4 days 0:51
We Have Got To Get Our Act Together On Climate Change
If we do not get our act together on climate change, our entire planet will face irreparable harm.
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5 days 1:44
Vermont Students: What Do You Want Out of Summer 2021?
Vermont high school students: I want to hear from you!
5 days 2:14:56
Senate Budget Committee Hearing: The Cost Of Inaction On Climate Change
LIVE: Some very powerful special interests tell us the cost of combatting climate change is just too expensive. Compared to what?
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6 days 1:20
Climate Change Will Push Millions Into Extreme Poverty
The Budget Committee tomorrow at 11 a.m. will hold a hearing on the cost of inaction on climate change. But it won't be Big Oil who pays the price.
8 days 1:10
The Amazon Workers In Bessemer Deserve Enormous Credit
The Amazon workers in Bessemer deserve enormous credit for standing up to the wealthiest man in the world.
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15 days 1:31
The Wealthy Must Pay Their Fair Share
In this country, there is an understanding that the level of income and wealth inequality we have now is unsustainable and immoral.
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19 days 1:32
We Must End Starvation Wages
Let's be clear: 70% of tipped workers are women.
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20 days 1:42
What the American Rescue Plan Means for Vermonters
The American Rescue Plan – which became law earlier this month – is, to my mind, one of the most significant pieces of legislation for working families in the modern history of this country.
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23 days 1:14
Our Current Health Care System Is Totally Absurd
Our current health care system is totally absurd.
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24 days 2:37
No More Tax Breaks For Billionaires
Does anyone out there honestly believe that the answer to growing income and wealth inequality is to give more tax breaks to billionaires? That is absurd.
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26 days 0:49
Republicans Want To Give Tax Breaks To The Wealthy
What do my Republican colleagues want to do to address the crises facing working families today? They want to give tax breaks to the wealthiest people in the country. That is obscene.
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26 days 2:40:31
Senate Budget Committee Hearing: Ending a Rigged Tax Code
LIVE: The Senate Budget Committee is holding a hearing on why we need to end a rigged and corrupt tax code that gives trillions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy and huge corporations.
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27 days 3:10
Vermont Students on the Pandemic and How We Move Forward
Last week, over 500 Vermont students joined me to discuss the challenges they’ve faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.
27 days 1:00
Why Does The U.S. Pay The Highest Price In The World For Prescription Drugs?
“Why does the U.S. pay the highest price in the world for prescription drugs? It is simply because of greed.” – Elia Spates of Derby, Vermont.
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28 days 0:55
Congress Must Take On The Greed Of The Pharmaceutical Industry
How many people need to die before Congress takes on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry?
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28 days 1:51:07
Why Do Americans Pay The Highest Prices In The World For Prescription Drugs?
LIVE: I’m holding a Senate hearing on why Americans pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. The time is NOW for Congress to stand up to the greed of the pharmaceutical industry.
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29 days 2:20
Why Do Americans Pay The Most For Prescription Drugs?
Why do Americans pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs?
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32 days 2:21
It’s Time To Build An Economy For All
63 percent of our workers are living paycheck to paycheck during this pandemic. Meanwhile, 664 billionaires got $1.3 trillion richer.
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33 days 0:53
We Have Got To Get It Done
We’ve taken the first step in addressing the emergency situation facing working families. Now we’ve got to deal with our long-term structural problems.
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34 days 1:13
What Is Your Problem, Mr. Bezos?
My question for Jeff Bezos is simple: you are worth $182 billion, so why are you trying to make it harder for your workers to organize for higher wages and better benefits? What is your problem?
183 200
34 days 2:06:43
The Time Is Now To Build An Economy That Works For All
LIVE: The Senate Budget Committee is holding a hearing on the income and wealthy inequality crisis. The time is now to build an economy that works for all, not just the wealthy and huge corporations.
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35 days 1:57
How We Can Build An Economy That Works For All Of Us
Tomorrow Robert Reich will join the Senate Budget Committee to testify about the soaring income and wealth inequality crisis in America and how we can build an economy that works for all of us.
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36 days 1:27:54
Watch: Vermont Students Discuss Pandemic Challenges
LIVE NOW: I'm hosting a virtual town meeting with Vermont students to discuss the challenges they are facing during this terrible pandemic.
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36 days 2:13
Amazon's Jeff Bezos Won't Join Our Hearing
Amazon's Jeff Bezos won't join our hearing Wednesday on income and wealth inequality. But Jennifer Bates, who works at Mr.
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36 days 1:13
Jeff Bezos Is Trying To Stop Workers in Alabama From Organizing
Jeff Bezos, one of the richest people on the planet, can’t make it to our hearing this week on income and wealth inequality.
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41 day 5:51
Life-Saving COVID Vaccine Technology Should Be Available To All
I support the United States backing a TRIPS waiver at the WTO to ensure that life-saving COVID vaccine technology is available to all people, regardless of wealth.
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41 day 1:06
What’s In The Covid Relief Legislation?
What’s in the covid relief legislation? Here’s a quick summary.
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42 days 0:51
We Must Address The Crises Facing Working Families
Republicans used the budget process to give $1.9 trillion in tax breaks mostly to the top 1% and tried to throw 30 million people off their health care.
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45 days 0:46
Today We Are Responding
Today, we are beginning to restore faith in our government amongst our people. They are hurting, and we are responding.
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46 days 0:51
We Need An Economy That Works For All Of Us
It is not acceptable to me that half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck. We need an economy that works for all of us.
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