4 hours 25:58
Nuclear scientists sue over vaccine mandate (Full show)
The Biden administration's imposition of a vaccine mandate continues to provoke controversy.
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4 hours 3:47
Oligarch reacts to 'stuipidity' of FBI raid
Aluminum tycoon Oleg Deripaska slammed the “stupidity of the American establishment” following the FBI raid on properties in New York and Washington, DC belonging to his relatives.
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4 hours 8:18
Russia hosts crucial Afghan talks, US skips out
Despite continuing difficulties in their attaining official diplomatic recognition on the international stage, the Taliban is participating in an 11-nation conference in Moscow concerning the future
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7 hours 25:54
Blame Belarus for EU's illegal migrants? (Full show)
Aluminum tycoon Oleg Deripaska slammed the “stupidity of the American establishment” following the FBI raid on properties in New York and Washington, DC belonging to his relatives.
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7 hours 2:41
WATCH: Six-year-old breakdancer eyes future Olympic gold
Kaixiang Lai is a breakdance prodigy showing off his incredible skills at the age of six. The young boy and his mother have dreams of representing China in future Olympic games.
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8 hours 3:19
Increasing sun storms about to threaten civilization
The sun is beginning to brew more storms as it hits its stride in Solar Cycle 25. Will our tech-reliant civilization be able to survive? The Resident breaks it down.
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8 hours 10:10
Libya 10 years after Gaddafi – crisis ongoing
Today marks the 10th anniversary of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s death.
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9 hours 8:26
Systemic navy failure to blame for blaze
A scathing new report about a massive fire that destroyed a navy ship in San Diego reveals sweeping failures about the crew’s response or lack thereof to the blaze.
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10 hours 5:29
Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx on appreciating his unconventional childhood in new memoir “The First 21”
Nikki Sixx has lead the life of a quintessential rock star and his new book “The First 21” gives fans a glimpse into his childhood and his journey to understand his father a little better.
10 hours 5:50
Why are some whistleblowers favored by MSM more than others?
In recent months we’ve seen more and more people leaving their Silicon Valley C-suites and blowing the whistle on big tech.
10 hours 25:59
FULL SHOW: Taliban talks in Moscow, as Russia conducts drills on Afghan border
With the security situation in Afghanistan deteriorating, Taliban leaders are in Moscow for talks focusing on the humanitarian crisis that has gripped the war-torn nation.
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1 day 25:44
Cost of sanctions: Maduro's ally extradited to US (Full show)
Alleged financier for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has been extradited to the US.
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1 day 8:32
Ex-spy behind 'Russiagate' dossier stands by unproven & debunked claims
Michael Steele, former British spy Christopher Steele has broken his public silence concerning the infamous and salacious dossier that sparked the “Russiagate” frenzy that defined the Trump
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1 day 3:36
Tennessee judge charged minors w/ crimes that don't exist
Have you heard of Tennessee Judge Donna Scott Davenport? She locked up 48 percent of the juveniles who appeared in her court, often on the most tenuous of grounds.
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1 day 25:49
FBI raids Russian oligarch with ties to Trump! Why now? (Full show)
FBI agents raided a property in the Washington, DC area linked to Russian business tycoon and billionaire philanthropist Oleg Deripaska on Tuesday.
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1 day 6:20
Dutch soccer fans cause stadium stand to collapse
A celebration at a top flight Dutch soccer match turned into mayhem after the visiting fans caused the stands to collapse.
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1 day 5:16
The Insurrection They Won't Talk About
Radical, left-wing, climate activists, attempted and succeeded to violently push by police and enter the department of the Interior.
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1 day 7:15
Saab Extradition Halts Maduro Opposition Talks
A US judge on Monday set a November 1st arraignment date for Alex Saab. The businessman is accused of laundering money on behalf of Venezuela’s government.
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1 day 2:55
Culprit behind all brain cell death identified
Researchers at NYU Grossman School of Medicine have some great news for any person with a brain out there. The Resident breaks it down.
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1 day 9:39
Iran ‘not ready’ to resume nuclear talks – EU
Iran is not ready to resume talks on its nuclear program, that’s according to the EU. Iran’s new president, Ebrahim Raisi, is apparently unwilling to resume even indirect talks over to the JCPOA.
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1 day 3:07
NHL star Jeremy Roenick on how his hockey career helped him master his golf game
NHL star Jeremy Roenick, who played most of his career with the Chicago Blackhawks, reflects on his incredible career and how intimidated he was getting drafted right out of high school.
1 day 11:20
Police Across the US Refuse Covid Jab
Police officers in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and other cities nationwide are pushing back against the COVID vaccine mandate.
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1 day 25:54
FULL SHOW: US Snubs Russia after NATO Fallout
US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin is meeting with officials in Georgia, Ukraine and Romania as part of a trip to the Black Sea region this week.
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2 days 26:00
FULL SHOW: Pentagon offers 'condolence payments' for deadly mistake in Afghanistan (Full show)
As Washington's political class mourns the passing of former US State Secretary Colin Powell, one of the architects of America's longest war, the ill-fated US attempt at regime change in
10 305
2 days 2:48
Russian filmmakers return to Earth from space shoot (IQ SPECIAL)
Alex Mihailovich reports on the return of Russian moviemakers from 12 days aboard the International Space Station (ISS), where they shot scenes for the first-ever feature film shot on-site in space.
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2 days 25:55
Did Russia just prove NATO's uselessness? (Full show)
Russia suspended its permanent mission to NATO after eighteen Russian diplomats were accused of spying and expelled from NATO.
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2 days 5:59
Comedian Byron Bowers talks about his last moments with his father
Actor and comedian Byron Bowers sits down with Dennis Miller to discuss his hot career and how he got to be in demand, with shows on both Netflix and HBO Max.
2 days 6:19
VIDEO: Rider survives horrific crash at Speedway of Nations
In the Grand Final of the Speedway of Nations, Great Britain took the world team title for the first time in 32 years.
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2 days 7:43
China’s Hypersonic Missile Launch – Fact or Fiction?
The Chinese foreign ministry is denying claims the government tested new hypersonic missiles as originally reported by the Financial Times.
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2 days 6:57
More New Yorkers died in prison than by execution – report
A 21 page report from the Center for Justice at Columbia University, released this month compiled and analyzed data on in-custody deaths in New York State between 1976-2020.
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