6 hours 6:43
David Stockman: Fed Chair is “lying...incompetent boob.”
Jerome Powell, the Chair of the Federal Reserve, is "lying to the American public." Either that or he's an "incompetent boob," Ronald Reagan's former Budget Director, David Stockman, tells Rick
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6 hours 3:34
Mishap occurs while Russia attaches to Int’l Space Station
A Russian addition to the International Space Station, the Nauka module, docked today, but not without some hiccups. RT Correspondent Sayeh Tavangar has the details.
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7 hours 7:39
A future without money. What’s it look like? Non-fungible!
Have you heard of NFTs or non fungible tokens? It's like money but it's not. It's like cryptocurrency but it's not. So what it is? Co-host of RT's Boom Bust, Ben Swann, walks us through it.
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7 hours 2:51
AR-15 gunmaker offers 33 million to Sandy Hook families. Not enough?
AR-15 producer Remington, maker of the rifle used in the Sandy Hook massacre, has offered the families of the victims a settlement of $33 million. RT Correspondent John Huddy has the story.
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8 hours 25:58
Formula for “collapse:” Fed prints more in 2 years than in the past 100. (full show)
The US Government has printed more money in the past two years than they have in the previous 100! What does that mean for our economy? And when will the bottom fall out?
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9 hours 24:33
Do US politicians really want to punish China or get re-elected?
Name calling, temper tantrums, insults and outright stubbornness, were the highlights during this week's events on Capitol Hill.
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11 hours 3:30
Suni Lee steps in for Biles, triumphs for all-around gold
At the Atlanta Open, 19-year-old Brandon Nakashima knocks out top seed Milos Raonic in a three-set thriller.
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12 hours 10:33
Private companies may consider vaccine mandates
Some private companies are starting to require vaccinations of their employees as they begin the transition of getting back to office.
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12 hours 6:09
Kremlin rejects Biden’s words about Russia, nuclear weapons & oil
Talks resumed in Geneva between Russia and the US.
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13 hours 5:40
Maury Povich on why his long-running tabloid talk show is still such a hit
Talk show host Maury Povich sits down with Dennis Miller to talk abut his long-running talk show and what he has learned in the 23 years of doing this show.
14 hours 3:44
Shocking discovery: we are less than 10% human
A new scientific report in the journal Science Advances reveals that the genome that makes us human is only 1.5 to 7 percent unique to us humans.
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14 hours 26:02
FULL SHOW: Chinese officials call for peace in meeting with Taliban
Chinese officials called for peace in Afghanistan, as they met with leaders from the Taliban insurgent group.
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15 hours 3:08
FDA approves automatic generic swap for brand name insulin
For millions of Americans who are living with diabetes and can’t afford insulin, there’s major relief on the way.
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16 hours 26:04
Daniel Hale, Whistleblower
#QuestionMore #RTAmerica Get exclusive content and watch full episodes now by downloading the Portable.TV app: bit.ly/DownloadPortable Telegram: t.me/RTAmerica Check out our other
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18 hours 4:45
DOJ restricted from surveilling journalists
U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland sets new restrictions on the DOJ’s surveillance activities against U.S. journalists.
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1 day 4:59
What masks are doing to our faces. Psychologists say it's serious!
The CDC is now recommending masks be worn by vaccinated people, and with the Delta variant raging across the US, people are afraid of another lockdown.
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1 day 3:47
New: Multi-millions scammed from Covid Paycheck Protection Program.
A Texas man is accused of stealing $25 million in Covid unemployment benefits. And he's not alone. RT Correspondent Faran Fronczak has the story.
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1 day 3:22
Ultimate betrayal! Ecuador closes door on Julian Assange
Julian Assange, in prison awaiting extradition to the United States, has just been stripped of one of the few advantages he had going for him. RT Correspondent John Huddy has this story.
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1 day 25:51
Numbers say US has world’s highest murder rate, and nobody seems to care. (full show)
Why is there so much gun violence in the United States? And how does this stack up with the rest of the world? Rick Sanchez takes a deep dive into this question.
23 282
1 day 10:20
Dodged Taxes & Underpaid Workers Fueled Bezos Blast-Off
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos thanked employees for making his voyage to space possible.
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1 day 25:41
Should you go to jail for "dangerous" sex in America? (Full Show)
Illinois is the latest state looking to decriminalize the act of someone with HIV failing to disclose their condition to a partner.
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1 day 4:34
US swimmer dominates first-ever women's 1500 meter freestyle
NFL star quarterback Patrick Mahomes is now part-owner of MLS Sporting Kansas City. The 25-year-old joins a growing list of current and former pro athletes investing in Major League Soccer.
1 day 3:10
28 ancient viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier
While it might sound scary to be mucking around with newly discovered viruses just at a time when our species is being ravaged by one, there could be some huge benefits to this latest discovery.
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1 day 6:30
Dem donor Ed Buck convicted in fatal meth overdoses of two men
Wealthy Democratic donor Ed Buck has been convicted of nine felony counts related to the overdose deaths of two Black men in his West Hollywood apartment.
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1 day 6:00
Simone Biles withdraws from Olympic final ‘We’re human, too’
The GOAT of gymnastics, Simone Biles, is rocking the Olympics after withdrawing from group competition over the weekend—and now out of the individual, all around competition.
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1 day 6:49
Singer Anne-Marie gets ready to return to the stage with her new album 'Therapy'
Anne-Marie joins Dennis Miller to talk about how she stays grounded in the entertainment business.
1 day 8:31
Def Sec. Lloyd Austin warns China while bolstering Indo-Pacific relations
In his first trip to the Indo-Pacific as US Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, is asking allies in the region for a stronger strategic partnership.
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1 day 26:01
FULL SHOW: Russian athletes compete as Russian Olympic Committee after ban
When it comes to the summer Olympic games, whatever you do, don’t call it Russia! The team with the 4th highest medal count so far has been banned from representing a nation.
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2 days 7:29
Former congressman angrily describes how his uncle died of Covid
Former US Representative (D-FL) Alan Grayson joins Rick to discuss the CDC's new recommendation that some people with the vaccine should wear masks in doors, reversing a previous policy on mask use.
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2 days 25:31
CIA analyst gets 4 year sentence for telling truth (full show)
Daniel Hale blew the whistle on the US military's drone program. Thanks to his efforts, the public learned that 90% of those killed by drone strikes were innocent civilians--including children.
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