4 days 2:46
China tracking increased UFO sightings with AI
According to a new report in the South China Morning Post, China is experiencing such an uptick in UFO sightings that their military is now using AI to track them. The Resident discusses.
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4 days 7:55
Ghislaine Maxwell's brothers plea for jailed sister
Ghislaine Maxwell is having a real tough time with her jail experience.
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4 days 4:59
SPIDER-GIRL: 8 year-old speed climber astonishes
At the Urban Cycling World Championships, the BMX freestyle flatland event was on display with Austria and France topping the podium in the women's and men's respectively.
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4 days 4:14
Biden targets China with 'strike force'?
The Biden Administration has assembled a “supply chain task force” to address Washington’s insecure access to things like pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and critical minerals.
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4 days 2:41
Russia threatens to leave ISS over US sanctions
It is the second such warning recently and comes at a pivotal time in space advancement and global cooperation. The Resident discusses.
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4 days 25:24
Senate report leaves out 'insurrection' (Full show)
As players and leagues across the world of professional sports remain outspoken on social issues and TV ratings continue to plummet, Pride Month has drawn their attention to LGBTQ issues.
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4 days 6:59
Economic Hitman's truth about VP Harris in Latin America
John Perkins, author of "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" joins Rick Sanchez to lend his insights into the question of "corruption" in Guatemala and across Latin America and widespread ignorance
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4 days 6:38
How the US manufactures corrupt dictators for Latin America
US Vice President Kamala Harris is touring Mexico and Guatemala to discourage the ongoing deluge of illegal emigration to the US and “tackle corruption.” Rick Sanchez explains why sending a US
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4 days 8:30
Guess where spending increased during pandemic? It's sick
Despite the grinding to a halt of virtually the entire economy amid COVID-19 lockdowns, spending on nuclear weapons stayed on an upward climb.
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4 days 25:57
Kamala Harris's gaffe-laden Latin America photo op laughable! (Full show)
Vice President Kamala Harris has embarked on a whirlwind tour of Mexico and Guatemala.
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4 days 4:55
Garcelle Beauvais on why she initially regretted doing 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'
Former model Garcelle Beauvais discusses her first few weeks shooting 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' and why she was nervous about her decision to appear on the show.
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5 days 3:18
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5 days 4:03
Floyd Mayweather: "I'm not coming back to boxing"
Social media star Logan Paul squared off with legendary fighter Floyd Mayweather in the boxing ring and lasted the full eight rounds.
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5 days 25:53
US responds to Cyber Attacks (Full show)
Cyber-attacks against U.S. businesses and local entities have U.S. officials putting all options on the table when it comes to possible retaliation.
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5 days 2:39
NASA to launch brightest light pollution point in history
It's all in the name of education. The Resident discusses.
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5 days 4:22
Bob Costas remembers how he got his first big break in sports radio
Sportscaster Bob Costas sits down with Dennis for a trip down memory lane and describes the moment he got his first big break in sports radio. Watch full episodes on Portable.TV portable.
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5 days 7:39
Chris Hedges on Dept. of Justice spying on reporters, “what democracy?”
The Department of Justice fought a secret legal battle to obtain the email logs from four New York Times reporters, according to the paper, apparently in a hunt for their sources.
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5 days 25:58
This Taiwan photo op has China furious with US (full show)
Chinese officials are angry with the US and they’re filing a formal complaint.
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6 days 7:08
Astronaut Jeff Bezos, egomaniac or exemplary CEO?
Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos and his brother are going to space. Bezos announced he will fly on the first passenger flight of his company Blue Origin and that his brother will be traveling with him.
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6 days 5:36
D'Souza-Gill: Dems trying to pre-empt Trump
What does the future hold for Donald Trump? Indictment or another run at the Presidency? Danielle D'Souza Gill will be here to take a look.
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6 days 24:31
The economy starts to reopen, USA caught spying again
Bar and Restaurant owners are looking to get back to businesses as restrictions ease across the United States.
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7 days 4:43
Biden says little girl 'looks 19 with her legs crossed'
Creepy Joe Biden is at it again, this time with inappropriate remarks aimed at the young daughter of a veteran. We'll let you see what the media did not show you.
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8 days 26:03
Confronting the Ruling Elite
Falk has also denounced what he calls “the global legalization of rogue behavior embedded in the UN Charter” which vests a right of veto in the five permanent members of the Security Council, the
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8 days 3:20
Kamala disrespects fallen heroes in holiday tweet
It was a bad week for Kamala Harris, disrespecting fallen heroes, and making plans for a new socialist nation.
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8 days 12:00
Supermarket Sticker Shock: Supply Chain Disruption Hits Grocery Aisles
If you’re getting sticker shock at the supermarket, don’t blame the farmer.
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8 days 12:53
Tokyo Olympics in Limbo: 10K Volunteers Resign
Around 10,000 Tokyo Olympic volunteers have resigned from their duties, sending organizers into a tug-of-war with COVID-wary scientists and Japanese citizens.
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8 days 3:37
Exclusive interview: The future of oil with Vagit Alekperov
Vagit Alekperov, giant of the Russian oil sector, sits down with RT's Yulia Shapovalova at St.
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8 days 20:55
Killer Drone Hunts Soldiers Without Being Told To
Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos reveal how a killer drone hunted down and engaged humans without instruction for the first time, Amazon's plan to turn your wifi over to the public, and why the
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8 days 2:14
Lithium mine threatens rare desert flower
A rare desert flower, the Tiehm’s Buckwheat is under threat. After the destruction of a unique ecosystem was discovered, controversy emerged over what exactly caused it.
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8 days 3:21
Paul calls Mayweather "old man" head of exhibition bout
YouTube and social influencer Logan Paul is set to face off against Hall of Fame Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. in an eight-round exhibition match.
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