9 hours 2:24
Bosses have been spying on their employees during lockdown
Is big boss watching you? Bosses have been spying on their employees as home-working becomes the norm for many.
9 hours 3:49
Scientists say Covid cases would surge if pubs reopened
‘I don’t want the £9,000 off Rishi, I want my business to be open!’ Says Kate Stewart, The Sandon as hospitality sector faces uncertainty amid lockdown.
10 hours 7:16
Doctors discuss if 12-week period between Covid-19 jabs is too long
Professor Herb Sewell and Professor John Robertson discuss whether the 12-week period between the Covid-19 vaccinations is too long.
10 hours 5:22
Chaucer texts scrapped for woke 'decolonised curriculum' at Leicester University
“Why would the fact that he (Chaucer) wrote a long time ago make him irrelevant?” Says Rory Waterman as Leicester University moves to scrap #Chaucer for more ‘woke’ curriculum.
11 hours 4:07
Doctors warn 12 week wait between Covid vaccines could be too long
Doctors warn 12-week wait between Covid vaccines could be too long Dr Anil Jain explains why in his view the government ‘messed the rollout up’.
13 hours 1:09
Boris Johnson’s business council condemned for being too London-centric
“You can’t have half of the country not represented” Frank McKenna, Downtown in Business says after Boris Johnson’s business council was condemned for being too London-centric.
13 hours 4:38
Scientists warn UK vaccine programme insufficient to reach herd immunity
Scientists have warned that the UK vaccine programme insufficient to reach herd immunity Professor Paul Hunter explains how protecting the vulnerable is the most important strategy.
1 day 4:04
Thousands stuck in dangerous flats as government forms new regulator
RT UK’s Shadia Edwards Dashti reports as thousands are stuck in dangerous flats as the government forms a new regulator.
1 day 4:22
Manufactures claiming red tape leading to cancelled orders
“Ultimately it may lead to higher prices” Says Andrew Goodacre, British Independent Retail Association as manufacturers claim red tape is leading to cancelled orders.
1 day 2:20
Health groups urge gov’t to protect medics from legal action
Health groups have written a letter urging the government to protect medics from legal action Sarah Dodds, Medical Defence Shield explains the challenging positions medical professionals have been
1 day 3:40
Rapid Covid tests effective for 9 out of 10 infections - study
“What we really need now is some empirical data. How does a test perform in the field?” Asks Dr Mike Gill as study finds rapid tests 90% effective when done by medics.
1 day 42:21
LIVE | Priti Patel leads Covid-19 briefing
LIVE | Priti Patel leads Covid-19 briefing as ministers consider tighter border controls.
1 day 2:08
DUP backing Brexit put the Union at risk?
“Let’s be honest the Northern Ireland Protocol and the border down the Irish Sea is not what we set out to achieve,” DUP MP Jim Shannon tells RT UK as former Chancellor warns DUP backing for
1 day 2:02
What does the ‘special relationship’ mean to Americans?
‘The special relationship is talked about in the UK, however, if you asked Americans they may not be too sure what you mean’ Allyson Stewart-Allen, International Marketing Partners on what Biden
1 day 2:04
Lateral flow tests are 90% effective - when done by medics
Lateral flow tests are 90% effective - when carried out by medics - study finds. Professor Tim Peto, University of Oxford explains the outcome of the study.
1 day 1:09
‘Is Joe Biden woke?’ - Boris Johnson blunders question
‘Is Joe Biden woke?’ Boris Johnson blunders question on the culture war after Labour’s Lisa Nandy described the U.S. President as a ‘woke guy’ in a Guardian article. READ |
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1 day 1:10
Evacuation in Wales as Storm Christoph rips across the country
Hundreds evacuated from their homes as Storm Christoph rips across England and Wales.
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2 days 2:31
Inspectors warn of ‘grave concerns’ to justice system amid backlog
Inspectors have raised concerns over a backlog to the justice system with a report saying it is impacting both victims and offenders.
2 days 7:19
Number of Covid patients in London hospitals reach record levels
‘One of the great things about the NHS is where we have a mutual aim, where hospitals can help each other out,’ Says Dr Zudin Puthucheary as the number of Covid patients in London hospitals reach
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2 days 1:57
It’s bye bye Trump and hello Biden | What do Brits think of the change?
"I think America has a lot more issues than the changing of the president" Brits react to President Joe Biden ahead of his inauguration.
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2 days 5:55
Covid outbreak at Napier Barracks | Asylum Seekers locked down
Covid outbreak at #NapierBarracks Shadia Edwards-Dashti has the latest as barracks housing asylum seekers in Kent confirms outbreak of #Covid_19.
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3 days 4:23
'Only idiots want indyref2 during a pandemic' | George Galloway calls out SNP aims
"Only an idiot would choose to have a divisive constitutional referendum in the middle of a pandemic." George Galloway argues that the SNP's focus on independence is not what Scots want when
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3 days 1:49
Would a pay rise improve dwindling NHS morale?
"Whilst we know money itself is not a panacea, it will go a long way in improving wellbeing which NHS may enjoy in these difficult times." Dr Nick Mann argues that pay rises will maintain the
3 days 3:14
MPs consider 'genocide clause' to post-Brexit trade bill
"It would make it harder for them to strike trade deals with not very nice regimes." Professor Francesco Rizzuto discusses why MPs are considering adding a 'genocide clause' to a post-Brexit trade
3 days 4:39
SNP set up independence task force to push for Indyref2
"Those that are standing against a referendum are democracy deniers." Former MSP Tommy Sheridan discusses the SNP setting up a task force to push for a second independence referendum.
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3 days 2:57
Meat left rotting at border over Brexit red tape
Meat has been left rotting at the borders as businesses are swamped by Brexit red tape. British Meat Processors Association CEO Nick Allen explains the extent of the disruptions.
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3 days 4:30
UK passes 90,000 Covid deaths
"For us to have such a high number of deaths is depressing." Dr Bharat Pankhania reacts to the news that the UK Covid death toll passed 90,000.
3 days 4:09
Sturgeon announces lockdown until ATLEAST mid-February
Scotland will be stuck in lockdown until AT LEAST mid-February, Sturgeon announced today. Professor Linda Bauld explains why the announcement was ultimately an inevitability.
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