3 days 4:20
Amid defections, Trump continues to question Biden win
President Trump is scrambling to enact promised regulation to lower pharmaceutical prices as long-time supporters begin to denounce his legal team’s continuing efforts to challenge the results of
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3 days 6:58
Hawks pushing Biden toward anti-Russia agenda, why?
The prospect of a Biden administration has raised concerns about the likelihood of chilling the already strained relationship between the US and Russia, given President-elect’s overtly adversarial
7 503
3 days 4:15
CNN Calls Parler 'Echo Chamber Of Hate'
Have you heard about the conservative alternative to Twitter? It's called Parler, and the left-wing media thinks it could mean the end of our world.
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4 days 6:39
Actress: Me Voting For Socialism Like Jews Voting For Hitler
It's tougher than ever to be a conservative in Hollywood with talk of an enemies list invoking memories of the McCarthy blacklists.
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4 days 25:01
Home for the Holidays as COVID-19 Surges
The CDC is urging Americans to stay at home this holiday season as the United States reports over 160,000 new cases of COVID-19 every day.
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5 days 27:18
COVID-19 & America's health care crisis
On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to Dr.
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5 days 4:24
Trump Supporters Physically Attacked In D.C.
There was some pretty bad violence last weekend on the streets of D.C. aimed at Trump supporters, but you would never know it from watching the news.
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6 days 12:50
Post-Trump Era: Same Hero, New Boots?
Out with the old and in with the new?
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6 days 13:12
USA 2021: Shuffling the Diplomatic Deck
As leaders across the globe congratulate president-elect Joe Biden, what will his presidency mean for the currently-capricious state of global affairs?
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6 days 7:27
Panel: Election dispute may affect COVID-19 vaccine distribution
As the Trump re-election campaign continues its fight for the Oval office, the Biden team says Trump is hurting Americans by blocking transition efforts and preventing COVID-19 vaccines from
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6 days 4:47
Pfizer files for emergency authorization of COVID-19 vaccine
Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is filing for emergency authorization of its coronavirus vaccine in the United States. The company is one of many working to fight the spread of COVID-19.
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6 days 7:05
How Syria war impacts the world seed storage
The decade-long war in Syria and ISIS terror has taken countless lives, and the impacts of the war could blight all of mankind. Climate biologist Dr.
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6 days 25:50
FULL SHOW: Armenians return to devastation in Stepanakert
Refugees from Armenia are returning to their city of Stepanakert in Nagorno-Karabakh only to see their homes destroyed. They have nothing to return to. RT’s Murad Gazdiev has the story.
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6 days 4:25
Trump’s team blames Dominion and Smartmatic voting equipment on ‘fraud’
The latest press conference from President Trump’s legal team presented a vast array of reasons why they believe he is actually the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election and claim it was
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6 days 25:21
End of Afghanistan War?
Jesse Ventura and Brigida Santos discuss withdrawing troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year, a new Asia-Pacific free trade deal and the first commercial space crew.
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6 days 10:27
Iran won’t let the US just ‘waltz back in’ to JCPOA – Galloway
Iran has added a new warship to its navy, capable of carrying drones, helicopters and missiles for long-range use. RT America’s John Huddy has the story.
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6 days 2:47
Buzzfeed offering masturbation toy, the AirVibe
The Resident just can’t help but think how appropriate it is for a news outlet to sell a toy for masturbation.
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7 days 2:46
New York Mets hit snag with major player suspension
The New York Mets will hit the field in 2021 without infielder Robinson Cano. Cano is suspended for the whole season after a second positive test for performance enhancing drugs.
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7 days 5:37
Can politicians control the press?
President-elect Joe Biden held a press conference this week full of “select” journalists invited to attend.
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7 days 3:27
US citizen files lawsuit saying Gov wrongly put him on kill list
A disturbing case is playing out in a DC courtroom this week, after an American citizen and journalist Bilal Abdul Kareem, a lawsuit claiming he was wrongfully placed on the US Government’s Kill List.
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7 days 6:46
Gold Loans Boom with Potential to Reach $62.8 Billion
While gold prices may be dwindling, people are turning to gold loans to stay afloat amid the pandemic. The industry is set to reach $62.8 Billion by 2022.
5 358
7 days 9:55
US reaching record highs in COVID-19 cases as virus mutates
The COVID-19 crisis in the US is turning a dark corner.
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7 days 3:24
NSA & ESA prepare to launch Sentinel 6 satellite
The latest in a series of satellites that provide data on sea level changes is set to be launched this weekend.
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7 days 25:44
Will journalists shape our political future?
In the messy aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, many in media have joined the chorus of those joining President-elect Biden in his pleas for reconciliation between supporters and critics
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7 days 25:49
FULL SHOW: Senators urge Trump to label West Bank goods as ‘made in Israel’
While on his trip to visit the West Bank settlements, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued new guidelines for goods specifically made in the West Bank to be labeled as “made in Israel.” Critics see
17 206
7 days 3:43
NYT dismisses Great Reset as 'baseless conspiracy theory'
This week, the Great Reset trended on Twitter, which prompted the New York Times to write a story entitled, “The baseless ‘Great Reset’ conspiracy theory rises again, which made The Resident laugh.
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7 days 10:01
Report: Australian special forces involved in Afghanistan war crimes
There’s a shocking new report out of Australia about alleged war crimes involving Australian special forces in Afghanistan. It involved hundreds of interviews with witnesses on the ground.
12 287
8 days 5:14
Peru swears in third president in a week after Merino resigns
Peru has sworn in its newest president. He’s the third leader in just one week.
4 432
8 days 4:02
Luc Robitaille reveals how he feels being traded
Now the LA Kings president Luc Robitaille reveals how he feels being traded from the team he spent 14 years of his NHL career playing for.
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8 days 25:17
You’re Fired! Trump’s Final Chopping Block
Millions of Americans continue to suffer due to congressional gridlock over issuing additional COVID stimulus checks.
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