1 day 2:20
Twitter biased in its labeling of 'state-affiliated' companies?
Twitter now labels media organisations that are 'state-affiliated'...well, not all of them...
1 day 3:22
Former UKIP spokesperson says return Channel migrants to France
"The government isn't doing enough to turn these people back.
1 day 3:23
Don’t want to share a packed plane… Why not fly in a private jet?
Don’t want to share a packed plane… Why not fly in a private jet? Martyn Andrews investigates the BOOMING business.
1 day 3:19
Cornish residents react to holidaymakers flooding their beaches
RT UK’s Eisa Ali speaks to Cornish residents as tourists flock to their beaches.
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1 day 2:44
How to best deal with migrant crossings?
"It's a perilous journey, they already know they're at risk, but people make that trip so it tells you they must be desperate to do so." Lawyer Jacqueline McKenzie discusses the recent influx of
1 day 3:42
Report: almost half of UK charities working abroad face closure
Report: almost half of UK charities working abroad face closure.
1 day 4:17
Second wave: the struggle to keep all other NHS services running
Covid-19 caused sometimes life-threatening standstills for many NHS services - experts warn against this happening again in a second wave.
1 day 1:05
Record number of migrants intercepted crossing the Channel
A daily, record number of migrants were intercepted crossing the English Channel yesterday.
2 days 3:44
Campaigner thinks Britain less global and more insular after Brexit
"It's a misconception that the UK will become more global, because in reality, it is becoming more insular." Citizen's rights campaigner Emma DeSouza thinks a 'brain drain' of British professionals
2 days 4:30
Have the government lost public trust with test and trace delays?
"The government lost a unique opportunity to build trust with the public in an endeavour which would have been in everyone's good." Chair of The Cyber Security Research Institute Peter Warren
2 days 4:39
Study shows British expats turning away from the Tories
"This is now a party that is, above all, for those that oppose Britain's membership in the EU." Politics professor Sir John Curtice discusses the study that shows Conservatives have fallen from
2 days 4:43
Met Police: 93% of racism complaints had no further action taken
Over 90% of racism complaints against the Met Police resulted in no further action. Former Met Police superintendent Dal Babu examines the atmosphere between these communities and law enforcement.
2 days 3:39
Will Brexit create a 'brain drain' of British professionals?
The number of Brits moving to the EU soared after Brexit - but will this number grow into an effective 'brain drain' of UK professionals?
2 days 5:14
Man speaks of his suffering with Covid - 22 weeks after initial illness
Covid-19 can impact you longer than the initial illness - as this man has been battling its complications for 22 weeks!
2 days 0:51
New public statue of black woman brings UK's total to three!
A statue has been added to London's sculpture walk - bringing the grand total of the UK's public sculptures depicting Black women to three.
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2 days 3:17
Beirut Blast | Vigil held in London
“There is something really strong in Lebanese blood that is just magic.” Lebanese expats gathered in London yesterday to hold a memorial service for those who lost their lives in Tuesday's
3 days 4:44
Modern slavery victims had their cash support CUT during lockdown
"Even if they're placed in a hotel, it's the government's responsibility to ensure they receive basic facilities." Lawyer Shoaib M Khan weighs in on modern slavery victims having their cash support
3 days 3:07
Former minister hits out at EU withdrawal agreement that he voted for!
Former Pension Secretary Iain Duncan Smith hits out at the EU withdrawal agreement - a bill he voted for!
3 days 5:51
Parents who were dragged away from dying daughter speak out
"Zainab's bedroom remains untouched nearly a year after her death." RT UK's Shadia Edwards-Dashti talks to the parents who were dragged away from their terminally ill daughter's hospital bedside.
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3 days 4:03
Will a Health Select Committee bring accountability?
"What we've seen with the Covid crisis is the government have dredged up excuses rather than doing better...and that I find worrying." Risk and disaster reduction professor David Alexander explains
3 days 4:34
Were Covid testing contracts awarded on ideological grounds?
A group of Britain’s leading virus experts say testing contracts are being awarded on ideological grounds rather than based on expertise.
3 days 3:24
Virologists criticise government's handling of testing contracts
"Throughout the management of this pandemic, the decision making has been somewhat opaque." Virology professor William Irving explains why a number of virologists have come forward to criticise
3 days 1:28
100 dead and up to 300,000 homeless in Beirut explosion
100 dead and up to 300,000 homeless in a huge blast that ripped apart the city of Beirut.
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3 days 0:45
Two teenagers rescued after being swept out to sea in rubber ring!
Inflatables: all fun and games until you're swept out to sea! 😅 The coastguard in Scotland had to fly out late on Sunday to rescue two teenagers who had been swept out to sea in a rubber ring!
4 days 4:24
Brexit: why are firms being urged to stockpile drugs?
The government is urging firms to stockpile drugs in case of a no-deal Brexit...but is this a precaution? Or a forewarning?
4 days 8:55
Beirut blast in context to the country's current situation
Beirut has just witnessed a HUGE mushroom cloud blast near the centre of the city, with reports of many injured and at least 10 dead.
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4 days 10:20
Eyewitness Account | Huge Explosion Rocks Beirut
BEIRUT LATEST: “I think it was one of the biggest explosions in the history of Lebanon.” Eyewitness Dr Omar Nashabe tells RT UK’s Bill Dod after explosions rocked the city of Beirut.
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4 days 4:08
UK's test and trace app still not released despite promises
The UK's test and trace app is still waiting to be released, putting it behind other European countries in the fight against Covid-19...
4 days 7:36
DEBATE | Shorten prison sentences to stop extremism spread?
Report: Jihadis use jail time to further radicalise people - the solution? Shorter jail terms? Or segregate inmates?
4 days 6:48
Could kids returning to school spur a second wave?
"I think mask-wearing should be worn everywhere as a routine, but for children in schools it's not being advocated." Paediatrician Dr John Puntis explains how kids returning to school could spur a
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