4 days 2:28
Mike, Change Your Ways - Songify This!
Play this for Mike until he becomes a better man - open.spotify.com/track/416KpW40lsFPAGYBJz7A15?si=3be005c3b16b4d2f Nedra’s gofundme
60 911
47 days 2:32
Joe Biden Is Obsessed With Halloween - Spooky Time
Is it good for the economy? Or the Big Skeleton Lobby? Thanks to Speaking of AI!!
171 233
216 days 2:14
Trapped On Wikipedia
We have a wikipedia problem, send help πŸ’– track streaming everywhere soulspazm.ffm.to/trappedonwikipedia Other places to find us: patreon.com/gregorybrothers (instrumentals
168 440
270 days 1:01
Cow Attack - Teaser
When the world cries out in terror, one man––and one cow––will answer the call.
146 839
273 days 1:37
Number 1 Victory Royale - Biden Sings Chug Jug With You For The 2021 State Of The Union, & Tomato To
Thanks to Leviathan for the cameo + for the song of the year: youtube.com/watch?v=Z0Uh3OJCx3o Stream this track
2 140 687
349 days 1:52:05
A Very Gregory Christmas Concert
Our annual Christmas concert, except inside a bubble for 2020 broadcast internationally to your bubble πŸŽ„πŸŽ… Set those reminders schmosketeers!
28 926
353 days 4:41
YouTube Rewind 2020, BUT MEMES saved it from being cancelled, giving us all the closure needed to mo
Get Surfshark VPN at surfshark.deals/schmoyoho and enter promo code SCHMOYOHO for 84% off and 4 extra months for free!
571 810
11.11.20 3:27
Election Meme Rewind - HEY HEY, HA HA, HO HO ft. Kenneth Copeland, Paula White-Cain, and various acc
After the election, meme generators across the nation cope with the results by generating more memes. Re-live the entire battle with our Trump vs.
1 402 691
23.10.20 4:15
THE LAST FIGHT: Trump vs. Biden ft. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
THE FINAL SHOWDOWN between Trump and Biden is hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the key of E minor.
647 975
16.10.20 4:20
The Cancelled Debate, But We Un-Cancelled It, With Darren Criss
In real life, the town hall debate was cancelled, but in Schmoyoho life, it only became stronger – with melodious moderating by Darren Criss–– youtube.com/user/DarrenCriss More Songify
493 456
08.10.20 3:53
One Heartbeat Away - Kamala vs. Pence ft. Blondie
Thanks to Debbie Harry & Chris Stein of Blondie for moderating, and creating the first-ever guitar-housefly duet!
382 579
30.09.20 4:40
WE'RE ALL DOOMED - Trump vs. Biden ft. "Weird Al" Yankovic
Thanks to "Weird Al" Yankovic for rescuing the debate, and hopefully the entire nation!
6 002 992
28.08.20 3:22
Father, Father - Songify 2020
Stream this track or send it to your FAUTHER - open.spotify.com/album/4H6aoQPiIwzoDwkNagor1k Responding to last week's Corn Pop anthem, Trump & a chorus of assistants make the case for Trump
644 049
24.08.20 4:22
745 557
01.08.20 3:49
Bed Intruder 2020 - Remastered, with a message from Antoine Dodson
10 years later we gave this track a proper mix- open.spotify.com/track/349sbJIiRwKZ1UEMOPr9jp?si=gshP1Kj7Tfi9oZcP3VL7EA And Antoine returns for a 2020 message, unhide your family & register
404 547
24.07.20 2:16
Trump vs. Test - Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV. Songified.
The President of the United States takes the hardest test known to man.
449 022
28.06.20 3:59
Trump vs. Ramp - Songify 2020
Sneak this into playlist to confuse people: open.spotify.com/album/292ZcgCmiacskfhQYdKZ8D Trump vs. Biden (vs.
3 092 296
08.05.20 3:03
Have You Ever Had A Dream, But It's A Song So Powerful It Causes The World To Achieve Unity And Cath
Stream this track to make your dreams come true: open.spotify.com/album/3LkfiPWP9GuifMOoePGxqW We asked for your favorite lost meme––YOU ANSWERED πŸ™ “WE WANT HAVE A DREAM KID” ...
2 046 006
24.04.20 4:08
Songify The Lost Memes- Ep. 1, Have You Ever Had A Dream That We'll Do A Lotta Damage And Do It Live
Install Raid for Free βœ… IOS: clcr.me/9x274S βœ… ANDROID: clcr.me/aiOgSk βœ… PC: clcr.me/U8IvlA and get a special starter pack Available only for the next 30 days Thanks to Raid
396 608
10.04.20 3:33
Rewind 2020, but 8 months early because time is meaningless now, so the world must unite in a mellif
We are once again asking you to dance along to mellifluous meme melodies. Track & stems!
638 644
17.03.20 32:05
Handwash Sesh: Lofi Chill Beats For Your Quarantine
Coronavirus self-isolation? Covid-19 quarantine? We're all streaming alone these days. Here's 30 min of remixes of our music to help you stream....soap and water onto your hands.
116 268
14.03.20 2:20
Uh-Oh (Gee, There's A Virus) - Songify Special Edition
President Trump declares a National Mergency on COVID-19 using a vocoder as he tries to heal the nation--with an unlikely duet partner.
616 191
03.03.20 3:31
HAIRY LEGS - Songify Joe Biden getting fired up about legs and the hairiness thereof, launching int
The track for all your dance parties: open.spotify.com/album/6hqAICTyjjavK847PcODbs?si=-HzOot-0TYOUGbLniprkJA (and everywhere else, too) Vice President Biden knows that to catch up he must
3 564 684
31.01.20 2:16
Scoreboard, but it's more powerful & on spotify, so you get so inspired you suddenly have 8-pack and
stream the remastered track everywhere! open.spotify.com/album/5NRp5ooSy2gC77em73dr9L. guaranteed to improve results for workouts and nuclear physics finals.
359 604
24.01.20 6:26
Rat Attack - The Yodel of Justice
Months after the events of Chicken Pig Attack, Aki has captured Takeo to exact his revenge. Will a tiny hairy friend hears Takeo's SOS??
1 449 197
17.01.20 6:09
Chicken Pig Attack - The Return of Takeo
Takeo emerges to defeat evil – this time with more muscle.
2 186 692
31.12.19 3:01
Goodbye, 2010s: DECADE REWIND of memes and Schmoyoho moments that will make us cry tears of joy at a
LAST 10 HOURS OF THE DECADE, let's say goodbye to being in the same time perios as all these beautiful Schmo-Moments and memes πŸ’– this track on spotify
472 174
26.12.19 3:16
Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis - Songify History
Excerpts from Martin Luther King, Jr.'s final speech in Memphis, TN, turned into a song.
1 470 994
20.12.19 18:15
Star Wars Shuffle Mode, or Luke Goes to Tosche Station for 40 Years as he mourns the loss of Dak and
Where does Luke go after Last Jedi? We finally answer this burning question (episode IX spoiler-free) Thanks to Roy for the assist on some verses!
158 066
16.12.19 1:32:05
Schmoyo-HO-HO-HO Holiday Special 2019
Cuddle up & get cozy for an evening of schmoyoholiday thrills about Kevin McAllister, infant deities, and muskrats with the G. Bros and friends in their living room.
32 843
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