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US Presidential Debate Impact
With less than two weeks until the 2020 US presidential election, we break down what impact the candidates' final debate had on markets.
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The Dirt on Clean Energy
Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos talk about election results in Bolivia one year after a U.S. approved coup forced president Evo Morales into exile. They also reveal the dirty secrets of clean energy.
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13 hours 15:11
Army Suicides Spike During Pandemic
A sharp increase in suicides among active-duty Army members has been a grisly side-effect of the pandemic.
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2020 Sunlight Deficit: Daylight “Saving” No More?
Under COVID lockdowns, outdoor activities give us the opportunity to recharge from being cooped-up at home.
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Pre-election censorship frenzy explained
Thursday night saw an explosive final debate between President Trump and former Vice President and Democratic nominee Joe Biden as the US presidential election nears.
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Wild MLS rivalry match between Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders
The MLS Western Conference saw a tough battle for first place between the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders.
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FULL SHOW: Israel, Sudan agree to normalize relations
Sudan has agreed to normalize relations with Israel in a US-brokered deal. Former UK MP George Galloway and former Pentagon official Michael Maloof discuss the latest out of the region.
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130,000 COVID-19 deaths ‘could have been avoided’ by Trump admin – researchers
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to hold a tight grip on the nation, with cases on the rise in most of the country.
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Trump brings Hunter Biden’s former associate to debate
With just a few days left before the election, President Trump and his challenger Joe Biden turned up the heat during Thursday night’s debate.
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9 years after US-backed coup, Libya reaches peace deal
The United Nations has announced that the two warring factions in Libya have reached a permanent ceasefire deal.
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Libya’s warring sides reach peace deal – UN
After nearly a decade of violence, Libya’s warring sides have signed a “countrywide and permanent” peace deal. Now the difficult task of keeping the peace and rebuilding the nation begins.
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Why the US no longer builds the world's tallest skyscrapers
The US used to care about building the tallest skyscrapers. Here's why we might no longer care.
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The forgotten Americans
The presidential election is just days away.
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'Dog-gone' happy Zverev enjoy moment with pup after ATP win
World number seven Alexander Zverev easily defeated opponent John Millman 6-0, 3-6. 6-3 to advance to the quarterfinals of the Bett1Hulks Championship in Cologne, Germany.
1 day 3:38
CDC sets new guidelines to combat COVID-19 infections
Health officials in the US are redefining what constitutes “close contact” with someone who has COVID-19.
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Intel official reveals source of infamous alien Tic Tac video from Pentagon
Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Chris Mellon reveals much about the Pentagon's secretive Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program in the new documentary, The
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Nigeria protests against police brutality cause chaos, fatalities
Nigeria remains on edge as widespread protests continue and demonstrators clash with security forces. For two straight weeks, protesters have been demanding an end to police brutality.
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FULL SHOW: Armenia and Azerbaijan continue battle over disputed region
The struggle between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed region of Nagorono-Karabakh has entered its fourth week and hostilities show no signs of letting up, as reports of shelling continue to
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Last presidential debate: Biden and Trump prepare for final showdown
All eyes are on Nashville, Tennessee in anticipation of the final presidential debate of 2020, between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.
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US $1.8 B Arms sale to Taiwan ‘total violation of one-China policy’ – Galloway
Tension in the South China Sea may reach a boiling point as the US State Department approves the sale of more than a billion dollars’ worth of arms to Taiwan.
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FBI accuses Iran, Russia of election interference
The FBI is claiming that Russia and Iran have gained access to voter registration information and that Iranian operatives are behind a series of intimidating emails wherein they pose as Proud Boys
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2 days 7:12
AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial Hits Speedbump
AstraZeneca's stock has slumped on the news of a death in their COVID-19 vaccine trial in Brazil. We explore the latest developments in the race for a cure and where the world now stands with Dr.
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UFC 254 gears up on Fight Island, Khabib and Gaethje face off
UFC 254 is the the most anticipated fight of the year as lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov looks to unite the title with interim lightweight champion Justin Gaethje.
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Top US universities investigated for underreporting foreign funding
The US Department of Education conducted an investigation into a number of universities last year, finding that many US institutions were not reporting foreign contracts or gifts that exceed
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2 days 9:56
Indigenous Colombians launch national strike against state violence
Thousands are taking to the streets in Colombia’s capital city of Bogota for a meeting with President Ivan Duque to discuss government policies they say are crucial for their survival.
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2 days 6:00
Margaret Cho is explores the Christian film industry in new film "Faith Based"
Comedian and actress Margaret Cho is in the new movie "Faith Based" which centers around a group of film makers trying to make money by tapping into the lucrative Christian film industry.
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2 days 25:44
Pelosi Vendetta Stuttering Stimulus Talks?
While Americans continue struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic, are negotiations for another COVID stimulus bill being hampered by Nancy Pelosi’s personal grudge against President Trump?
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2 days 10:08
Apollo Global Founder investigated over Epstein ties
The company billionaire financier Leon Black founded is now investigating him for his ties to infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
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2 days 3:11
New Nazca Line is frighteningly close to emoji cat
Are we really heading forward...or just back to where we've already been?
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2 days 25:53
FULL SHOW: Purdue Pharma criminally charged for role in opioid crisis
The Department of Justice announced a massive $8 billion settlement with Purdue Pharma, the OxyContin maker widely accused of fueling the nation’s opioid crisis.
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