17 hours 15:43
Workers Walk Out in Striketober: Automation Gone Awry?
Workers once deemed essential at John Deere and Kellogg’s are dissatisfied with the growing wage gap despite companies logging record profits over the past year.
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17 hours 3:19
Scientists discover active GIANT underwater volcano
It's 1.5 times as tall as New York City's Freedom Tower. It taps into a reservoir deeper than anything scientists have ever seen. And it's still active.
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19 hours 25:01
The Julian Assange case
On the show, Chris Hedges talks to documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist John Pilger about the upcoming appeals hearing in London for the Julian Assange case. On Sept. 26, Yahoo!
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19 hours 4:46
Biden Violates D.C. Mask Mandate, Approval Sinking
Joe and Jill Biden went out to eat, and walked through a D.C. restaurant maskless. No one frowned, there was not a sound from the media that couldn’t care less. We'll show it all to you.
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1 day 2:39
Russia has fuel, EU has fuel-crisis — what's the problem?
RT's Danny Armstrong reports on Russian fuel giant Gazprom's willingness to step in and alleviate Europe's mounting fuel crisis as the Nord Stream 2, built by Russia and European partners, awaits
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1 day 25:56
MSM blows up Baldwin's fatal blunder, silent on global pattern of workplace death (Full show)
Alec Baldwin accidentally discharged a prop firearm on the set of a forthcoming movie on Thursday, killing one member of the production team and wounding another.
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1 day 6:22
Why has 'Squid Game' Struck a Nerve?
South Korean drama "Squid Game" has exploded into an international sensation, becoming Netflix's top show in dozens of nations, but why?
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1 day 3:29
Scientists break record for coldest temperature in lab
It has huge implications for quantum computing and physics. The Resident explains.
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1 day 26:00
Leaked video stuns US over Chinese supersonic nuclear weapon capability (Full show)
The U.S. intelligence community is reeling from recent news that China successfully conducted two hypersonic weapons tests over the summer.
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1 day 8:34
Supply Chain Blame Game: Cargo Pileup at Ports
Soaring shipping costs and dwindling truck drivers have led to store shelves going out-of-stock and consumers being out-of-luck.
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1 day 6:27
Cities of the future: Prison or paradise?
A former Walmart executive wants to build a Utopian city called Telosa, meaning “highest purpose” in Greek. Mark Lore is scouting locations and expects to have an operational city by the year 2030.
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1 day 26:04
FULL SHOW: Netflix in revolt over Dave Chappelle — future of comedy at stake?
Netflix is facing backlash from within the company following its release of Dave Chappelle's latest standup special, “The Closer." But the backlash, this time coming from within the company itself.
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1 day 11:47
NATO’s master plan to defeat Russia in nuclear war
NATO’S new master plan dealing with Russia includes a strategy on how to defeat Russia in a nuclear war.
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1 day 7:17
Cybergangs openly hiring ransomware experts
Ransomware attacks have become a daily occurrence across the US, from Sinclair Broadcasting to the Colonial Pipeline attack.
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1 day 23:50
Millions of US Workers Resign
Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos discuss the death of former US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, the resignation of millions of workers, supply chain woes and skyrocketing drug overdose deaths.
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2 days 26:11
Alexa: 'Virtual assistant' or Amazon spy-bot? (Full show)
Are you one of the countless sophisticates who makes use of Amazon's "Alexa," the ever-attentive virtual assistant, in order to enjoy the convenience and ease Alexa promises users?
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2 days 7:32
Trapped under mountain of debt, can America get out?
The average American has a whopping $90,460 in debt, with vast differences from one generation to another. We welcome Mike Norman of MMT Trader and Prof.
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2 days 26:10
15 Israeli spies arrested as Turkey moves against Mossad (Full show)
Fifteen operatives of Mossad, Israel's shadowy intelligence agency, were arrested in Turkey after being tracked for more than a year.
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2 days 28:44
Neofascist seizure of America’s state governments
On the show, Chris Hedges discusses the seizure of state government by American’s homegrown neofascist movement with the historian Paul Street.
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2 days 3:03
US city remains TOP location for UFO sightings
The title of hottest UFO spot in the world is up for debate. The Resident is down for the challenge.
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2 days 4:06
Canelo says "it's personal" ahead of mega-fight, predicts knockout
With about two weeks to go until the super middleweight unification title fight between Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant, the tension continues to build.
2 days 9:35
Gas drought hitting Europe & America
EU leaders meet in Brussels to discuss the prospect of a potential secession of Poland from the European Union, or "Polexit." They also hope to address the region's ongoing gas and the energy crisis.
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2 days 8:37
Labor strikes further threaten teetering supply chain
Thousands of US workers remain on strike, demanding better pay and working conditions from employers as they struggle to cope with the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and its devastating impact on the
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2 days 5:28
Nico Tortorella explains how language fails him and why he uses the pronoun 'them'
Nico Tortorella sits down with Dennis Miller to discuss his busy schedule and what it was like transitioning from a comedy to a drama while filming 'The Walking Dead: World Beyond'.
2 days 6:17
Zuckerberg sued; Trump unveils new social media
As Facebook tries to rebrand its name, the D.C Attorney General names Mark Zuckerberg as a defendant in a lawsuit stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal.
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2 days 25:56
NATO alliance under threat of complete breakup
A US military outpost in southern Syria was reportedly hit in a "deliberate and coordinated attack." At least one death and several injuries were reported.
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2 days 12:38
Paraquat Herbicide Reapproved Despite Links to Parkinson’s Disease
Monsanto’s Roundup is far from the most dangerous weedkiller on the market, yet federal regulators continue to drop the ball when it comes to protecting consumers from hazardous chemicals.
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3 days 25:58
Nuclear scientists sue over vaccine mandate (Full show)
The Biden administration's imposition of a vaccine mandate continues to provoke controversy.
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3 days 3:47
Oligarch reacts to 'stuipidity' of FBI raid
Aluminum tycoon Oleg Deripaska slammed the “stupidity of the American establishment” following the FBI raid on properties in New York and Washington, DC belonging to his relatives.
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3 days 8:18
Russia hosts crucial Afghan talks, US skips out
Despite continuing difficulties in their attaining official diplomatic recognition on the international stage, the Taliban is participating in an 11-nation conference in Moscow concerning the future
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