6 hours 1:15
We Should Not Be Voting On A Supreme Court Justice
I am going down to the Senate floor to vote AGAINST the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.
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3 days 1:36
The Most Essential People In Our Economy Are Not Hedge Fund Managers
Maybe—just maybe—the most essential people in our economy are not hedge fund managers. If our farmworkers fall ill, we go hungry.
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13 days 3:13
No Confirmation Until After Inauguration
The last thing the Senate should be doing right now is considering an extreme right-wing Supreme Court nominee who would strip health care benefits from over 20 million Americans and take away
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16 days 2:00
Donald Trump Is Either A Tax Cheat Or A Bad Businessman—Likely Both
Let’s be clear: Donald Trump is either a tax cheat who pays less in income taxes than the average worker, or a bad businessman who has lost money year after year—likely both.
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25 days 2:55
Are You Ready For A Radical Idea?
Are you ready for a radical idea? Billionaires in the United States should not be paying less in taxes than nurses, teachers, firefighters and truck drivers.
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32 days 22:45
LIVE: Sens. Gillibrand and Sanders Talk Postal Banking
Join me and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand as we introduce the Postal Banking Act.
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32 days 2:51
Senate Republicans' Brazen Hypocrisy on the Supreme Court
Here's what Senate Republicans said when they blocked President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. Do they have any integrity?
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39 days 22:41
LIVE: Sens. Gillibrand and Sanders Talk Postal Banking
Join me and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand as we introduce the Postal Banking Act.
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46 days 13:51
Pass The Relief Our People Need Now
Instead of providing more corporate welfare to billionaires and large corporations, we need to provide more financial relief to the tens of millions of Americans who are hurting like they have never
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56 days 1:04
3SquaresVT Can Help Your Family Put Food on the Table
Many Vermonters struggle to put food on the table. That has been especially true since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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59 days 5:00
We Must End the Horrors of Systemic Racism and Police Brutality
Vermonters: Racism exists here. Full stop. It is incumbent upon each of us to educate ourselves and actively work to create anti-racist communities.
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61 day 3:33
We Must Pass The John Lewis Voting Rights Act
One hundred years ago, women fought for the right to vote, and won.
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62 days 1:12
If You Lose, You're Leaving Office. Period.
What President Trump is saying is, "I cannot lose this election. If I win, great. If I lose, it's rigged.” This is a major effort to undermine our democracy and our election system.
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72 days 3:09
The American People Are Hurting
The American people are hurting. Millions are unemployed and cannot pay their rent or put food on the table.
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73 days 1:12
We Must Stand With The Gwich'in Nation
It is absurd that instead of demanding the Senate reconvene to pass a bill to provide immediate relief to millions of Americans, the Trump administration is moving forward with oil drilling in the
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73 days 1:17
Vermont Summer Meals Are Still Available
When Vermont schools closed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, school meal programs quickly transitioned to finding new ways of providing free meals to children 18 and under.
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80 days 2:08
We Must Protect the USPS
If we could bail out large corporations, please do not tell me that we cannot save the Postal Service.
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82 days 32:32
Crisis After Crisis: Republicans Leave Working Class Behind
We are in the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. And the Republican-led Senate is doing nothing.
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82 days 3:17
Maybe We Should Listen To Our Teachers
Maybe, just maybe, Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump should listen to teachers and public health experts instead of threatening to cut funding for public schools.
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89 days 1:02
Masks Are Not A Political Or Partisan Issue
Our public health experts are telling us universal mask wearing can bring this pandemic under control within weeks. This is not political or partisan issue.
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95 days 7:39
Now is the Time for Congress to Act Boldly
We are in the worst economic condition since the Great Depression. People are worried about getting evicted from their homes.
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96 days 30:26
Cut Pentagon spending. Invest in our people here at home.
Today the Senate voted on my amendment that says clearly: Cut the Pentagon budget by 10%. Invest in jobs, education, housing and healthcare here at home. #PeopleOverPentagon
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98 days 2:28
What are the Republicans' Priorities During this Economic Crisis?
More than 30% of American families could not pay their July rent and 28 million people could become homeless if we don't act. What are the Republicans' priorities during this economic crisis?
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100 days 1:53
We Don't Need More Nuclear Weapons
We don't need more nuclear weapons. We don't need more fighter jets. We do need decent housing and health care for our people.
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115 days 3:13
End Mass Unemployment by Guaranteeing Workers' Paychecks
Unemployment rate: 🇺🇸 13% 🇬🇧 4% Why? The United Kingdom provided paychecks to its workers and kept them employed. It's about time we do the same.
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116 days 2:45
Cut the Pentagon
Cut the Pentagon. Feed, shelter, educate, and employ all our people.
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116 days 1:37
Fighting for D.C. Statehood
I said it in 1993 and I'll say it again: D.C. statehood now!
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116 days 1:27
We Must Provide $2,000 a Month to Every Working-Class Person in America
Responding to the pandemic with a fierce sense of urgency means providing every working-class person in America with an emergency $2,000 payment each month until this crisis is over so that they can
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116 days 2:11
Walmart's Minimum Wage
Target has raised the minimum wage for its 275,000 workers to $15 an hour. Now is the time for Walmart to also raise their minimum wage to at least $15 an hour.
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116 days 2:07
Weapons Won't Make Us Safer
One theory is that by spending $740,000,000,000 on the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction in world history, we'll be safer. I'm not so sure.
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