2 days 3:06
Young People are the Future Leaders of our Nation — We Must Listen to Them
As we inaugurate the next president of the United States and begin a new session of Congress, it’s critically important that we listen to the voices of our young people, who are the future leaders
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20 days 1:26
Suddenly Senate Republicans Care About Socialism For The Rich!
Amazon made $10.8 billion in profits, didn't pay a dime in federal taxes, and got a $129 million check from the IRS - courtesy of Mitch McConnell and the Republicans Senate.
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20 days 1:46
Republicans Suddenly Care about Socialism for the Rich
Republicans think I don’t do much for them, but I’m trying to bring Mitch McConnell’s bill to the floor! All I ask is we also vote on the House-passed bill for $2,000 survival checks.
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21 day 25:35
Working Families Need Help NOW
I am on the Senate floor with a compromise: Let us vote on both $2,000 survival checks and McConnell's alternative, and see where the chips fall. Working families need help NOW.
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21 day 3:20
Mitch McConnell Suddenly Cares About Socialism For The Rich
I’m delighted that Mitch McConnell suddenly decided to care about “socialism for the rich”!
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22 days 19:44
$2,000 Checks Now!
I am once again asking for a yes-or-no vote on $2,000 survival checks.
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22 days 6:55
What Is The Problem?
I'm trying to figure out what the problem is with voting up or down on $2,000 direct payments to working people. Senate Republicans can't seem to give me a clear answer.
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22 days 21:34
LIVE: The American People Deserve To Know
The American people deserve to know: Does their Senator support or oppose providing a $2,000 direct payment to the working class? Mitch McConnell has the right to vote against this legislation.
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31 day 3:56
This Covid Relief Bill Is A Step Forward
This Covid relief bill is a step forward. The average family of four will receive $2400 under this bill. Will that help? Yes, it will. Is it enough? No, it is not.
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34 days 1:17:57
The American People Need Relief NOW
I am on the floor urging the Senate to provide $1,200 direct payments to all working-class Americans and $500 to their kids. Millions are out of work, hungry, and can’t pay rent.
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35 days 58:29
Holiday Town Hall With Vermont's Seniors
I was delighted to host a holiday town hall with Vermont's seniors and answer their important questions.
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36 days 5:40
We Must Go Much Further
Until recently, there was no direct relief being considered for desperate, hungry people facing eviction.
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36 days 17:44
LIVE: We Must Fight For Working Families
I am on the Senate floor to say clearly: America's working class is in the worst financial shape since the Great Depression.
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41 day 7:54
We Must Get $1,200 Direct Checks To The Working Class Of America
Members of Congress cannot go back to our families for the holidays when children in the richest country on Earth are going hungry and millions are scared to death of eviction.
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43 days 19:12
Responding to the needs of the American People
Yesterday alone, over 3,000 died from this horrific virus. The working class of this country is in the worst financial shape since the Great Depression of the 1930s.
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57 days 1:13
Vermont Students: Share What You Think Our National Priorities Should Be
The deadline for my annual State of the Union Essay contest is approaching.
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77 days 1:30
FAFSA: Helping Students Afford College
Are you looking to pursue further education after high school, but are worried about the cost?
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83 days 4:43
Healthcare Must No Longer Be A Privilege
While 12 million Americans recently lost their health insurance, the private health insurance companies are making record profits during this horrific pandemic.
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87 days 1:15
We Should Not Be Voting On A Supreme Court Justice
I am going down to the Senate floor to vote AGAINST the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.
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91 day 1:36
The Most Essential People In Our Economy Are Not Hedge Fund Managers
Maybe—just maybe—the most essential people in our economy are not hedge fund managers. If our farmworkers fall ill, we go hungry.
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101 day 3:13
No Confirmation Until After Inauguration
The last thing the Senate should be doing right now is considering an extreme right-wing Supreme Court nominee who would strip health care benefits from over 20 million Americans and take away
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104 days 2:00
Donald Trump Is Either A Tax Cheat Or A Bad Businessman—Likely Both
Let’s be clear: Donald Trump is either a tax cheat who pays less in income taxes than the average worker, or a bad businessman who has lost money year after year—likely both.
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113 days 2:55
Are You Ready For A Radical Idea?
Are you ready for a radical idea? Billionaires in the United States should not be paying less in taxes than nurses, teachers, firefighters and truck drivers.
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120 days 22:45
LIVE: Sens. Gillibrand and Sanders Talk Postal Banking
Join me and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand as we introduce the Postal Banking Act.
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120 days 2:51
Senate Republicans' Brazen Hypocrisy on the Supreme Court
Here's what Senate Republicans said when they blocked President Obama's Supreme Court nominee. Do they have any integrity?
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126 days 22:41
LIVE: Sens. Gillibrand and Sanders Talk Postal Banking
Join me and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand as we introduce the Postal Banking Act.
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133 days 13:51
Pass The Relief Our People Need Now
Instead of providing more corporate welfare to billionaires and large corporations, we need to provide more financial relief to the tens of millions of Americans who are hurting like they have never
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144 days 1:04
3SquaresVT Can Help Your Family Put Food on the Table
Many Vermonters struggle to put food on the table. That has been especially true since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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146 days 5:00
We Must End the Horrors of Systemic Racism and Police Brutality
Vermonters: Racism exists here. Full stop. It is incumbent upon each of us to educate ourselves and actively work to create anti-racist communities.
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148 days 3:33
We Must Pass The John Lewis Voting Rights Act
One hundred years ago, women fought for the right to vote, and won.
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