nadine Smith weighs in on Boris Johnson's plans to cut crime
2 days 3:38
Committee rules Windrush victims FAIILED by compensation scheme
Windrush victims are being FAILED by the scheme created to compensate them - a committee ruled.
2 days 4:54
Ministers alarmed by vaccine hesitancy among under 30s
"I would encourage people to stay away from blogs discussing vaccines and encourage people to visit verified websites like the NHS." GP Dr Sohini Kar discusses the government's push to increase
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2 days 3:54
Gov't orders councils to display EU flag in order to get Covid recovery cash
The government has been forced to order councils to display THE EU FLAG as a condition for them to receive Covid recovery cash given by the bloc...
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2 days 3:56
University students may need to be double jabbed to use on-campus facilities
Vaccine passport soon needed for...university lectures? This comes amid reports the government is trying to increase vaccine uptake among young people.
2 days 3:46
Boris Johnson in favour of chain gang punishment in plan to cut crime
Boris Johnson's new plan to cut crime and anti-social behaviour - begin chain gang punishments to deter would-be offenders...
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3 days 3:12
'It's all soundbites and gimmicks' | Campaigner on plans to combat crime post lockdown
'It's all soundbites and gimmicks." Community campaigner Cheryl Phoenix weighs in on Boris Johnson' plan to reduce crime as the country comes out of the throngs of Covid.
3 days 4:11
Gov't to tell million of benefit claimants about incoming cuts
The government is set to tell millions of benefits claimants that they'll lose their universal credit uplift.
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3 days 6:15
'Gov't policies have lead us here' | Campaigner on gov't plans to reduce crime
"The way that society is set up has lead us to where we are at." TSA Projects founder Tanayah Sam argues the government's focus on police in efforts to cut crime is not addressing the cause of the
3 days 3:31
'Pingdemic' disruptions raging on as Covid cases fall
With cases falling, it seems like the pandemic is coming under control! But a number of industries are still up in arms over the 'pingdemic' disruption raging on.
3 days 6:20
PM slammed for plans to give crime victims named officer of contact
The PM's plan to reduce crime - including giving victims a named officer of contact - has been labelled a 'gimmick by the police federation.
3 days 5:20
UK sees FIVE-DAY continuous DROP in Covid cases
A glimmer of hope? UK sees a five-day continuous drop in Covid cases DESPITE the lifting of almost all restrictions!
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